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Transfer Options from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town

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How to get from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town

You have just landed at Skiathos Airport (JSI) and are looking for the best transportation option to reach your hotel? Well, you will find only one option... Welcome Skiathos Airport Taxis. The good news is that the distance between the airport and your destination is only 4.5 km, so you may also make it on foot if you're fit and are traveling with light luggage. However, if you choose to travel in comfort, a Skiathos airport taxi will take you to your hotel in about 10-15 minutes and you will have to pay approximately 10-20€ depending on the exact location of your drop off.

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Taxi €15 12min 24/7

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How to get from Skiathos airport to Skiathos Town by taxi

Taking a Skiathos Airport Taxi is not only the only transportation option available from Skiathos airport to the city centre, but it's also a very convenient one. You will find the silver vehicles with the distinctive "TAXI" sign on top just outside the airport, 24/7. Starting your ride to your accommodation, you will find that taxis in Skiathos are metered, so you can expect that the cost will be around 10-20€ if you travel during the day and you don't carry excessive luggage. You will reach Skiathos Town in 10-15 minutes depending on the traffic congestion.

Taxi fare from Skiathos airport to Skiathos Town

Skiathos airport taxis are metered, therefore the exact price of your ride is not fixed, but is formed based on the taximeter's indication. Your final destination and the traffic conditions are the key factors that will determine the total cost of your journey. On average, you can expect to be charged about 15€ if your hotel is located in the heart of Skiathos town.

However, factors such as pieces of luggage or the time of day that you travel also affect the fare, so you could pay more if you travel during the night shift (00:00-5:00) or if you carry excessive luggage.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time
€ 15
€ 18
€ 15
€ 18
€ 18
€ 22
€ 25
€ 28

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Skiathos airport taxis are a convenient and time-saving transportation option and are the only mode of transport for your transfer to Skiathos town, except for walking. Unfortunately, if you travel on a budget and you wish to take public transportation, you won't find a route connecting the airport to the rest of the island. However, the taxi price is not expensive, especially if you travel with company and you intend to split the fare.

Editor’s Note

You should be aware of the fact that sharing a taxi with other travelers is common practice in Skiathos island, even if the fare remains the same.

Useful Tips

You should always negotiate the transfer price with your taxi driver before entering the cab. That way, you will know exactly what to expect.
Be sure to check if your hotel offers pick-up services from the airport.
If you travel outside the city centre and you can't afford the total taxi fare, you may want to take a taxi to the bus terminal in Skiathos Town and hop on a bus to your final destination.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town?

There’s no set price for the ride from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town. The taxi fare is calculated by the taximeter according to the traveled distance. The assessed fare is 10-20€, depending on the traffic. Keep in mind that travelling with too much luggage or during the night raises the cost.

How far is it from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town?

Skiathos airport (JSI) is a few kilometers away from the city centre. Located at a 4.5km distance from Skiathos Town, the ride from the airport to your accommodation shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

What are the transportation options from Skiathos Airport to Skiathos Town?

Unfortunately, Skiathos airport taxis are the only transportation mean available at Skiathos airport. However, you should always look into whether or not your hotel offers a pick-up ride from the airport.

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