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How to get from Trondheim Airport to the City Centre

The city of Trondheim offers the advantages of a modern city in a compact package and feels like you’re visiting a small town. Tourist attractions like the beautiful Bakklendet neighbourhood and Nidaros Cathedral are easy to access, as is finding and experiencing their fresh seafood-rich, nordic cuisine. At the same time, a slower pace of life and a relaxed attitude is apparent as you discover the city and mingle with the locals.

Trondheim airport is located in the village of Vaernes and is well connected to the city centre by a number of different transport options. It has a good public transport system in place, including a local bus service (AtB) and a train service run by Sj Nord (Route no. 26) that depart frequently from the airport and will take you into the heart of the city. The alternative and most convenient travel option from Trondheim airport to the city centre, however, is the use of a Trondheim airport taxi or private shuttle.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €81 30min 24/7
Bus €8.40 50min 05:14–20:13
Train €16.40 35min 05:54–23:03

How to get from Trondheim Airport to the City Centre by taxi

Taking a taxi from Trondheim airport to the city centre is a simple process as it is a well-organised airport, where taxis are available 24/7. Even though there are several transport options that connect to the city centre, a Trondheim taxi or airport shuttle service is still the fastest and most convenient way to travel, especially if you are travelling as a family or carrying a lot of baggage. The city centre is 32km from the airport and the expected travel time by taxi is approximately 30 mins.

How much is the taxi fare from Trondheim airport to the city centre?

The taxi fare from Trondheim airport to Trondheim city centre will be about €81 (NOK 810). Taxis in Trondheim are fitted with taximeters and the fare is calculated based on the distance travelled to your destination (per km cost: €1.06) and an initial base fare of €4. Fixed-rate fares to many popular destinations are available by most Trondheim taxi companies but you can, of course, guarantee a fixed rate fare with no hidden costs when you book your Trondheim airport transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups.



Trip Duration

30 minutes

Night transfers between 00:00 and 6:00 are charged at a higher rate.

Value for money

Taxis at Trondheim airport are available 24/7.

Where do I get a taxi from?

Trondheim airport is a relatively small and well-organised airport. The allocated taxi area is right outside of the arrivals hall of the Trondheim airport terminal building.


Taxis in Norway are more expensive compared to other European cities, however, the convenience of a taxi or private transfer is unmistakable as you travel with comfort and speed, and arrive at your hotel with minimum effort. The convenience becomes even more apparent when travelling with children or a lot of baggage.

Editor’s Note

When taking a Trondheim taxi it is recommended to ask the driver or taxi operator whether they offer fixed rate fares which are usually more affordable than taxis that calculate the fare using a taximeter.

Useful Tips

Tipping is not required as standard at the end of your transfer.
Some taxis only accept card payments for transfers so paying by cash may not be an option when picking up a taxi from the street.
Most taxis in Trondheim have wheelchair accessibility but it is still recommended to discuss this with the taxi operator when you are making your booking.

How to get from Trondheim Airport to the City Centre by bus

One of the public transport options to get from Trondheim airport to the city centre is a bus service run by AtB, offering two routes (311 and 70). Both are non-express routes with multiple stops and an approximate travel time of 40 and 50 minutes by routes 311 and 70, respectively. Both routes have quite an irregular timetable, but route 70 runs more frequently throughout the day.

How much is the bus fare from Trondheim airport to the city centre?

The adult fare for both AtB bus service routes 311 and 70 costs €4.20 (NOK 420). The child fare for children aged 16 to 19 is €2.10 (NOK 210) and children under 6 ride for free. A senior-citizen discounted ticket is also available for passengers aged 67 and over, at a cost of €2.10 (NOK 210). Tickets are valid for 90 minutes and are available from vending machines at the airport or you can buy a ticket on the bus at an extra cost of  €2, (NOK 20). If you are purchasing your ticket from a ticket machine and paying by cash, you must have the exact amount because no change will be given.



Trip Duration

311 - 40mins / 70 - 50mins

Child bus tickets on these routes are available for children (aged 6 to 19) at a cost of €2.10 (NOK 21). Children under 6 ride for free.

Value for money

Both routes have an irregular timetables but route 70 runs more trips daily, starting from 05:41 to 20:13 Monday to Friday. Weekend service is even more limited.

Where do I get the bus from?

The bus stop for Routes 311 and 70 is a four-minute walk from the arrivals terminal, close to the petrol station.


The local bus service (routes 311 and 70) from Trondheim airport to the city centre is a very affordable method of transport. However, this is a non-express service with multiple stops and the irregular timetable may not suit all passengers, depending on their flight arrival, so there may be long wait times between services.

Editor’s Note

Due to the irregular timetable of both bus routes 311 and 70, it is recommended that travellers refer to the scheduled bus timetables for any suitability issues, to minimise waiting times between services.

Useful Tips

Bus tickets purchased from ticket machines are €2 cheaper than buying your bus ticket on the bus.
Paying for bus tickets with a bank card is the preferred option as there is no change available for cash purchases - from either a machine or on board.

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How to get from Trondheim Airport to the City Centre by train

There are two companies (VY and Sj Nord) that provide train services from Trondheim airport to the city centre. The Sj Nord train route no. 26 is the most frequent service, departing hourly from 05:54 to 23:03 daily on weekdays, and the journey to Trondheim central station takes 35 minutes. The train service is less frequent during the weekend and is replaced by a bus service from 15:00 on Saturday, while the train service on Sunday starts at 15:00 and runs till 23:00.

How much is the train fare from Trondheim airport to the city centre?

The standard adult train fare from Trondheim airport to the city centre starts from €8.20 (NOK 82). Children under the age of 6 travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a standard ticket. Children between the ages of 6 to 17 and senior citizens (67 and over) are eligible for a 50% discount of the standard ticket.


from €8.20

Trip Duration

35 minutes

Tickets are available from ticket machines at the station but you can also purchase a ticket directly on the train at an extra cost of €4 (NOK 40).

Value for money

The train service runs hourly on weekdays from 05:54 to 23:03 but suitability for weekend travel should be checked due to a less frequent service.

Where do I get the train from?

The train station at the airport is about 200m away from the arrivals terminal which you can walk to, via a covered walkway. It is well signposted in the airport and for reference, it is next to the Radisson Blu Hotel.


The train transport option to the city centre from Trondheim airport is a convenient, affordable and rapid service during weekdays when it is running in hourly intervals. The weekend service however is quite limited, running at a reduced frequency, leading to the possibility of large waiting times.

Editor’s Note

Due to the limited availability of the train service on the weekend, passengers should check the suitability of this service, relative to their flight itinerary to avoid long waiting times.

Useful Tips

Purchasing your ticket before boarding the train from a ticket machine is €4 (NOK 40) cheaper than buying it once you are on board.
Some train services give you the option of choosing a seat in a family carriage or pet-free zone.
All standard train tickets include a reserved seat for the entire journey.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the distance from Trondheim airport to the city centre?

The distance from Trondheim airport to the city centre is 32 km and the expected travel time by taxi is 30 minutes.

How do I get from Trondheim airport to Trondheim city centre?

There are many transportation options to get from Trondheim airport to Trondheim city centre. These include a taxi or private shuttle, local bus routes (run by AtB)  as well as local and regional train routes (run by Sj Nord).

What’s the cost of a taxi from Trondheim airport to Trondheim city centre?

The average cost of a taxi from Trondheim airport to the city centre will be approximately €81 (NOK 810). Fixed-rate fares are available by most taxi operators and can be requested by the client at the start of the transfer. For a competitive, fixed-rate fare with no hidden costs book your Trondheim airport taxi with Welcome pickups.

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