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Getting from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village

There are few places on the planet more joyful than Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle of Finland. Let your inner child live out those delight-filled childhood fantasies and pay a visit to the big man in red, no matter what time of year. Meet Vixen and Blitzen and the rest of Santa’s trusty reindeer, or take a thrilling dog sled or snowmobile ride. Immerse yourself in the changing colours of the forest and enjoy Lappish food, all while taking in the magic of the Arctic Circle.

The main transport options when travelling between Rovaniemi Airport and Santa Claus Village are a local taxi, private transfer, or one of the public buses. The taxi or private transfer option takes 5 minutes and is the most convenient option as taxis are available 24/7 from the airport. The public bus is the cheapest option and takes 5 minutes too, however, it doesn’t operate early in the morning or late at night and there can be long wait times in between services. No matter which option you choose, it’s just a short ride to Santa’s Workshop from the airport.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €16 5min 24/7
Bus €8.80 5min 11:55–20:53

How to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village by taxi

A taxi will quickly and conveniently transport you and any travelling companions from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village in as little as 5 minutes. Getting a taxi is an especially great option for those with bulky luggage or children in tow.

Taxi fare from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village

Local taxis don’t offer flat rate fees, instead, they calculate their fares using a taximeter which factors in the distance travelled and the number of passengers. For a group of 1-4 people, you’ll end up paying around €16, and for 5-8 people, it will cost an average of €22. 



Trip Duration

5 Min.

*Fares may vary unless you book in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis from Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) operate every day of the year, 24/7.

Where do I take a taxi from?

There are three designated taxi platforms at Rovaniemi Airport, all of which can be found in front of the airport terminal building. Platforms 1 and 2 are allocated to the official airport taxi provider, Menevä, and platform 3 is allocated to all other taxi companies.

Santa Claus Village is one of Finland’s most popular tourist destinations, so if you prefer to avoid waiting in a taxi line or squeezing into crowded public transport, a private transfer is a much better option.


While taking a taxi is certainly the most comfortable and convenient transport option, the high minimum base rate of taxis makes it an expensive journey for such a short trip, especially if you are travelling alone. If you are travelling on a budget, taking the public bus may be a more suitable option as long as the bus schedule aligns with your arrival.

Editor’s Note

When covering such a short distance, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper set rate fee with your driver instead of using the taximeter.

Useful Tips

A child's seat can be arranged ahead of time for an additional cost. This would be included in the price when booking a private transfer.
Don't forget to have some winter layers handy for your arrival, especially when travelling in winter.
It is unlikely you will encounter much traffic on the short drive, but there can be longer than average wait times for taxis during peak tourist season.
Though tipping isn't expected in Finland, it is common to round up the fare to the nearest euro or leave a small tip if you receive good service.

How to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village by bus

Taking the local public bus from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village is the cheapest way to travel between these two destinations and the only direct way to travel by public transport. From the airport bus station, take the local public bus run by Möllärin Linjat Oy (Matkahuolto) towards Kemijärvi or Karasjok for 5 minutes or less, which drops you off at the entrance to Santa Claus Village.

*There is a Santa Claus Bus that runs more frequently from the railway station in Rovaniemi city which takes 30 minutes and costs €4 for adults and €2 for children. This option would only be feasible if you already planned on travelling to Rovaniemi city centre first.

Bus fare from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village

The cost for the bus fare per traveller is €4.40 which can be paid in cash (Euros) on the bus or booked in advance online.



Trip Duration

5 Min.

Wait times between services can range from 140 to 235 minutes.

Value for Money

From Monday to Thursday and on Sundays, buses collect passengers from the airport between 11:55 and 20:53, and until 17:50 on Fridays. On Saturdays, services run between 10:20 and 18:05, but this can change with the season.

Where do I take the bus from?

As you exit the airport terminal, turn left and walk to the end of the terminal building where you will find the bus stop.


If you’re travelling on a budget, then taking the bus is the way to do it. However, due to infrequent services and long wait times, this isn’t the most convenient option unless the bus schedule aligns perfectly with your flight arrival time. Alternatively, a private transfer is a reliable option to transport you with privacy, style and comfort to Santa Claus Village – at any time of day or night – so that your Arctic Circle adventure can begin as soon as possible.

Editor’s Note

The bus timetable changes several times throughout the year in line with school holidays and the peak tourist season. Always check the website for the most up-to-date schedule before travelling.

Useful Tips

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 only pay €2.60.
Some bus operators accept card payments, but there is no guarantee, so it is best to carry cash.
The local currency when paying for a bus ticket in cash is the euro.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village?

There are two main direct transport options when travelling from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village: a taxi or private transfer, and a public bus. Both options will get you there in 5 minutes or less, depending on traffic. Keep in mind, however, that the public bus doesn’t run very often and can have very long wait times in between services.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village?

The taxi cost from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village will be calculated using a taximeter based on the journey time and distance, as well as the number of passengers. For 1-4 passengers, you’ll pay around €16 and for 5-8 passengers, the fare will be around €22, not including any tolls or surcharges. 

For a set fare with no hidden costs, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups.

How far is it from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village?

Santa Claus Village is conveniently located only 3 km down the road from Rovaniemi Airport, taking just 5 minutes when travelling by taxi, private transfer or the bus.

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