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How to get from Portland Airport PDX to Eugene

The relaxed city of Eugene is a popular city destination for many travellers in Oregon. Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is known for its outdoor recreational activities and its thriving art scene. The city is surrounded by lush greenery attracting many people who want to immerse themselves in the endless wilderness and to experience the numerous hiking possibilities. At the same time its artsy coffee shops and galleries exhibit the creative and innovative side of the city which itself is a natural canvas of murals and street art evident on buildings scattered all over the city.

Eugene is located 193 km (120 miles) south of Portland airport (PDX) and there are two main options to get to Eugene from Portland airport. The only direct option is to either take a taxi or private shuttle service. The public transport option involves taking the Red Line train service from the airport to Portland and then taking the Amtrak train to Eugene.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €355 130min 24/7
Train €46.40 220min 11:10–21:55

How to get from Portland airport to Eugene by taxi or shuttle

Direct options to get from Portland airport PDX to Eugene are very limited. The most convenient option at your disposal is to get a taxi or private shuttle which will take you straight from PDX to Eugene. Taxis in Oregon use calibrated taximeters and the fare is calculated from a base fee and the distance travelled to your destination. For a destination like Eugene which is considerable distance away (193 km / 120 miles) from the airport your best option is to pre book your transfer and arrange a fixed rate fee, available from most taxi companies and shuttle services. Travel time from PDX to Eugene in a taxi or private shuttle is approximately 130 minutes.

How much is the taxi fare from Portland Airport to Eugene

The cost of a transfer in a taxi or any of the available shuttles from Portland airport PDX to Eugene using a taximeter, will be approximately $375 (€355). Pre-booking your transfer to Eugene with a taxi or shuttle is highly recommended as it gives you the option of a fixed rate fare.


$375 (€355)

Trip Duration

2h 10min

*There is a $3.50 (€3.30) extra charge for transfers to and from the airport.

Value for money

Taxis and private shuttles are available 24/7 from Portland airport (PDX)

Where do I get a taxi from?

Once you have picked up your luggage, the taxi section at Portland airport is just outside of the baggage claim area, in the central section of the airport terminal’s lower roadway.


With no other direct option available for your transfer from Portland airport to Eugene, a taxi or private shuttle service is the most convenient and time saving mode of transport to this destination.

Editor’s Note

We recommend booking your transfer from Portland airport to Eugene in advance due to the length of this journey, thus avoiding any wait times once you have your luggage at the airport. Furthermore by requesting a fixed rate fare with a reputable company like Welcome Pickups you can better prepare and budget your travel costs.

Useful Tips

There is a $3.50 (€3.30) extra charge for transfers to and from the airport but there is no extra charge when using a taxi late at night.
It is standard practise to tip drivers between 10-15% of the total fare depending on the services provided.

How to get from Portland airport to Eugene by train

The train is the public transport option for travelling from PDX to Eugene and is also the most affordable option. It is not however a direct travel option and is a little complicated as it involves changing trains in the city (Portland) before boarding the Amtrak from Portland Union Station to Eugene.

The first step of the journey involves taking the The Max Light Railway service (Red Line) from Portland airport which departs every 15 minutes to Rose Quarter TC station. Staying on the Max Light Railway service you then either take the Green Line or Yellow Line service to Union Square station where you finally board the Amtrak Cascades or Coast Starlight Southbound routes to Eugene. There are up to 6 trips a day to Eugene via these routes. Actual travel time from PDX to Eugene using this travel option is about 3h 40 minutes not including waiting times that you may experience between connections.


How much is the train option from Portland airport to Eugene?

The first stage of the trip from Portland airport PDX to Union Square station using the Max Light rail service costs $2.50 (€2.40). The cost of the second stage of the trip that involves the Amtrak Rail service is from $22 (€20.80). Therefore the cost of the public transport option to get from Portland airport to Eugene starts from $24.50 (€23.20). 


From $24.50 (€23.20)

Trip Duration

3 h 40 mins

The Max Light Rail service costs $2.50 (€2.40) and the cost of the Amtrak Rail service starts from $22 (€20.80)

Valur for money

The Max Light rail service runs every 15 minutes from the airport and the Amtrak service runs up to 6 trips a day from Union Square station.

Where do I get the train from?

The Max light railway train station is located in the lower level of the airport, next to the south baggage claim area. The Amtrak Rail service for Eugene leaves from Union Square station which is located in the Old Town area of Portland.


The public transport travel option from Portland airport is an affordable way to get to Eugene, however it is not a direct service, involving multiple connections and a lengthy travel duration. Travellers opting for this method of transport therefore need to be well prepared and organised regarding the details of this transfer.

Editor’s Note

Tickets for the Amtrak Rail service to Eugene are available from the Amtrak website or at Union Square station.

Useful Tips

All tickets on the Max Light train service are valid for 2.5 hrs so your ticket from Portland airport will take you all the way to Union Square station even when you change to a different line.
Amtrak Rail tickets are tiered starting with the affordable Saver ticket all the way to the Flexible ticket allowing you to change or cancel your ticket with no fees and a full refund.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a Portland Airport Shuttle to Eugene?

Yes, there are a number of private shuttle services from Portland airport PDX to Eugene that need to be booked in advance. For a guaranteed fixed-rate fare and a meet and greet at the Arrivals Hall, we recommend booking with Welcome Pickups

How far is Portland airport from Eugene?

Portland airport PDX is 193 km (120 miles) from the city of Eugene. Travel time via taxi or private shuttle is around 2 hours 10 minutes. Travel time via public transport is 3 hours 40 minutes, excluding waiting times.

How much does a taxi cost from Portland airport to Eugene?

A taxi from Portland airport PDX to Eugene will cost approximately $375 (€355) with a taximeter. If you prefer to know how much you will pay in advance, we recommend booking your shuttle in advance with Welcome Pickups

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