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How to Get from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa City Centre

Kinshasa Airport, also known as N’djili International Airport (FIH), is the main gateway to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, famous for its architecture, busy market and cuisine and wildlife day trip opportunities.

There are three main ways to travel from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa: taxi or private transfer, bus or hotel shuttle. The 23 km journey will take approximately 55 minutes depending on traffic conditions and where you choose to be dropped off in Kinshasa city centre. A taxi will likely cost a maximum of €44 (CDF 128,058), though this will solely depend on your driver and whether you haggle a set fare or a taximeter is used. Hotel shuttle services cost €55 (CDF 159,605) on average, depending on your chosen hotel, while the bus is the cheapest transport option available, at €0.34 (CDF 1,500) per person but it is a very unreliable option.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €44 55min 24/7
Bus €0.68 70min 05:00–23:00
Hotel Shuttle €55 55min 24/7

Getting from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre by taxi

Kinshasa taxis are easy to spot by their yellow or bright blue colour. They are available 24/7 from the Kinshasa Airport taxi rank, but it’s worth noting that there may be long queues for a taxi during busy travel times. A taxi from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre is the quickest and most convenient option. However, you should be aware that there is an ongoing issue in Kinshasa with unofficial taxi kidnappings and carjacking. You should download the Hoja app to check the authenticity of the taxi using a QR code before you agree to ride, or simply book in advance for a reliable and safe personalised ride.

Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa centre taxi fare

A N’djili International Airport taxi to Kinshasa city centre will cost €27-€44 (CDF 78,581-128,058) depending on your fare-haggling skills and the taxi driver you use. The total cost of the journey will also depend on the exact destination in the city centre, but taxis should charge a base fee of €1.37 (CDF 3,937) and then €1.37 (CDF 3,937) per km.



Trip Duration

55 Min.

Fares may vary, unless your transfer is pre-booked and pre-paid.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Kinshasa Airport.

Where do I get a taxi at Kinshasa Airport?

Taxis are available at all hours at Kinshasa Airport. You will recognise them by their blue or yellow colour. There is a taxi rank right outside the terminal building with official cabs. Keep in mind that some drivers will also be inside the terminal, approaching people and trying to persuade them to ride with them. These taxis can often be overpriced, unlicensed and overall unsafe, so they should be avoided.


There are many taxis at Kinshasa Airport, and a taxi or private transfer is the most convenient option to travel from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa city centre. However, you have to be careful about the taxi cost. Drivers will often try to give you a high fare, so it’s important to agree on a price before you start your journey. Many Kinshasa taxis do not have air conditioning, which can lead to an uncomfortable journey, especially if you’re not used to the heat. It’s also important to be aware that it’s common for local taxi drivers to pick up other passengers on the street if they have space and the passenger is travelling in the same direction. This can lead to journey delays.

To avoid all these potential issues and uncomfortable moments, you can opt for a Welcome Pickups private transfer for a reliable door-to-door service.

Editor’s Note

If you choose to get a taxi from the rank, make sure you check the authenticity of the taxi, preferably using the Hoja app.

Useful Tips

Taxis often only accept cash so make sure you have some local currency available.
Congolese Franc is the main currency used but US dollars may occasionally be accepted.
Taxis often fit up to three people.
Your driver may charge extra for excess luggage.
A taxi from the airport can be expensive if you look like it's your first time in Congo.

Bus from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre

There is a Transco bus stop at Kinshasa Airport. Transco is the bus provider in Kinshasa, with 39 bus routes throughout the city. This could be a good option if you’re not travelling with children or heavy luggage. The bus can be unreliable, and you won’t know whether one will turn up until you wait there. The buses do not have a set schedule and can be delayed or even cancelled without notice. Buses can also be highly overcrowded.

Usually, the bus will terminate in the city centre where you’ll need to navigate your way to your accommodation. The L15 bus operates this airport route and runs approximately every 20 minutes, depending on the day of the week. However, you may end up waiting 1 hour or more.

Cost of the bus from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa

A bus ticket is extremely affordable and costs €0.34 (CDF 1,500).



Trip Duration

70 Min.

Buses are scheduled to run every hour.

Value for money

Buses run between 05:00 and 23:00, 7 days a week.

