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How to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi

It might be one of Finland’s premium ski destinations, but Levi, found in Northern Lapland, is worth a visit all year round. In winter, hit the slopes and explore the mountainside by foot or snowmobile. During the summer, spend the day kayaking or fishing on the lake. You can even take a swim if you don’t mind the cold! Then, finish it off in one of Levi’s many restaurants and try some amazing local Lappish and Sámi dishes.

When it comes to travelling to this unique part of the world, you have two main modes of transport: a taxi or private transfer, or a combined shared shuttle bus and long-distance bus journey. During light traffic, a taxi or private transfer will take just 130 minutes to reach Levi. With the shared airport shuttle bus, you’ll then need to transfer to another bus in downtown Rovaniemi; this makes for a total journey time of 155 minutes, excluding any wait times – which may be significantly long.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €350 130min 24/7
Bus €37.60 155min 08:35–17:10

How to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi by taxi

Taking a taxi transfer from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi is the quickest and most straightforward way to travel between these two destinations. A taxi will deliver you directly to your door in around 130 minutes, during light traffic.

Taxi fare from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi

Taxi prices from the airport are usually calculated using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled, as well as the number of passengers. It is possible, however, to agree on a fixed price with your driver before starting your journey instead. If you’re travelling with 1-4 people, you’ll pay around €350, and for 5-8 people, the price will increase to around €450. You may also be charged additional fees for bulky luggage such as ski and snowboarding equipment, as well as any tolls and other applicable surcharges.

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Trip Duration

130 Min.

*Fares may vary unless you book in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available from Rovaniemi Airport 24/7.

Where can I take a taxi from?

There are three taxi platforms available just outside the airport terminal. Two of these serve the official airport taxi company, Meneva, and the third platform services all other taxi companies.


Taking a taxi transfer from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi is not only the fastest option, but it is also the only direct option where you won’t need to worry about public transport connections and carrying your luggage. Instead, your driver will drop you right at the door of your desired destination.

Editor’s Note

Before arriving, you can request a price estimate through one of the local taxi companies' websites and decide if you want to use the taximeter or request a fixed fare.

Useful Tips

An additional fee may be charged if a passenger requires assistance.
Most taxis accept both cash and card payments, but double-checking this with your driver is advised.
Tipping isn't customary in Finland, but if you'd like to thank your driver for good service, you can let them keep the change or round up the fare.

How to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi by bus

A bus transfer from Rovaniemi Airport is the cheapest transport option but since there is no direct bus to Levi, you’ll first need to make your way to the city centre on a shared shuttle bus, taking about 10 minutes. From there, you can either catch a local bus, run by Matkahuolt, or a private bus called Onni Bus, both of which take about 145 minutes, excluding wait times. 

How much is the bus from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi?

The shared airport shuttle bus costs €8 per person and tickets can be bought on board using a card payment. Tickets for the local bus and Onni Bus range from €10.80 to €32 per person, and can be bought online in advance. You can also pay on board with cash for the local bus. This brings the total cost to €18.80 or more for each traveller.



Trip Duration

155 Min.

During the winter season, wait times range between 100 and 230 minutes. This can increase to up to 20 hours in the off-season.

Value for Money

The airport shuttle bus runs between 08:35 and 19:20, 7 days a week. In winter, Onni and Matkahuolt buses run between 09:00 and 17:10 each day. In the off-season, buses run on a reduced schedule, between 11:40 and 15:30.

Where do I take the bus from?

To get to the shared airport shuttle bus, you can follow signs in front of the airport terminal outside, to the bus. Both Onni and Matkahuolt bus operators depart Rovaniemi from the bus station at Lapinkävijantie 2; platform information will be available at the station. Buses will stop at Hissitie in Levi, specifically in front of the Levitunturi Hotel.


Although it is a cheap transfer option, taking the bus from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi isn’t the most convenient. The connecting buses in downtown Rovaniemi don’t run very frequently, especially outside of the winter season, so you could have to wait several hours. Furthermore, if you’re travelling with bulky items such as a snowboard or skis, you will likely have to pay excess baggage fees. 

For a more flexible option that can cater to any schedule and luggage requirements, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance so that you can relax and not have to worry about bus timetables.

Editor’s Note

Keep in mind that the Onni bus only operates during the busy winter season and you should check the website for the most up-to-date timetable.

Useful Tips

When bus tickets are on sale, they can be purchased for as little as €10.80 for this journey.
WiFi, power outlets, and toilet facilities are available on all long-distance bus journeys.
Luggage restrictions apply on Onni buses and excess baggage fees may be charged for items above 20 kgs.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi?

There are two main transport options from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi: a local taxi or private transfer which typically takes 130 minutes, or a combined shared shuttle and long-distance bus journey which takes around 155 minutes, excluding potentially long wait times.

What’s the cost of a taxi transfer from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi?

A taxi from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi will cost approximately €350 for up to 4 passengers, or €450 for 5-8 passengers. Taxis calculate fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled so during increased traffic, prices will also increase, and there could be additional tolls and surcharges on top.

If you’d prefer a guaranteed set-rate fare, it is best to book a private transfer in advance.

How far is it from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi?

The distance from Rovaniemi Airport to Levi is approximately 170 km which can be covered by taxi or private transfer in about 130 minutes, depending on traffic.

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