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Getting from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown City Centre

Georgetown, aka the Garden City of the Caribbean, is Guyana’s capital and largest city. Whether exploring historical sites or indulging in the local culinary delights, Georgetown promises a memorable journey for every visitor. To get from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown, you have two options: the budget-friendly mini-bus or the convenient taxi.

The bus service from Georgetown Airport to the city centre is the most economical choice, with a one-way ticket costing just €1.30 (GYD 300) per person. The journey takes approximately 1 hour, excluding waiting times, but lacks the space and comfort of a private transfer or taxi.

The cab from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown is the way forward for anyone looking for a convenient transport option. Although it comes at a higher cost of €30 (GYD 7,000) for up to 4 passengers for a 50-minute ride, depending on traffic conditions, you’ll arrive at the city centre swiftly, allowing you more time to explore the wonders of Georgetown. Whether you opt for the local mini-bus ride or the secure private taxi journey, your adventure in Georgetown is sure to be filled with cultural delights and warm hospitality.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €30 50min 24/7
Bus €2.60 60min 24/7

Taxi from Georgetown Airport to city centre

For a more private and comfortable experience, opting for a taxi from Georgetown Airport to the city is the ideal transfer choice. Though it may be pricier than the bus, it offers security, speed and flexibility, with convenient door-to-door service and availability 24/7, allowing you to explore this wonderful city with ease.

Prices for a cab from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown

A taxi ride from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown typically costs around €30 (GYD 7,000) for a journey lasting about 50 minutes. This fare includes toll fees and any other charges that may arise along the way. Keep in mind that the price is subject to change based on factors like the time of day, traffic, and more unless you book in advance. It’s advisable to confirm the fare with your driver before commencing your journey.



Trip Duration

50 Min.

*Prices may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO).

Where do I get it from?

To catch a cab from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown, you will find the taxi stand located directly outside the arrivals area of the airport. This designated area is easily noticeable, often marked by signs and a queue of taxis waiting for passengers. Airport officials or signage can guide you to the exact location if needed.


This door-to-door service eliminates the hassle of carrying luggage over long distances or figuring out bus routes, making taxis an ideal option for those prioritising ease, especially after a long flight. Furthermore, taxis are available 24/7, offering flexibility irrespective of your arrival time, unlike mini-buses which may have more limited schedules and fixed routes.

It’s important to note that taxi fares may increase during rush hour. To secure a competitive fixed rate and avoid any surprises, it is highly advisable to book your airport taxi in advance.

Editor’s Note

It's crucial for visitors to only use the official taxi services authorised at Cheddi Jagan Airport (GEO). These official taxis can be recognised by the drivers' uniforms, consisting of crème shirt-jackets, black pants, and ID badges.

Useful Tips

Fare information is clearly displayed at the airport, and rates are fixed to ensure transparency and fairness.
Have local currency (Guyanese Dollars) ready for payment, as not all taxis may accept credit cards.
Note the taxi's licence number and driver's ID for extra security and in case you leave items behind.

Mini-bus from Georgetown Airport to city centre

The shared mini-bus service from Cheddi Jagan International Airport to Georgetown operates frequently throughout the day, providing a budget-friendly option for passengers heading to the city. These mini-buses, often filled beyond their 15-seat capacity, navigate through various routes, including stops along the main roads and neighbourhoods before reaching the bustling hubs of Georgetown. The journey to the city centre can take around 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions.

How much is a bus ticket from Georgetown Airport to the city centre?

The fare for a mini-bus journey from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown would be approximately €1.30 (GYD 300) per person. This fare is indicative and may vary slightly based on specific drop-off locations within the city. It’s always a good practice to confirm the current fare with the bus driver before starting your journey.



Trip Duration

1 Hr.

Mini-buses are available on demand 24/7 at Cheddi Jagan Airport (GEO).

Value for Money

Mini-buses are available daily with slightly less frequency between 00.00 and 6.00 AM.

Where do I get the bus from?

To catch a mini-bus from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown, you’ll find the mini-buses parked outside the airport terminal. These buses don’t have a fixed schedule like most conventional airport shuttles, but they depart frequently. Look for the mini-buses marked with the route number that serves Georgetown, such as #42 for a direct connection. If you’re unsure, it’s helpful to ask airport staff or follow the signs directing passengers to public transportation options.


If you’re seeking an affordable and immersive local experience and don’t mind sacrificing some comfort and predictability, mini-buses can be a convenient and efficient transport option. However, for ease, safety, and a stress-free journey, especially after a long flight or with significant luggage, you might find a taxi or private transfer more convenient.

Editor’s Note

Remember, mini-buses in Guyana often wait to fill up with passengers before departing, so there might be a short wait before the bus leaves for the city centre.

Useful Tips

Always carry small change to pay for your bus fare, as drivers may not have change for large notes.
Confirm your destination and the bus number with the driver or conductor before boarding to ensure you're on the right route.
Keep your belongings close and be mindful of your personal security, especially in crowded conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown? 

To get from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown, you can choose either a taxi for direct, comfortable transport or opt for the more economical yet less reliable mini-bus service marked with route #42.

For a safe journey at a fixed-rated fare comparable to the price of a standard taxi, you can book a transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups.


What’s the cost of a cab from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown? 

The cost of a cab from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Georgetown is roughly €30 (GYD 7,000) for the 50-minute journey, including tolls and any additional fees. Note that fares can vary based on factors such as traffic conditions and time of day.

How far is Georgetown from Cheddi Jagan Airport?

Georgetown is approximately 41 km (25 mi) from Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The travel time by car or taxi can vary but typically takes around 45 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

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