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Getting from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai

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How to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai

Abu Dhabi Airport is located only an hour's drive from Dubai by car, however there is a bus service that can get you closer to the border, but not all the way. The trip with an Abu Dhabi airport taxi to Dubai will cost you around 59€ (250AED) and take around 65 minutes. Alternatively, to reduce the cost, you can take a bus from the airport to the bus station in Al Shahama, named Shahama Bus Depot. From here you will need to take a cab over the border. The bus ride from the airport to the station will cost you only 0.85€ (3.50AED). Yet, the taxi from the station to Dubai will be approximately 43€ (180AED) and the journey by this method will take around 90 minutes.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €59 65min 24/7
Bus €44.70 90min 24/7

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How to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai by taxi

Taxis are the most efficient method to get from the airport in Abu Dhabi to Dubai, but it will cost you. Abu Dhabi airport taxis are available from the terminals and can take you all the way, however there may be tolls on the route that will need to be paid. Any taxis outside the terminals (either luxury vehicles or local taxis) will be able to make the journey, but the luxury vehicles (Mercedes Benz Vito) are equipped with GPS, which might ensure that you get the best route and therefore minimal cost.

Taxi fare from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai

Taxis from Abu Dhabi airport are metered and therefore the price is susceptible to traffic and night-time/weekend prices, which are charged at a higher rate. You can expect to pay around 59€ (250AED) for the 65 minute journey. Be aware that luxury taxis have a higher set flag-fall rate, so may be a little more expensive, but the price per km is the same as a normal taxi. It is always best to pre-book to make sure that the price will be set before your journey.


Taxis are the most convenient method of transport to get you from the airport of Abu Dhabi to Dubai as they are comfortable, reliable and provide the quickest route. It can be tiresome taking multiple methods of transport after a long flight, so hopping in a taxi is the best way to eliminate any further stress from your journey.

Editor’s Note

It is possible to negotiate a price prior to departure with the driver, provided their English is good enough. Most drivers are happy to set a cost, but make sure that you know the approximate cost that you should pay before making a deal.

Useful Tips

Luxury taxis are 6 seaters, where as normal metered taxis are only 5.
If you have a lot of baggage, consider taking a luxury taxi as there is more space for luggage in these.
The cost is greater if you flag down a taxi in an area that is not a designated taxi rank.

How to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai by bus

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus that goes from Abu Dhabi airport to Dubai. In fact, if you wish to take a bus then you will need to combine this method of transport with a taxi to complete your journey. This will reduce the taxi cost compared to taking it the whole way. The bus is the line 240 and takes around 30 minutes to reach Al Shahama Bus Depot, where you will alight in order to catch a taxi. From here, you can expect another 60 minutes in the cab to reach Dubai.

How much is the bus from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai?

The bus from the airport is a normal public bus, therefore the rate is 0.85€ (3.50AED) one way, for the journey to the station. You can pay for the bus in change to the driver. The taxi from the bus station will cost a little less than from the airport, so you can expect a fare of around 43€ (180AED). Thus, the total cost for the journey is approximately 43.85€ (183.50AED). The price of the taxi is subject to time taken and traffic, so this can vary.



Trip Duration

90 Min

*There can be up to a two hour wait for the bus

Value for Money

Buses are available 24/7.

Where do I get it from?

The buses are available from the airport, curbside, outside of the arrivals area. If you arrive at Terminal 2&3, you will need to take the free airport shuttle to get between the Terminals, as the 240 Bus only leaves from Terminal 1.


Due to the buses infrequent timetable and the fact that it will not take you all the way to Dubai, it is a rather inconvenient option of transport. However, if you are cash sensitive on your journey it will save you some money taking a taxi from the bus station, instead of taking a taxi all the way from the airport.

Editor’s Note

If you are travelling with Etihad Airways, there is a complimentary shuttle available for booking with your boarding pass that provides free transit to Dubai from the airport of Abu Dhabi. If the shuttle isn't busy, sometimes they will allow people on, but if you don't have a boarding pass for Etihad you will be expected to pay a fee.

Useful Tips

The bus only comes once every 2 hours, so if you are in a rush this can be extremely inconvenient.
If you are coming back from Dubai to the airport in Abu Dhabi, there is a bus that goes from Dubai to Shahama Station, named the E1.
You can buy passes for the day or for the month that will save you a lot of money if you are going to be using them regularly.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai?

Taxis from Abu Dhabi airport are metered, therefore the cost is variable depending on when you take a taxi (time and traffic can affect the cost). However, in normal conditions you can expect to pay around 59€ (250AED) for the journey.

How far is Abu Dhabi Airport from Dubai?

Abu Dhabi airport is located around 124.4km from Dubai city. A journey by car or taxi would take around 65 minutes, traffic dependent.

How many transport options are available between Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai?

Unfortunately, hiring a taxi is the only direct method to get from Abu Dhabi airport to Dubai, as the public transport option will only take you to a bus station which will require you to take a taxi to get the rest of the way. Certainly this will save you some money, however adds much more time to the journey.

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