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Getting from Busan Airport to Daegu

Famous for its thriving music scene, Daegu is the third-largest city in South Korea and home to some of the most interesting historical sites from the Silla dynasty. Take a stroll along the Daegu Modern History Streets, which feature well-preserved buildings from the early 20th century. Explore Seomun Market, Gyesan Cathedral, and Dongsan Colonial Street and for a unique experience, wander through Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine market, filled with ancient herbal remedies.

There are two main recommended modes of transportation to get from Busan Airport to Daegu: taxi or private transfer and the bus. A taxi or private transfer provides a quick and convenient option with a journey time of 75 minutes during light traffic and is the only door-to-door service. Though not private like a taxi, the intercity bus is the most affordable option with a journey time of 85 minutes, excluding wait times.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €71 75min 24/7
Bus €15.5 85min 07:00–22:00

How to get from Busan Airport to Daegu by taxi

The most convenient and reliable way to travel from Busan Airport to Daegu is to take a Busan taxi. Taxis are readily available at any time of day and you’ll reach your destination in around 75 to 95 minutes, depending on traffic.

How much does a taxi cost?

The cost of a regular taxi from Gimhae Airport to Daegu during the day (04:00-23:00) is around €71 (KRW 101,685) for up to 4 people. Taxis calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled, so the fare may vary depending on the location of your accommodation. Additional charges will apply for toll roads, deluxe/jumbo taxis, travelling beyond the city limits and at night.



Trip Duration

75 Min.

*Fares will vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

*Taxis are available 24/7 from Gimhae International Airport (PUS).

Where can I take an airport taxi from?

Busan Airport taxis depart from either the international or domestic terminal; you’ll spot them as you exit through Gate 3.


A Busan Airport taxi is a quick and easy transport option where you won’t have to worry about carrying your luggage on overcrowded buses or not being dropped within walking distance of your hotel or apartment.

For a more personalised service where you’ll be met with an English-speaking driver on arrival so you won’t have to worry about overcoming the language barrier, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance.

Editor’s Note

Taxi fares can be paid for with cash, credit/debit cards, or loaded T-Money cards.

Useful Tips

Deluxe and jumbo taxi drivers offer a premium taxi service with modern vehicles and English-speaking drivers.
It is not possible to use Google Maps or Waze in South Korea so if you would like to follow your journey as you travel, try using Naver instead.
Tipping your driver is not required or expected in Busan.

How to get from Busan Airport to Daegu by bus

During the day, buses – called intercity buses – regularly depart from Busan Airport to Dongdaegu Terminal in Dongdaegu, providing a cheaper alternative to taxis. The journey takes around 85 minutes, excluding wait times, and you’ll need to make your way to your accommodation from the station by walking or taking a taxi or another means of public transportation.

How much does the bus cost?

A one-way ticket on the intercity bus from Busan Airport to Daegu costs €7.75 (KRW 11,100) per traveller, and tickets can be purchased online or in person on the day using cash or a T-money card at the service counter or an unmanned ticket machine.

*T-money is a rechargeable smart card used to pay for transportation services throughout South Korea. Cards can be bought from the airport upon your arrival from dedicated vending machines and official outlets.



Trip Duration

85 Min.

Intercity buses run every 20 to 70 minutes.

Value for Money

Buses operate daily between 07:00 and 22:00.

Where can I take the bus from?

The departure area for the intercity bus can be found on P1 at both terminals; as you pass through Gate 4, turn and walk towards your right until you reach the boarding area.


With fairly regular services operating throughout the day, the intercity bus is a convenient and affordable alternative to taking a taxi, especially if you are travelling on your own. Keep in mind, however, that buses don’t run through the night and the station in Daegu isn’t located exactly in the city centre so you may have to take a taxi to get to your final destination.

For a door-to-door service with guaranteed on-time pickups – no matter what time you arrive – you can book a private transfer in advance and relax knowing your transport needs are taken care of.

Editor’s Note

Since buses regularly sell out, it is best to book your seat in advance, especially on weekends and holidays.

Useful Tips

Online ticket purchases can be made up to 2 hours prior to departure on Bustago. Kobus and T-Money also allow you to search and book buses online.
Popular T-Money cards for tourists are Cashbee, T-Money, MPass and the Korea Tour Card.
If you need assistance arranging tickets, Gowonderfully is a paid service that helps tourists overcome the language barrier during their visit to Korea.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Daegu from Busan Airport?

Daegu is located approximately 100 km from Busan Airport. The quickest way to travel between the two is to take a taxi or private transfer which takes approximately 75 minutes during light traffic.

How do I get from Busan Airport to Daegu?

The fastest and easiest modes of transport from Busan Airport to Daegu include an airport taxi or private transfer which takes 75 minutes, and a direct intercity bus which takes 85 minutes. Both options will take longer during heavy traffic and you’ll need to consider wait times if taking the bus.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Busan Airport to Daegu?

You can expect to pay around €71 (KRW 101,685) for up to 4 passengers for the journey from Busan Airport to Daegu by regular taxi, excluding tolls and surcharges.

If you prefer to secure a guaranteed set rate fee with no extra costs at the same cost as a standard taxi, you can pre-book a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

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