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Transportation options from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios

Universal Orlando Resort, also known as Universal Orlando or simply “Universal,” is an American theme park, an entertainment resort complex based in Orlando, Florida and a hotspot for tourists from all over the globe. Home to 3 Universal Resort parks: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. All of them as fun, exciting and packed with rides as the other, offering attractions and experiences for adults and children of all ages. So if you are planning on creating lifetime experiences with friends or family, here is how to get there.

There are 4 different transportation options available when travelling from Orlando International Airport MCO to Universal Studios; you can either take a taxi, a private shuttle, a shared shuttle bus or a public bus. The most common way to get from Orlando airport to Universal Studios Florida is by taxi as well as a private Orlando airport shuttle. Your next option is to take a shared shuttle bus, and your last option is to take 2 different bus lines from the airport to the park.

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Comparison of the options

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Taxi or private shuttle €34 25min 24/7
Shared shuttle van €38 45.min 24/7
Bus €6.80 90min 05:15–22:35

How to get from Orlando MCO airport to Universal Studios by taxi or private shuttle

Taking a taxi or a private Orlando airport shuttle is definitely the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Universal Studios, especially if you are travelling with children and luggage. If you choose to take a taxi, bare in mind that there is no flat rate fee for the journey from MCO to Universal Studios.

The park is located at a very convenient 22.5 Km away from Orlando International Airport; under normal traffic conditions, the trip takes approximately 25 minutes. There are many different taxi companies serving MCO Orlando airport, however, all official taxis are found at the two official taxi ranks. Your other option is to book a private shuttle in advance, this way, you will be guaranteed a fixed price from Orlando airport to Universal Studios, without having to wait at the airport taxi’s long queues.

Taxi fare from Orlando MCO airport to Universal Studios

Flat rate taxi fares are illegal, therefore your taxi transportation from Orlando airport to Universal Studios will be calculated using a taximeter, so depending on the time and distance travelled; the average cost of a taxi from Orlando airport to the park is $40 USD (€34).

It is important to know that private shuttle companies offer flat rate fares from the airport to Universal Studios, if you book your MCO airport shuttle in advance.


$40 USD (€34)

Trip Duration

25 Min.

*Rates may vary unless you book your taxi in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis and private shuttle services are available 24/7 from Orlando airport.

Where do I get it from

There are a few taxi companies that operate to and from Orlando airport, you can find these taxis at the two official Orlando airport taxi ranks. These two ranks are located outside Level 2 of Side A and Side B of MCO airport.

If you have booked a private shuttle in advance, your driver will be waiting for you outside the arrival doors, with a name sign, avoiding you any waiting time at the airport.


Taking a taxi or private shuttle from Orlando International Airport is definitely the most convenient way to get from the airport to Universal Studios. It is quick and much more comfortable than any other means of public transport, especially if you are travelling with excited children and luggage.

However, it is not uncommon to see long lines of tired travellers, waiting to get an Orlando airport taxi as there are only two official taxi ranks at the airport. Moreover, there is limited space in normal sized taxi cabs, that is why it is highly recommended to book a private shuttle service from Orlando airport in advance, in order to choose the size of your vehicle and avoid waiting in long taxi queues, especially if you want to start making those family memories as fast as possible!

Editor’s Note

Please note, that if you are travelling as a family or a group of friends, taking a taxi or a private shuttle service ends up costing less than taking a shared shuttle van to the park, except that you will be travelling in your own terms and in the comfort of a private vehicle.

Useful Tips

If you are taking a MCO airport taxi, is important to make sure that your driver resets the taximeter and that it is running before leaving the airport.
It is customary to give your driver a 10% to 15 % tip, when travelling in an Orlando taxi.
If you want the smoothest travel experience, it is recommended to book a private shuttle in advance.

How to get from Orlando MCO airport to Universal Studios by shared shuttle van

If you choose to travel in a shared shuttle van to Universal Studios from MCO airport, you have many different companies to choose from. You can either book your tickets in advance, on one of the shared shuttle bus’ websites, or once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, at one of the company’s desks. Getting a shuttle is only good value for money if you’re travelling with up to three people (yourself inclusive). However, if you are travelling as a family, it is best to book a private shuttle service as you pay for the whole vehicle rather than per person.

How much is a shared shuttle van from Orlando airport to Universal Studios?

As there are many different shared shuttle companies operating at MCO airport, prices vary. However, the average price for an adult one-way Universal Studios Orlando shuttle ticket costs $23 USD and $35 USD for a return. For children under the age of 12 years old, a one-way costs $18 USD and a return costs $27 USD.


$23 USD (€19)

Trip Duration

45 Min.

Please note, that 45 minutes is the total travel time from the airport to the park, however, you will have to wait for the shared shuttle bus to fill up before leaving the airport - this can take some time.

Value for money

The shared shuttle bus is available 24/7 from Orlando MCO airport, however, you will need to book in advance.

