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Transport Options from Banja Luka Airport to Sarajevo

Until a few years ago, Banja Luka Airport was not among the country’s busiest airports. It mainly served locals living abroad or people with a reason to visit the area. Recently, BNX received a significant upgrade, with two low-budget airlines choosing it as their Bosnian base. Now, an increasing number of visitors fly to Banja Luka before heading off to other destinations in the country.

Upon touchdown at Banja Luka, there are two available ways to get to Sarajevo: a taxi or the bus. A Banja Luka Airport private transfer or taxi will take around 3 hours to drop you off in Sarajevo. The bus is to be taken from the central station in Banja Luka, so if all transfer times are considered in total (without waiting), the overall travel time is roughly 5 hours and 30 minutes.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €160 180min 24/7
Bus €52 330min 06:45–16:00

How to get from Banja Luka airport to Sarajevo by taxi

A local airport taxi is the most hassle-free way to take the 240 km trip to Sarajevo. You’ll experience the comfort of a door-to-door transfer with a private vehicle, and you’ll be dropped off at your accommodation in 3 hours if traffic conditions are normal. Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal.

Fare of a taxi ride from Banja Luka Airport to Sarajevo

In general, taxi drivers in Banja Luka do not offer flat-rate fares. They have taximeters and charge based on the mileage travelled. Nevertheless, for long-distance transfers like this one, it’s not impossible to be offered a fixed price by local companies. You can expect to pay around €160 (BAM 312) on average for this journey, not including tolls and other potential extra charges.



Trip Duration

3 Hr.

*Taxi fares can vary if not booked in advance.

Value for money

Airport taxis are available 24/7 at Banja Luka Airport (BNX).

Where do I get a taxi from?

As soon as you exit the Arrivals Halls, you’ll see the rank of taxis queuing up in the designated pickup area.


The convenience of a direct taxi ride for such a distance is quite self-explanatory. No public transportation is involved, so you won’t have to worry about crowded public transport, carrying luggage, and keeping schedules. All you’ll have to do is sit back in your private vehicle and enjoy the ride.

Editor’s Note

Banja Luka is a small airport, meaning there aren’t too many cabs waiting to pick up passengers. A spontaneous hire for a 240 km trip won’t always be possible, especially if you arrive late in the evening. For your convenience, it’s advisable to contact one of the local operators for arrangements before your flight or simply pre-book a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Useful Tips

Your driver will most likely be very appreciative of a tip, so giving one will be a kind gesture of thanks for their excellent service.
Card payments are only accepted in some taxis. Check with your driver before departing if you plan to pay with a card.
Keep in mind that regular sedans can fit up to 4 passengers.

How to get from Banja Luka Airport to Sarajevo by bus

There is no direct bus from Banja Luka Airport and Sarajevo, so you’ll first need to travel from the airport to Banja Luka to reach the bus terminal, which takes around 30 minutes, and then board one of the daily itineraries that go to Sarajevo.

Various companies serve the Banja Luka-Sarajevo bus line. The exact travel time depends on the number of stops each bus makes, but overall, it’s around 5 hours. If you include the transfer to the downtown area, the total duration to arrive in Sarajevo by bus is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

How much is a bus ticket?

As the bus line from Banja Luka to Sarajevo is serviced by many providers, the ticket price depends on each scheduled departure. However, variations are minimal, and the average cost is €21 (BAM 42). If you add to that the €5 (BAM 10) required for the shared shuttle bus to Banja Luka from the airport, the total cost per traveller amounts to €26 (BAM 52).



Trip Duration

5 Hr. 30 Min.

The airport shuttle bus operates based on arrivals, so there should not be a long wait time. For buses to Sarajevo, the wait varies between 75 minutes and 6 hours.

Value for money

The Smiljić shuttle bus from the airport to the city centre leaves after every flight arrival. Buses to Sarajevo depart at 06:30, 07:45, 09:00 and 16:00 every day, Monday through Sunday.

Where do I get the bus from?

Buses to Sarajevo leave from the new bus terminal. Remember that the airport shuttle will drop you off at the old bus station, which is 3.3 km away, so you’ll have to either walk or take a short taxi ride.


The bus is a much more cost-effective option compared to a taxi or a private transfer. Still, it scores relatively low in terms of convenience because it includes changing buses, finding your way around the city centre, and possibly facing a lengthy layover at Banja Luka’s bus station. If you don’t prefer to walk between bus stations or risk a long wait for a bus departure, you should check one of the other options.

Editor’s Note

There is also a bus to Sarajevo that leaves at midnight (00:05), but it only operates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Useful Tips

When you board the airport shuttle bus, tell your driver you’re going to the new bus station (nova autobuska stanica), and they might be able to drop you off somewhere closer than the final drop-off point at the old bust station.
Banja Luka’s public transportation online systems are not very modernised and up-to-date. So, booking in advance is not always an available option. Instead, you can call the bus station and ask them to reserve a seat under your name for your chosen itinerary.
Perfect English is not a given in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Be patient and learn a few basic phrases to make communication easier.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Sarajevo from Banja Luka Airport?

Sarajevo is 240 km southeast of Banja Luka Airport. A taxi ride takes approximately 3 hours to cover this distance. On the other hand, you’ll need approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes with the bus, not including layovers and stops.

How do I get from Banja Luka Airport to Sarajevo?

There are two possible ways: a taxi/private transfer or the bus. A taxi will provide you with direct, door-to-door transportation. If you opt for the bus, you’ll first catch the shuttle to downtown Banja Luka, walk to the new bus station, and then hop on a bus to Sarajevo.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Banja Luka Airport to Sarajevo?

The exact cost depends on the taxi company and whether they will be willing to offer a fixed fare for this long-distance drive. Generally, a reasonable and expected rate for this journey is around €160 (BAM 312), not including surcharges.

Yet, there is a way to secure a competitive, fixed-rate fare without hidden costs and have a professional, English-speaking driver wait for you at the airport. It takes less than a minute on our user-friendly platform to pre-book an airport taxi with Welcome Pickups.

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