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How to get from Islamabad Airport to Islamabad City Centre

Islamabad is the bustling capital of Pakistan and is the country’s 9th largest city. As Islamabad was a thoroughly planned city, built in the 1960s, its unique layout has lent itself to some amazing green areas and attractions. Be sure to visit some of the stunning parks, viewpoints and green spaces, and take some time out to explore one or two of the amazing museums and art galleries in the city. 

As the city awaits the launch of the Orange Line direct bus service from the airport, the only way to get from Islamabad airport to the city is by taking a taxi. Islamabad airport taxis take just 30 minutes to reach the city centre and cost around €7 (PKR 1,600), making them a very affordable transfer option. 

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €7 30min 24/7

How to get from Islamabad Airport to Islamabad by Taxi

The only way to travel from Islamabad airport to the city currently is by taking a taxi. Compared to many other major cities, the cost is very reasonable at around €7 (PKR 1,600), and the journey time in an Islamabad airport taxi is just 30 minutes.

Cost of a taxi from Islamabad Airport to your Hotel

The local drivers at the airport will use a taximeter to calculate the cost of your journey. The final fare will depend on the time taken, the number of passengers and your exact destination in the city, but it will be around €7 (PKR 1,600).

If you’d prefer a set rate fare for your taxi from Islamabad airport to your hotel, we suggest pre-booking your transfer with Welcome Pickups.


€7 (PKR 1,600)

Trip Duration

30 Min.

*Prices may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis at Islamabad Airport are available 24/7.

Where are the taxis located at Islamabad Airport?

All of the official taxis are located just outside of the main Terminal at Islamabad airport. You can walk to the first available taxi and let them know where you’re travelling to.


After a long flight, hopping into a private vehicle and driving straight to your hotel in comfort is the best option. You won’t need to worry about keeping an eye on your luggage and the journey time is just 30 minutes.

Editor’s Note

Some taxis at Islamabad airport aren't fitted with taximeters, or your driver may say theirs isn't working. In this case, you can negotiate a price before getting into the taxi.

Useful Tips

You can agree on a set price with your driver before getting in the taxi if you’re comfortable with that.
Drivers don't expect a tip, but you can add 20-30 Rupees to your final fare if you wish.
Taxis are available no matter what time you land at Islamabad airport.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the distance between Islamabad airport and the city centre?

The distance from Islamabad airport to Islamabad city is around 30 km. Taking an Islamabad airport taxi shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes in regular traffic conditions. 

How do I go from Islamabad airport to the city?

The only way to get from Islamabad airport to the city is to take an Islamabad airport taxi. The journey time is just 30 minutes and the cost will be around €7 (PKR 1,600), based on a taximeter. 

What’s the cost of a taxi from Islamabad airport to the hotel area in the city?

The cost of a taxi from Islamabad airport to your hotel in the city will be around €7 (PKR 1,600). However, as the taxis at Islamabad airport are metered, the final cost will depend on the exact location of your hotel in the city centre. 

If you’d prefer to take a transfer from Islamabad airport to the city that has a set fare you can count on, we recommend pre-booking with Welcome Pickups. 

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