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How to get from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid city centre

Ohrid is one of the great jewels of North Macedonia. Its spellbinding views across Lake Ohrid make it the perfect place for a tranquil escape. 

To get from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid City, you are limited to airport taxis and private transfers. Fortunately, a cab is relatively inexpensive and fast, taking only 15 minutes to make the journey. Taxis are available 24/7 and have set prices to various destinations from the airport. 

Unfortunately, there is no public bus from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid. The buses in Ohrid primarily go from the city centre to other local towns, making taxis the preferred and primary mode of transport for most locals and tourists.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €12 15min 24/7

How to get from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid city centre by taxi

Travelling by taxi is efficient and easy for tourists arriving at Ohrid Airport. The 9.8 km journey should only take 13-15 minutes in light traffic conditions. Taxis are readily available from the airport, though there may be a short wait during peak times.

How much does it cost for a taxi from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid?

Local airport taxis have set rates from the airport. It costs €12 (MKD 730) for a four-seater taxi from Ohrid Airport to the city centre. Prices do rise slightly during night hours, particularly after 22:00. 

Although airport taxis have set rates, this is rare for travelling across the rest of Ohrid. So if you decide to travel by taxi from the city centre to the beach or other towns, expect the taxi driver to use a taximeter rather than a set rate card. If you’d prefer the peace of mind of having set fares confirmed for all of your planned journeys, consider pre-booking a private transfer instead.


€12 (MKD 730)

Trip Duration

15 Min.

Prices are set from Ohrid St. Paul The Apostle Airport, although they increase at nighttime.

Value for money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Ohrid Airport.

Where do I get the taxi from?

There is a taxi stand easily accessible outside of the main terminal building at Ohrid Airport. Ohrid taxis are sky blue and white and clearly marked as ‘taxis’.


Taking a taxi from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid city centre is fast and inexpensive for tourists. Not only will you have a door-to-door service from the airport to your hotel, but you’ll also have a set rate fare to help with your holiday budgeting. Most standard taxis are four-seater sedans. If you’re travelling with a larger group, we recommend booking an airport taxi to guarantee a personal vehicle that suits your needs.

Editor’s Note

Wheelchair-accessible taxis are not common in Ohrid. If you require one, we suggest booking a private transfer in advance so that you don’t need to worry about finding transport in Ohrid.

Useful Tips

It’s not obligatory to tip your taxi driver but you’re welcome to if you’re pleased with the service. A common tipping method is to round up the total fare to the nearest 10 Denar.
You can pay for your taxi in cash in the local currency of Macedonian Denar (MKD). Some drivers carry card machines but not all, so it’s best to check before setting off.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the closest airport to Ohrid, North Macedonia?

Fortunately, Ohrid has its own airport – Ohrid St. Paul The Apostle Airport. It is located 9.8 km away from the city centre and the drive takes about 15 minutes.

How do I get from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid?

You can easily and economically take a taxi or private transfer from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid. The journey shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes as the distance is only 9.8 km. While there are public buses in Ohrid, there is no bus running between the airport and downtown Ohrid. 

Private transfers for groups of any size provide an extra layer of comfort and security. We highly recommend it for tourists new to Ohrid.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid?

A taxi from Ohrid Airport to Ohrid city costs €12 (MKD 730) and you can pay for your fare in cash in the local currency. This is a set-rate fare offered by the largest taxi company in Ohrid – Taxi Marcedes. You can expect the quoted cost to rise after 22:00.

Note that the set fare system only applies to taxis leaving and returning to the airport. Taxis from downtown Ohrid to any other destination will use taximeters to calculate their fares instead, based on the distance travelled.

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