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Getting from Bologna Airport to Florence

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How to get from Bologna Airport to Florence

There are three transfer options from Bologna Airport to Florence, taxi, shuttle bus and train. Taxis and shuttle buses leave directly from Bologna Airport. To use the train, you need to transfer to Bologna Centrale Railway Station first. Getting to Florence by taxi is a convenient transport option. The taxi fare is 190€ for a ride with up to 4 passengers and the trip takes 90 minutes on average. If you prefer to travel by shuttle bus, you can choose between two companies operating at Bologna airport. Adults (over 10 years old) pay 20€ for this service, while children tickets cost 8€ and babies (up to 4 years old) travel for free. Journey duration is 90 minutes and the shuttle bus leaves from Bologna Airport. If you don't mind transferring to the city centre of Bologna, you can also board a train from Bologna Centrale to Florence. Trains leave the station quite regularly especially during the day and peak times, and a standard ticket is 19.90€ for the high speed train, with which it takes 40 minutes to reach Firenze SMN train station in the city centre of Florence.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €190 90min 24/7
Shuttle Bus €40 90min 05:30–00:30
Train €39.80 40min 05:22–22:35

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How to get from Bologna Airport to Florence by taxi

Traveling by taxi to Florence from Bologna airport is the most hassle-free option. Taxis are always available at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport and you can either book one in advance or get one on arrival. The taxi fare is 190€ for a ride with up to 4 people and the journey duration is 90 minutes. There is an extra radio-taxi charge when requesting a taxi via phone, and traffic conditions can also affect the final fare, as airport taxis are metered. You can also prebook a taxi online choosing a different operator to get a fixed fare. There is an app and a webpage to book airport taxis. Alternatively, simply approach a taxi waiting at the taxi ranks on your right hand as you exit the airport.

Taxi fare from Bologna Airport to Florence

You can expect to pay 180-200€ for your taxi trip to Florence from Bologna airport. Traffic conditions as well as number of luggage items can affect the final fare. There is an additional call-out charge when requesting a taxi via phone.


Choosing a taxi for your Florence city centre transport from the airport of Bologna is a very convenient transport option. Taxis are always available at Bologna airport and they feature a digital meter that indicates the fare. This way you know exactly how much you have to pay at the end of your ride. There is usually no queuing for taxis and you can arrive at your exact destination in Florence without a fuss. This is a 90 minute ride, so you can choose to upgrade to a more suitable vehicle for an extra fee, depending on your needs.

Editor’s Note

As the distance between Bologna Airport and Florence is 105km, it is recommended to book a taxi service boforehand with an operator that offers a fixed fare.

Useful Tips

It is worth considering a more specialized taxi option if you travel with a large group. Standard taxis only accommodate groups of up to 4 people.
Get familiar with the Bologna Aiport taxi fares to calculate your approximate final fare. Taxi fares can be found at the TaxiBologna website.

How to get from Bologna Airport to Florence by shuttle bus

There are two companies currently offering a direct shuttle bus service from Bologna to Florence. Tickets are 20€ for adults (over 10 years old), 8€ for children and free for babies (0-4 years old). Journey duration is 90 minutes and the shuttle bus stops at Firenze SMN, the central train station of Florence. The service runs 05.30am-00.30am every day all year round and you book online, purchase a ticket in Bologna Airport or get one from the driver for an extra fee.

How much is the shuttle bus ticket from Bologna Airport to the city centre of Florence?

The shuttle bus ticket to Florence is 20€ for adults (over 10 years old), 8€ for children and free for babies (0-4 years old). If you buy a ticket from the driver on board, tickets are slightly more expensive. Adults pay 25€, children pay 10€, and babies still travel for free. The shuttle bus ticket allows you to carry one piece of hold luggage and one hand baggage per passenger. For any additional luggage, there is a fee of 5€ per item.



