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New Port of Patras to Patras City Centre

Patras New Port is well-connected to the Ionian islands and several Italian ports, while it’s considered the Greek gateway to Europe. Patras is known for its universities, nightlife and Carnival, as well as its monuments and history. Patras New Port is located 4km away from Patras city centre and it’s one of the busiest ports in Greece.

There are two transfer options to get from New Port of Patras to Patras City Centre; train and taxi. Taking a Patras taxi is undoubtedly the easiest way to travel, taking only 5 minutes to reach the city of Patras; a trip that costs €9. The train option, on the other hand, is a combined trip. You will need to get a taxi to the nearest train station which is a 5-minute drive and costs €5. The train ticket costs only €2 and takes just 3 minutes to lead you to Patras Train Station. However, that’s where you will need to get another taxi to get to your accommodation in the city, as the station is 2km away. That is another short journey of 4 minutes which costs €5. In total, the cost of the combined trip is higher than that of a convenient direct taxi transfer, as it would cost you €14.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €9 5min 24/7
Train €4 2min 10:30–23:30

How to get from New Port of Patras to Patras City Centre by taxi

Taxis are always the fastest and easiest transfer option. They are safe, available 24/7 and provide lots of different-sized vehicles to accommodate different groups and heavy luggage. Also, they pick you up and drop you off exactly where you need to, hassle-free.

How much does a taxi cost from Patras New Port to city centre?

The base tariff is €3.50 and the rate for this trip comes to €9. From 00:00 to 05:00 the prices increase with the cost of this trip being around €12.
If you want a standard, fair rate, a taxi or private transfer from Patras New Port to the city would be a great option for you as it’s direct, fast, and cheap. You will get to your accommodation or the centre of Patras in around 5 minutes by taxi.



Trip Duration


Value For Money


Where do I get it from?

There is a free local bus service from the ferry to the main entrance of Patras New Port that takes two minutes. When you get there, you will need to call a taxi or flag one down, since there is no taxi rank outside the main entrance and the nearest taxi rank is 2km away, at Papandreou Square.


Getting from Patras New Port to your hotel in Patras by taxi is the most convenient and the fastest route available since you will not need to walk around trying to find Patras’ public transport whilst carrying heavy luggage. There is no need to wait for the next train or worry about the time of your arrival not matching the train schedules.

Editor’s Note

As there isn’t a taxi rank at Patras New Port, there may be a short waiting time for your taxi to arrive after calling it, especially since other travellers might be requesting theirs too at the same time. If you want to jump straight into a taxi when you arrive at the New Port’s main entrance, you can pre-book your Patras taxi for a guaranteed on-time pickup.

Useful Tips

The larger the taxi you choose, the more expensive it will be. However, if you travel in a group, you can conveniently split the cost.
If you have requested your taxi by phone, be sure to ask your driver what payment methods are accepted before starting your journey, as not all drivers accept card payments.

How to get to Patras City Centre by Train and Taxi

Taking the train to get from New Port of Patras to Patras City Centre may cost only €2 and take only 3 minutes, however, you need to keep in mind that would be a combined taxi & train trip, unless you are willing to walk. The train station is 2.5km from New Port’s main entrance and it will leave you at the Patras station that’s another 2km away from Patras city centre. Consequently, you will need another mode of transportation to get to your hotel in Patras city. The trains that accommodate this trip are 11309, 12305, 13301, and 14305.

How much is the train from Patras New Port to city?

The trip from Patras New Port to the city will cost €2, without any extra charges for your luggage. Since this is a combined trip, you will need to use two taxis, unless you’re walking; a taxi to get you from New Port to the train station and a taxi to take you from Patras Train Station to your hotel in the city. Patras New Port to the train station is a 5-minute drive that costs around €5, whilst the station is a 4-minute taxi ride to the city centre, costing €5. The total amount for this trip will come at the cost of €12, so all in all, it’s not a convenient or cheap alternative.



Trip Duration


Value For money

The trains operate four times a day with long waiting times in between.

Where do I get it from?

The train station is located 2km away from the port, on Othonos-Amalias avenue. The trip from Patras New Port to the train station takes only a couple of minutes by taxi. If you have light luggage you can also do the journey on foot, as it’s a 15-minute walk. When you arrive at the train station you will see the kiosk where you can purchase your ticket either by card or cash.


The train option, if you don’t use a taxi at all, is the cheapest and might be a good option for you if you are travelling on a tight budget or you are a solo traveller with light luggage.

However, if you’re not so keen to walk, the train option is not the most convenient since you will need to get additional transportation to get to the station and from there to your hotel. It’s not good value for money and requires more effort and time to use three different transportation means to get to your destination.

Editor’s Note

The train is a fast and cheap transport option. However, in this case, I recommend choosing a Patras taxi to get to your hotel in Patras as the train is not so easily accessible.

Useful Tips

The majority of the trains in Greece don't provide power outlets, so it's recommended to have your phone or laptop charged before travelling on the train.
Trains have limited luggage space if busy, so they might not be the best option if you are travelling in a large group with lots of suitcases.
The train operates four times a day so the waiting time might be up to two hours.
There is a discount on tickets for individuals under the age of twenty-five and/or students.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Patras New port to the city centre?

You can go from the New Port of Patras to Patras city centre either by taxi or train. If you choose the train option, keep in mind that it’s a combined trip that includes two extra taxis to reach your hotel in the city. If you prefer, you can also walk to and from the train stations.

What's the distance from Patras' New Port to Patras' City Centre?

Patras New Port is located 4km away from the city centre. The journey from Patras New Port to the city will take only 5 minutes by taxi and around 12 minutes by train, not including the wait times and transfers from/to the train station.

How much does it cost to get from Patras New Port to city centre by taxi?

Taxi drivers at Patras New Port don’t offer set-rate fees for your journey. They will decide on your fare considering a few factors: time of day, number of passengers, vehicle size, and excess luggage. The estimated taxi prices come to €9 for a day ride and €12 for a night ride (00:00-05:00). If you’d prefer a set fare you can rely on, we recommend pre-booking your Patras taxi to avoid overcharges and to have a guaranteed pickup whenever and wherever you need it.

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