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How to get from Quebec City Airport to Downtown

Quebec City is a taste of France along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. The historic, mostly French-speaking city is the only walled city to the north of Mexico. Visitors can marvel at the castle-like architecture and meander the cobblestone streets, lined with charming boutiques and bistros. Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth exploring.

The distance from Quebec City airport to Old Quebec is about 16 kilometres. After landing at the airport, you can reach the city centre by taxi or bus. Taking an airport taxi from Quebec City airport to downtown Quebec is the most comfortable and quickest means of transportation. The journey takes around 20 minutes by taxi and the fare costs €27 (CAD 35.10). You can also take the Line 80 bus from Quebec City airport to the Old Town of Quebec; the bus journey takes 50 minutes and costs €2.90 (CAD 3.75) per traveller.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €27 20min 24/7
Bus €5.80 50min 05:58–23:28

How to get from Quebec City airport to Downtown by taxi

Taking a taxi from Quebec City airport to downtown Quebec is the easiest, most comfortable transfer option and several taxi companies are available at the airport 24/7. The trip from Quebec airport to the Old Town in the centre typically takes 20 minutes. Taxi fares from the airport to the city centre are set at a rate of €27 (CAD 35.10). You can also book your Quebec City taxi transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups for a flat rate and no hidden charges.

Taxi fare from Quebec City airport to downtown

In Quebec City, taxi fares are usually determined by a metered rate but if you are travelling from Quebec City airport to a destination in the city centre, you will be charged a fixed rate of €27 (CAD 35.10) by the local taxis at the airport’s taxi rank. Another option for a competitive flat rate without any additional fees or surcharges is to book your Quebec City airport taxi in advance with a friendly, professional Welcome Pickups driver.



Trip Duration

20 min

Fares may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis from Quebec City airport to downtown Quebec City are available 24/7.

Where do I get a taxi from?

Taxis at Quebec City Airport are available round the clock outside the main terminal building.


Taking a Quebec taxi is the most comfortable and quickest way to get to your destination, no matter where that is. You will be dropped off right at the front door of your accommodation and you won’t have to lose any time waiting for the bus or walking to your end destination after getting off the bus.

Editor’s Note

Taxis are easily recognisable by the taxi sign atop the vehicle. Refrain from entering any unlicensed vehicle.

Useful Tips

In Quebec, it is customary to tip taxi drivers 15%.
Most taxi drivers in Quebec City accept payment by card, but it’s best to double-check before starting your journey.

How to get from Quebec City airport to Old Town centre by Bus

Another transfer option from Quebec City airport to Old Quebec City is to take a bus, operated by RTC. Line 80 bus runs from the Aérogare stop towards Place Jacques-Cartier, from 5:58 to 23:28, about every 30 minutes, and the journey takes 50 minutes. The standard bus fare for one adult is €2.90 (CAD 3.75) and you can alight at Dorchester or any other station that’s more suitable, depending on your accommodation.

Bus fare from Quebec City airport to Downtown Quebec City

You can purchase a standard adult ticket from Quebec City airport to Downtown Quebec, valid for 90 minutes on board the bus, for €2.90 (CAD 3.75). Moreover, reloadable OPUS cards are available that you can load fares onto at a discounted rate. RTC also offers 1 day passes, unlimited weekend passes, 5-consecutive-day passes, and bundles of 20 tickets, if you plan on using public transportation throughout your stay. More information on RTC bus fares can be found on the RTC website.



Trip Duration

50 min

You may have to wait up to 30 minutes for the Line 80 bus.

Value for Money

Bus Line 80 is available between 5:58 and 23:28.

Where can I find the bus?

Line 80 picks up passengers from the airport at the Aérogare airport bus stop. The bus stop can be found on Rue Principale outside the airport terminal.


Taking the bus from Quebec City airport to old Quebec is a great way to save some money. However, taking the bus requires more time for the transfer, whilst you may also have to do some walking or take another form of transportation to reach your exact destination in the city. Also, the bus is not available 24/7, and if you are arriving after 23:28, the bus will not be available until 5:58 in the morning.


Editor’s Note

There are several bus routes you can take to reach downtown Quebec City. You can also take the 76 and transfer to lines 801, 11, or 1. You can check Google Maps for the most convenient route depending on your flight schedule and the exact location of your destination.

Useful Tips

You will need to have the exact change ready, and the fare is payable to the bus driver when you get on the bus.
If you're purchasing a single ticket from the bus driver and plan to transfer buses, be sure to ask for a transfer ticket.
When waiting for the bus in the city, be sure to signal the bus driver so they know they need to make a stop.
Children under the age of 5 can ride for free.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the cost of a taxi from Quebec City airport to downtown?

The taxi fare from Quebec City airport to downtown Quebec is set at a flat rate of €27 (CAD 35.10). If you are headed elsewhere (other than the Sainte-Foy area, where a flat rate of €11.80 (CAD 15.40) is charged), your fare will be determined by a taximeter and can be estimated by adding up the base rate of €3.50 (CAD 4.55), an additional €1.30 (CAD 1.75) per kilometre, and an hourly rate of €30 (CAD 39) for standing or waiting, where applicable. For a competitive flat rate to your every destination, with no hidden charges, you can also pre-book your Quebec City airport transportation with Welcome Pickups.

How do I get from Quebec City airport to Old Town?

You can get from Quebec City airport to the Old Town by taxi or by bus. The taxi ride takes around 20 minutes and costs €27 (CAD 35.10). By bus line 80, the journey takes 50 minutes and costs €2.90 (CAD 3.75).

How far is Quebec City airport from downtown Quebec?

Quebec City airport is about 16 kilometres from downtown Quebec City. The journey by taxi takes around 20 minutes, and by bus, it takes 50 minutes.

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