Trip Duration

90 Min.

If you decide to buy a ticket from the driver on board, the prices are as follows, adults 25€, children 10€, and babies for free

Value for Money

Shuttle buses are available 05.30am-00.30am every day throughout the year, and there are 20 shuttle buses (two shuttle buses every 2-3 hours) leaving the airport daily altogether.

Where do I get it from?

Shuttle buses to Florence are available at Bologna Airport as soon as you exit the Airport Terminal. Follow the signs to buses and wait for your shuttle bus.


Traveling by shuttle bus to Florence from Bologna Airport is a quite convenient transport option. Shuttle buses are comfortable and you can use your prebooked ticket for the next service if your flight is late and you happen to miss your booked route. However, there is no late-night service and frequency during the day is quite low. This means you may have to wait for up to 2-3 hours for your shuttle bus.

Editor’s Note

To book the late-night shuttle bus service leaving at 00.35am, you need to choose the date of the previous day. For example, if you arrive at Bologna airport at 23:00pm on 25th January and you want to take the 00.35am service, you need to book a ticket for 25th January 00.35am.

Useful Tips

There is no need to print your mobile ticket. Simply show your mobile ticket to the driver.
If you want to buy a ticket from the driver on board, you can only pay in cash.
Shuttle Bus companies also offer charter services for large groups. You can contact them and arrange a charter service depending on your arrival time.

How to get from Bologna Airport to Florence by train

Traveling by train to Florence is an affordable and convenient option if you are willing to transfer to Bologna Central Train Station in the city centre of Bologna. Trains run very often (every 15 minutes on average) and there are two service options. The first and most recommended travel option is to take the high-speed Trenitalia or Italo Treno trains to Florence at a price of 19.90€ for non-peak services. Journey duration is 40 minutes. The regular train option is half the price, but takes twice as long and you need to change at Prato Centrale before reaching Florence. Trains to Florence leave Bologna Centrale daily 05.22am-22.35pm and to reach the station from Bologna Airport you can take a taxi, shuttle bus or public bus.

How much is the train from Bologna Central Station to Florence Santa Maria Novella train station?

A regular train ticket to Florence from Bologna is 19.90€ (on average) for high speed trains and 9.45€ for regular trains that do not offer a direct service. To secure these prices, you need to book a ticket in advance, as prices are higher on the day of traveling. You can buy a ticket online, through the operator mobile applications, at the train station counters, or through self-service machines.



Trip Duration

40 Min.

Peak-time tickets are usually more expensive and services do get sold-out during busy periods. Italo Treno trains can be found at 15.90€ for selected services.

Value for Money

Trains to Firenze SMN from Bologna Centrale are available Monday-Friday and Sunday 05.22am-22.35pm and Saturday 05.22am-22.08pm.

Where do I get it from?

To take the train to Florence you need to transfer to Bologna Centrale. The central train station of Bologna is located in the city centre of Bologna and you can reach it by taxi, public bus and shuttle bus from Bologna Airport.


Choosing to travel by train from Bologna to Florence is not the most convenient transport option, as you need to transfer to Bologna Centrale in the city centre of Bologna to take a train. Bologna Airport does not have a train station, but you can use public or private transport to reach the train station. Service is quite often during the day and high speed trains are modern, well-equipped and comfortable.

Editor’s Note

To make the most out of your Bologna Centrale transfer, choose to travel by a direct high-speed train. The regular train is cheaper, but changing trains carrying luggage is not recommended.

Useful Tips

Train tickets booked in advance are neither refundabe nor exchangeable.
Upgrade to first-class or premium tickets for a higher price if you wish to make your journey even more comfortable. Premium facilities include complimentary meals, Wi-Fi, and larger seats.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Bologna to Florence?

To get from Bologna to Florence, you can travel by taxi, shuttle bus, or take a train from Bologna Centrale.

How long does it take to get from Bologna to Florence?

The trip from Bologna to Florence takes 90 minutes by car, taxi, or shuttle bus, and 40 minutes by train.

How far is the train station from Bologna Airport?

Bologna Central Station is located in the city centre of Bologna, 7.5km from Bologna Airport.

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