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Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) to Leshan

If you are headed to the Sichuan Province in China, be sure to make a trip to Leshan to see the tallest Buddha in the world, the Giant Buddha of Leshan. The Buddha was carved into a stone cliff at the confluence of three rivers over a 90-year period from 713 AD to 803 AD. The Buddha along with the scenic Mount Emei, where Buddhism was first introduced to China, is a World Heritage Site.

Leshan is located 135 kilometres south of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. To transfer from Chengdu airport to the Leshan Giant Buddha, you can take an airport taxi, bus, or train. The journey by taxi takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes and costs €54.60 (CYN 385). The trip by bus takes around 2 hours and costs €6.37 (CYN 45). Taking a train is the fastest way to reach Leshan seeing as the train can get you there in 41 minutes. A ticket for the train costs €6.52 (CYN 46).

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €54.60 110min 24/7
Bus €12.74 120min 10:30–18:30
Train €13.04 41min 08:56–16:42

How to get from Chengdu airport to Leshan by taxi

Taking a taxi from the Chengdu international airport to Leshan is the most comfortable transfer option. Taxis are available 24/7 from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Unless you book your transfer in advance, the taxi fare is based on a metered rate and is estimated to cost €54.60 (CYN 385). Alternatively, you can pre-book a ride with a local taxi company or with Welcome Pickups‘ highly rated professional service that offers taxis at fixed competitive rates with English-speaking drivers. The journey by taxi from Chengdu airport to Leshan takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Taxi fare from Chengdu airport to Leshan

The taxi fare for your Chengdu airport to Leshan trip is based on a metered rate, though you may also ask to negotiate a flat rate with your driver. Taxi fares may vary between the different taxi companies. Metered taxi rates are determined by a base rate of €1.28 (CNY 9) for the first 2 kilometres travelled, plus a per-kilometre rate of €0.27 (CNY 1.90) for up to 10km. If you are going further than 10 kilometres, the per-kilometre rate increases to €0.40 (CNY 2.85).

To go from the Chengdu airport (CTU) to Leshan with a standard taxi, you can expect to pay around €54.60 (CYN 385). Another transfer option is to book your taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups for a flat rate with no hidden charges.


€54.60 (CYN 385)

Trip Duration

1 hr 50 min

Rates may vary unless booked ahead of time.

Value for Money

Taxis from Chengdu airport to Chengdu city centre are available 24/7.

Where do I take a taxi from?

Taxis pick up passengers from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Chengdu airport. The taxi stand for Terminal 1 is just outside of Gate 02 on the arrivals level. If you are flying into Terminal 2, you can find the taxi stand near the crosswalk of the arrivals level.


Taking a taxi is the most convenient and comfortable form of transportation from Chengdu airport to Leshan, especially if you are travelling in a big group, with young children and/or with lots of luggage. After arriving in Chengdu, you can readily take a taxi directly from the airport to Leshan, so you won’t have to worry about navigating public transportation and can make the most of your time.

Editor’s Note

We recommend sticking with licensed taxis from the airport taxi stands. Taxis are green with a taxi sign atop the vehicle roof.

Useful Tips

Be sure to have enough cash to pay your taxi fare; most taxis won’t accept credit cards - especially if those are foreign.
If you take a taxi from one of the airport taxi stands, have the name of your destination printed in Chinese beforehand in case your driver doesn’t speak English.
There is a surcharge for rides at night from 23:00 to 6:00 and a waiting or standing time fee of €3.24 (CNY 22.80) per hour.

How to get from Chengdu airport to Leshan by Bus

China Bus Guide operates buses from Chengdu airport to Leshan. Six buses, in particular, stop at the airport during the day with the first bus picking up passengers at 10:30 and the last bus departing at 18:30. The trip to Leshan from Chengdu airport takes 2 hours.

How much is fare for the bus from the Chengdu airport to Leshan?

Tickets for a bus with China Bus Guide cost €6.37 (CYN 45) per person. For booking or other inquiries, you can email China Bus Guide.


€6.37 (CYN 45)

Trip Duration

2 hrs

*There is a wait time of up to 1 hour and 50 minutes for the bus.

Value for Money

Buses are available from 10:30 to 18:30.

Where can I find the bus?

The bus picks up passengers at the Chengdu Airport Bus Station. The station can be found between Terminals 1 and 2.


The bus takes the longest to transport you from Chengdu airport to Leshan. Once you reach the city, you may need to take additional transportation to reach your accommodation or the Giant Buddha.

Editor’s Note

If you are headed to the Giant Buddha of Leshan, you can transfer to Bus 3 at the Leshan Central Bus Station.

Useful Tips

You need to plan ahead if you're planning to get the bus as tickets need to be purchased in advance via email.
If you're travelling in a big group you may wish to ask if a better deal can be offered.

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How to get from Chengdu airport to Leshan by train

Taking the high-speed train is the fastest way to reach Leshan from Chengdu international airport. Depending on which train you take, the journey takes around 40 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. A ticket for the train costs as little as €6.52 (CYN 46) if you’re travelling in second class.

How much is the train fare from Chengdu airport to Leshan?

The cost of a ticket for the train depends on which class you select. Second-class tickets are the cheapest at €6.52 (CYN 46).


€6.52 (CYN 46)

Trip Duration

40-80 min

*There is a wait time of up to 1 hour 50 minutes.

Value for Money

Trains run from 8:56 to 16:42 daily.

Where can I find the train?

To take the train from Chengdu international airport, you will have to head to Terminal 2. The entrance to the train station is underground and you’ll need to reach level B2.


The train is a cheap and fast option to get to Leshan. However, taking the train maybe be tricky if you are transporting a large load of luggage as there is limited space on the train for storage. Also, once you arrive in Leshan, you may need to take an additional form of transportation to reach your final destination.

Editor’s Note

If you are travelling with a bigger load of luggage, be sure to double-check that there is enough space to store it before boarding the train. There may be space for larger bags behind some of the train seats, but sometimes this space is taken over by standing passengers.

Useful Tips

For a roomier, more plush seat, you can select a first-class ticket for €10.34 (CYN 73).
There are also many trains running from the Chengdu railway stations to Leshan. If there isn’t a convenient train from the airport (if you are travelling earlier in the morning or later in the evening), you can also head to the Chengdu Railway Station (East Railway Station or South Railway Station) and change to a suitable train there.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the distance from Chengdu airport to the Leshan Giant Buddha?

It is 135 kilometres to get from Chengdu airport to Leshan and about 10 more kilometres to reach the Leshan Giant Buddha. The trip takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes by taxi. It takes 2 hours to reach Leshan by bus, and by train, you can get to Leshan in 40-80 minutes.

Can I get from Chengdu airport to Leshan by train?

There are a handful of high-speed trains that travel between the Chengdu airport and Leshan. The train departs from the basement level of Terminal 2 and can get you to Leshan in 40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes, depending on which train you choose.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Chengdu airport to Leshan?

Typically, taxi rates are based on a taximeter, but you may also ask your driver to negotiate a flat rate for the trip to Leshan. The taxi cost to go from Chengdu airport to Leshan is estimated to be around €54.60 (CYN 385).

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