Where do you get the bus from at Kinshasa Airport?

This Kinshasa airport bus stop is called Aéroport Ndjili. It’s a 10-minute walk away from the airport terminal. It’s best to ask at the airport for the exact location of the bus stop.


The bus from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre is very convenient in cost but inconvenient in all other ways. The transport is a walk away from the terminal, has unreliable schedules and can be overcrowded. Once you arrive in the city centre, you must decide the best stop to get off at and navigate your way to your accommodation. This could lead to you needing a taxi after all.

Editor’s Note

Bus is not a reliable way to travel from Kinshasa airport to your final destinaiton.

Useful Tips

CHF is the only currency you can pay with on the bus,
Make sure you have small denominations of change ready to pay your fare.
Knowing a little French will go a long way if you're planning to navigate the route by public transport.
There is no luggage space availability on the bus because they are nearly always overcrowded.
Buses are not wheelchair accessible.

How to get from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa with an airport shuttle

Many luxury hotels in Kinshasa offer an airport transport service to get you safely from the airport to the hotel. These are often shared minibus transfers, which either operate on a schedule or are there to meet you at your preferred time if you’ve let the hotel know beforehand. Keep in mind that minibus transfers depend on the hotel; some are private, and some are shared with other hotel guests who land at a similar time.

The time taken to reach the city centre when using a shuttle bus is around 55 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and how close to the airport your chosen hotel is.

Cost of a shuttle service from Kinshasa Airport

The cost of a shuttle from Kinshasa Airport depends on your chosen hotel. Some luxury hotels provide free airport shuttle services, whereas others charge a hefty fee. Moreover, some hotels charge a fee per journey, whereas others charge per person. Once you’ve found a hotel with a shuttle service, it’s best to check with the hotel directly what the associated costs are. The average price of an airport shuttle is €55 (CDF 159,605) per vehicle. Sedan-sized vehicles usually seat up to three passengers, depending on your chosen hotel, but some hotels offer a shared minibus transfer.



Trip Duration

55 Min.

Shuttles run on demand or on a schedule; check with your chosen hotel.

Value for money

Prices and pickup points may vary; it's best to enquire with your hotel.

Where do Kinshasa Airport shuttle buses leave from?

Shared or private hotel shuttles need to be booked directly with your hotel. The driver will either wait for you in the airport terminal or give you a meeting place outside the terminal – this may vary among the different providers. Here are some of the local hotels offering shuttle services:

  • Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel
  • Hilton Kinshasa
  • Novotel Kinshasa La Gombe
  • Kin Plaza Arjaan by Rotana
  • Fleuve Congo Hotel By Blazon Hotels
  • Hotel Memling



Choosing an airport shuttle is a very convenient option. The shuttle is booked in advance, and the driver will know exactly where they are going. You also benefit from a fixed fare, but make sure you confirm this in advance if your hotel offers a shuttle service.

Editor’s Note

Always call or message your hotel to book your shuttle in advance. Also, confirm whether you need to pay the driver, settle the bill online in advance or pay upon arriving at the hotel.

Useful Tips

Tipping is not expected but is common for good service.
Confirm whether the price is per person or per transfer.
Ensure you know the pickup point ahead of your arrival in Kinshasa.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get from Kinshasa Airport to Kinshasa?

There are 3 main ways to reach Kinshasa from Kinshasa Airport: taxi or private transfer, local bus or hotel shuttle. The journey takes around 55 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the mode of transport you choose.

How far is Kinshasa city centre from Kinshasa Airport?

Kinshasa Airport is 23 km away from Kinshasa’s city centre, and the drive there will take approximately 55 minutes, depending on traffic.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre?

The cost of a local taxi from Kinshasa Airport to the city centre is expected to be between €27-€44 (CDF 78,581-128,058). This depends on a range of factors though, including traffic levels, where in the city centre you’d like to be dropped off and any extra surcharges that may apply. Taxis should charge a base fee of €1.37 (CDF 3,937), and an additional €1.37 (CDF 3,937) per km, but the use of a taximeter isn’t as common with most drivers; it’s better to haggle a set fare before starting your journey to avoid surprises, or to book a private transfer in advance with a reliable provider.

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