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Getting from Rijeka Airport to Opatija

Opatija, one of Croatia’s smaller Mediterranean beachside towns, is simply stunning all year round. Walk the Lungomare pathway along the coastline as you enjoy views over turquoise water that stretches towards tiny islands – especially as the sun is setting. Don’t forget to visit the exotic manicured gardens of Villa Angiolina, a palladium-era historical residence where you will also find the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

To get from Rijeka Airport to Opatija you have two main transport options; a taxi or private transfer, or a combined airport shuttle and public bus journey. A taxi will get to your destination in up to 90 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions and will cost around €70 for up to 4 passengers. If you’re not in a hurry, a cheaper alternative is to take the airport shuttle bus to Rijeka where you can connect to a local public bus for the rest of your journey to Opatija, which all up takes around 65 minutes, excluding transfer and wait times, and costs €13 per person.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €70 38min 24/7
Bus €26 60min 05:00–23:10

How to get from Rijeka Airport to Opatija by taxi

A taxi from Rijeka Airport to Opatija is the quickest and most comfortable way to make this journey and you will arrive at your destination in about 38 minutes, in light traffic. Although this mode of transport is considerably pricier than taking public transport, if you are travelling in a group it is well worth it for the extra convenience and comfort.

How much is a taxi from Rijeka Airport to Opatija?

When picking up passengers from the airport, local taxis may choose to either charge a flat-rate fee or use a taximeter which calculates the price based on the distance travelled and the time of day. Taximeter rates vary between companies but on average you can expect to pay €6 for the first 5 km and €1 for every km thereafter, which would bring the total trip cost to €44, for up to 4 people.

Unfortunately, while you can request that they use the meter, it is more common to charge a flat rate fee of around €70 for up to 4 passengers for that route. At night, between 24:00-06:00, this rate may increase by up to 20%.

If you prefer a guaranteed price with no hidden fees, it is best to book a competitively priced private transfer in advance and have a driver waiting for you upon arrival.



Trip Duration

38 Min.

During heavy traffic this journey can take up to 90 minutes.

Value for Money

Airport taxis are available from Rijeka Airport 24/7, every day of the year.

Where can I take a taxi from?

Airport taxis are readily available 24/7 from the designated taxi rank out the front of the airport terminal.


While it is the most expensive option, taking an airport taxi from Rijeka Airport to Opatija is still the easiest way to get to your destination so that you can begin your holiday right away and be much more relaxed.

Editor’s Note

Be sure to agree on a price with the driver before departing.

Useful Tips

Croatians generally speak a little English but it helps to have your address written down in Croatian to assist your driver.
Check that the taximeter has been reset before beginning your journey if you haven’t agreed on a set price with the driver.
While all taxis should accept card payments, if you prefer to pay in cash you will need to pay in the local currency of euros.

Getting from Rijeka Airport to Opatija by bus

Travelling by bus from Rijeka Airport to Opatija town centre is by far the cheapest transport option for a 65-minute journey, in light traffic, not including any transfer or wait times.

There is no direct bus from the airport, however, so you will first need to take the Rijeka Airport shuttle bus to the Jelačićev trg bus station (Jelačić Square) which takes 40 minutes under good traffic conditions. From there, you can connect with public bus line 32 towards Lovran which is run by Autotrolej, and travels to Opatija city centre in around 25 minutes, if the traffic conditions aren’t bad.

How much is the bus from Rijeka Airport to Opatija

The Rijeka Airport shuttle costs €10 per person and tickets can be purchased from the airport upon arrival at the dedicated service desk using card or cash. Tickets for the public bus can be purchased with card or cash from Jelačić Square between 06:30-19:30, Monday to Friday, and 07:30-16:30 on Saturdays, or with cash directly from the driver. Opatija is located in Zone 3 of the public transport zones and therefore a single ticket for this part of the journey costs €3 per person, bringing the total cost to €13 per person.



Trip Duration

65 Min.

The airport shuttle bus only operates a couple of times a day on certain days of the week. During the week, the 32 bus typically operates every 25-55 minutes. On weekends, times are sparser, with departures approximately every 50-55 minutes.

Value for Money

The Rijeka Airport shuttle bus schedule changes monthly. The 32 bus route runs between 05:00 and 23:10 during the week and 05:00 and 22:45 on weekends.

Where do I take the bus from?

The shared airport shuttle bus collects passengers from right outside the terminal and drops them off at Jelačićev trg bus station in downtown Rijeka. From there, you need to board bus 32 from in front of the bus station, travelling for 25 minutes – or upwards, depending on traffic, until you reach Opatija 2 Tržnica bus stop in Opatija.


Given the irregularity of the shuttle bus service and the need to switch buses halfway through your journey, taking the bus from Rijeka Airport to Opatija isn’t the most convenient transport option, especially if you are travelling at night, with children or with heavy luggage.

For peace of mind, so that you can relax knowing you will be picked up on arrival and delivered directly to your door without the hassle of navigating public transport networks and timetables, a taxi or private transfer would be a much better option.

Editor’s Note

Autotrans also provides a bus service between Rijeka Central Bus Station and Opatija Central Bus Station a few times a day which takes 20 minutes, however, it is a 10-minute walk between Jelačićev trg bus station and Rijeka Central Bus Station which can be tedious with bulky luggage.

Useful Tips

Check the airport shuttle bus timetable before your arrival to be aware of the time you might have to wait for the next departure after your landing time.
You must 'cancel' your single-journey public bus ticket when you board the bus in order to validate it.
If you are travelling on a budget but still in a hurry, consider taking a taxi or private transfer for at least one part of the way to the Rijeka bus station.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Rijeka Airport to Opatija?

There are two main transport options from Rijeka Airport to Opatija, taxi or private transfer and the local bus, which requires you to make a connection in downtown Rijeka.

A cab or private transfer is a direct, reliable and convenient option, especially if you are in a hurry and simply want to get to your accommodation and begin exploring.

What’s the taxi fare from Rijeka Airport to Opatija?

Most taxi companies will charge a flat-rate fee when picking up passengers directly from the airport, so you can expect to pay around €70, for up to 4 passengers, when taking a local taxi from Rijeka Airport to Opatija city centre.

What’s the distance from Rijeka Airport to Opatija?

Rijeka Airport is located 43 km from Opatija town centre which can easily be covered in 38 minutes when travelling by taxi or private transfer, in light traffic. During very heavy traffic the journey can take up to 90 minutes.

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