Where do I get it from?

The majority of shared shuttles from Orlando airport to Universal Studios leave from outside the arrivals terminal on level 1. Exact instructions will be provided when booking, it is recommended to keep these instructions handy upon your arrival. You can then use this alongside the above head signs to navigate to the correct location for your shuttle departure. The information will also include phone numbers in case you need to contact a member of staff for more help.


Unfortunately, Universal Studios Orlando shuttle vans can be slow, as you will have to wait for the shuttle to pick up numerous passengers before heading off to the park. Moreover, when travelling with a family to Universal Studios Orlando in a shared shuttle, the price ends up being more expensive than getting a taxi or private shuttle, as you have to pay per person and not per vehicle, you will also have to wait for the bus to fill up and then proceed to drop everyone off at their hotel before finally arriving at your own.

Editor’s Note

Most companies send you a message between 48 and 24 hours prior to your return journey back from your hotel to the airport. This will include estimate pick-up times and locations along with additional information.

Useful Tips

It is customary to give a $1 USD tip to your driver per piece of luggage that they handle.
Please note, that for groups of four or more, a taxi or private shuttle costs less than a shared shuttle and is a much faster and convenient option.
Most shared shuttle van companies only accept 1 to 2 pieces of luggage per person. It is recommended to take a taxi or a private shuttle to Universal Studios if you are travelling with more.

How to get from Orlando MCO airport to Universal Studios by bus

Your last, and cheapest travel option from Orlando International Airport to Universal Studios is to take the public bus. However, you will have to take a corresponding bus half-way through the journey, as there are no direct bus options to the park. In consequence, this is the longest travel option, taking over 1 hour 30 minutes to Universal Studios. Firstly, you need to take the bus line 42 or 111 from the Oia Transport Center at Orlando airport to the Florida Mall Superstop. From there you will need to transfer to the bus line 37 to Universal Boulevard And Hollywood. However, this bus does not drop you off outside the park or at any of the hotels, so you would have to walk between 10 to 30 minutes to your hotel or the park, which is not ideal with luggage, children and in the Florida heat.

How much is a bus ticket from Orlando MCO airport to Universal Studios?

A one-way bus ticket costs $2 USD (€1.70). As you will be needing to take a bus connection at Florida Mall Superstop, you will need to buy two bus tickets for the total price of $4 USD (€3.40). You can buy your tickets directly from the bus driver, once boarding the bus.


$4 USD (€3.40)

Trip Duration

1 H 30 Min.

You will have to wait around 20 minutes in between buses.

Value for money

The bus line 42 operates everyday between 05:30 and 22:10 from the airport and the bus 111 operates from 05:15 to 22:35. The bus line 37 operates everyday from 05:00 to 22:05.

Where do I get it from?

Local public Lynx buses (red coloured buses), are located At terminal A, level 1, at Commercial Lane spaces A38-A41. You will be looking for the bus: To Florida Mall (45 mins): Lynx bus 42 or 111.
The bus stop is easy to find as there are signs around the airport. If you are having difficulty finding the bus stop, you can always ask the airport staff – they would be happy to help.


Although this is the cheapest way to get from MCO airport to Universal Studios, it is also the longest. Having to make your way through public transportation after a long flight, taking 2 different buses, with luggage and potentially children could be tiresome and complicated, especially in Florida heat. Moreover, having to make your way from the final bus stop to Universal Studios by foot, is definitely not the easiest option. If you are not travelling on a budget, then it is highly recommended to chose another way to travel to the Studios.

Editor’s Note

Unfortunately, there is no bagage storage on public buses, you will have to keep your luggage close to you when you are on the bus.

Useful Tips

Please keep in mind, that there can be a 20 minutes waiting time between bus line 111 and bus line 37.
It is important to keep an eye on your personal belongings, as the bus can get very full.
There is no direct stop infront of Universal Studios nor it's hotels. You will have to walk between 10 and 30 minutes from Universal Boulevard And Hollywood bus stop (depending on where your hotel is placed).

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free shuttle bus from MCO Orlando airport to Universal Studios?

Unfortunately there are no free shuttles available from the airport. You will have to either take a taxi, a private shuttle service, a shared shuttle bus or a public bus.

How far is Universal Studios from Orlando International Airport?

Universal Studios is located 14 miles (22.5 Km) away from Orlando airport. It will take you around 25 minutes by car, 45 minutes by shared shuttle van and 1 hour 30 minutes by bus.

Do you tip your driver when travelling in Orlando?

Yes, when taking a taxi, you are expected to give a tip of 10% to 15% to your driver. Also, when travelling by shared shuttle bus, your driver will expect a tip of $1 USD for each piece of luggage handled.

Is the Orlando airport shuttle price per person?

The private shuttle price is per vehicle, not per person. However, the shared van shuttle prices are per person.

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