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Getting from Umeå Airport (UME) to Umeå City Centre

Umeå, known as a key city in Sweden’s Västerbotten County, has a busy university vibe with Kungsgatan at its core. This area is filled with shops and restaurants, showing off a mix of modern and classic Scandinavian architecture. Whether you’re into Umeå’s culture, buildings, or food, this city offers a straightforward blend of nature and city life.

For a swift and effortless journey spanning approximately a 5.4-km distance, opting for a taxi or private transfer from Umeå Airport to the city centre is a top choice. This trip, which can take around 10 minutes depending on traffic, costs about €27 (SEK 300), ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Alternatively, electric buses serve the route from Umeå Airport to the city centre, offering travellers an eco-friendly, affordable, and convenient transportation option. With a cost of €3.50 (SEK 39) per person, the trip by bus also takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the city centre.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €27 10min 24/7
Bus €7 10min 06:20–22:50

How to get from Umeå Airport to the city centre by taxi

Choosing a taxi for your trip from Umeå Airport to the city centre offers a great experience. This mode of transport ensures a swift journey, usually lasting about 10 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Opting for a taxi or private transfer provides a more dependable and relaxed alternative to public transport, allowing the flexibility to discover the city’s charms at your leisure. With door-to-door service and availability around the clock, it’s an ideal choice for comfortable travel.

Prices for a taxi from Umeå Airport to the city centre

Umeå’s taxi pricing is based on a taximeter system which calculates the fare using the journey’s distance and duration, with slightly higher rates at night. A taxi trip from the airport to the city centre usually costs about €27 (SEK 300) to cover the 5.4 km distance in around 10 minutes.

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Trip Duration

10 Min.

*Prices may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Umeå Airport (UME).

Where do I get the taxi from?

You can find the taxi stand at Umeå Airport just outside the passenger terminal, conveniently located next to the arrival area.

However, for a more tailored and convenient door-to-door transportation experience from Umeå Airport to the city centre, you have the option to arrange a private transfer in advance. This approach ensures that your driver will be readily available inside the airport as you exit the baggage claim area, holding a sign bearing your name and ready to get you to your destination as soon as possible.


Among the various transportation options from Umeå Airport to the city centre, opting for a taxi is particularly appealing for those looking for a private and cosy ride directly to their lodging. Taxis are accessible 24/7 and offer a direct service in well-kept vehicles, making the trip comfortable for passengers. Pre-booking offers the advantages of locked-in lower rates and a proficient, English-speaking driver who can provide insights into the local area during the journey.

Editor’s Note

In Umeå, taxis typically accommodate up to four passengers, offering an opportunity for cost-sharing among travellers if desired.

Useful Tips

Confirm the estimated fare with the driver before starting your journey to avoid surprises.
Opt for well-known and reputable taxi companies. This can be ensured by booking through official apps, websites, or taxi stands.
Keep the receipt and note the taxi's identification number in case you leave belongings behind or need to report an issue.

How to get from Umeå Airport to the city centre by bus

The Ultra bus n°80 from Umeå Airport to the city centre is the most economical option and runs regularly throughout the day. The bus operates to and from the airport and is easily accessible as you exit the terminal. This service offers a direct route to the city centre, stopping at several key locations within Umeå’s central district. The journey to and from the city centre usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, subject to traffic and your specific destination stop.

How much is a bus ticket from Umeå airport to the city centre?

Opting for the Ultra bus #80 from Umeå Airport to the city centre is the most budget-friendly choice and an excellent mode of transfer for those on a tight budget, with a one-way fare priced at €3.50 (SEK 39) per person. Tickets can be bought at ticket kiosks located in the airport or online beforehand.



Trip Duration

10 Min.

The airport bus #80 departs every 15 minutes on weekdays and on weekends.

Value for money

The bus is available daily between 06:20 and 22:50.

Where do I get the bus from?

You can catch the bus to the city centre from the designated bus stop located directly outside the Umeå Airport terminal. The Wasaline bus stop (City centre) is situated on Obbolavägen, just 100 metres past the entrance and beyond the long-term parking area. Look for signs pointing to the bus pick-up area or ask airport staff for directions to ensure you find the correct location.


For transportation from Umeå Airport to the city centre, bus #80 is a great choice for those mindful of their budget, offering the most cost-effective transfer option. These electric buses ensure a comfortable and eco-friendly journey. Nonetheless, keep in mind the potential of a short wait for the bus to depart. Also, once you arrive in Umeå’s city centre, you might need to seek an additional mode of transport to get from the bus stop to your final destination.

Editor’s Note

Note the bus stops in the city centre to determine the closest one to your final destination in Umeå.

Useful Tips

Stay updated on bus timings and any schedule changes via the local transport website or app.
Have your ticket or payment method ready before boarding to expedite the process for you and other passengers.
When accompanied by a paying adult, up to two children under the age of 7 can travel for free.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Umeå Airport to the city centre?

Various transportation options from Umeå Airport to the city centre are accessible; you can travel by taxi or bus. Opting for a taxi will get you to your destination in approximately 10 minutes. If you’re looking for a more economical choice, the bus from Umeå Airport to the city takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your exit stop.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Umeå Airport to the city?

For a quick and easy trip, choosing a taxi or private transfer from Umeå Airport to the city centre is an excellent option. This journey can last about 10 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs approximately €27 (SEK 300).

Additionally, you have the option to pre-book a pickup by a reliable local driver who can welcome you and offer an introduction to the city for a fixed, competitive price.

How far is Umeå city centre from Umeå Airport?

Umeå city centre is approximately 5.4 km away from Umeå Airport, making for a short and convenient journey by bus, taxi or private transfer. The journey by car takes approximately 10 minutes from Umeå Airport to the city centre.

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