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Transport options from Asuncion Airport to city

The beautiful city of Asuncion is a cultural haven and one of the most ancient cities in South America. As the capital of Paraguay, it is a popular destination for international travel and has plenty of characterful architecture, green spaces and more modern districts to wander through. 

When you arrive at Paraguay’s Asuncion Airport, with just one terminal, it is easy to find your way to the ground transportation area and be on your way to your accommodation downtown. There are two options for transport from Asuncion Airport to the city centre; a 20-minute taxi ride or the bus. When opting to travel by public transport, the bus is a very cheap option and relatively straightforward to navigate, but it will take a lot longer than a taxi, around 50 minutes to be precise, and it will be far less comfortable, especially if you’re travelling during peak times.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €13 20min 24/7
Bus €0.60 50min 05:00–20:00

How to get from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown by taxi

The yellow taxis that serve Asuncion run 24/7 and are readily available just outside of Silvio Pettirossi International Airport. A trip from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown takes around 20 minutes. The journey also takes you through some of the beautiful Ñu Guasu Park on the way to the city centre.

How much is a taxi from Asuncion Airport to the city?

A taxi fare from Asuncion Airport to the city centre is €13 (PYG 103,280) and you will need to pay this to your driver in cash, in the local currency. Airport taxis charge this flat fee for transport to the city centre, although when arriving late at night after 22:00 or on Sundays, there is an additional surcharge of €4 (31,779) so the fare goes up to €17 (PYG 135,060).


€13 (PYG 103,280)

Trip Duration

20 Min.

Fares may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis at Asuncion Airport are available 24/7.

Where do I get a taxi from?

Taxis can be found outside the Arrivals Hall, in front of the terminal.


The quickest and most reliable way to travel from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown is by taxi. Taxis provide plenty of space for luggage and are the safest way to get to your destination. As many of the local taxis are old, a modern, air-conditioned vehicle can be secured by pre-booking your airport transfer with a provider like Welcome Pickups. With Welcome, you can also guarantee prompt pickup service and forget queueing and waiting for an available taxi.

Editor’s Note

Let your driver know you’re aware there’s a set fare and make sure to confirm the fare before starting your journey to avoid surprises at the end of your trip.

Useful Tips

Ensure you have cash in the local currency before stepping into a taxi that has not been pre-booked as card payments are not accepted.
Tipping is not required in Paraguay, but if you’re satisfied with the service, you can round up the fare to the nearest 1,000 Paraguayan Guarani.

How to get from Asuncion Airport to the city centre by bus

There is a direct Asuncion Airport to city connection by bus Line 30. The journey downtown takes about 50 minutes, but this can vary slightly depending on traffic. There are 2 route options and the fare is €0.30 (PYG 2,383) for either of them. The green route buses travel via Mariscal López road, and the blue route buses reach the city centre by the España road.

How much is a bus ticket from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown?

The fare for a one-way bus trip is €0.30 (PYG 2,383) to travel from Paraguay’s Asuncion Airport to downtown. Only cash is accepted and in the local currency of Paraguayan Guarani.


€0.30 (PYG 2,383)

Trip Duration

50 Min.

Buses to the city centre are available regularly, with departures every 20-30 mins.

Value for Money

Buses can be taken from Asuncion Airport to the city between 05:00-20:00.

Where do I get the bus from?

You can reach the bus stop quickly as it’s located outside the Arrivals gate. Walk out of the terminal to the right side. Walk for around 300 metres to the big roundabout on the main road and you will see the bus stop that serves the green and blue Line 30 bus routes from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown. 


If you are travelling on a tight budget, the bus from Asuncion Airport to the city centre is a worthwhile option for less than €1 (PYG 7,945). The buses leave every 20-30 minutes and the service runs from 5 am, but stops quite early in the evening, at 8 pm. Be prepared for a 50-min journey in a crowded bus which may also get held up in traffic.

Editor’s Note

There is no dedicated bus compartment for luggage, so travellers with large baggage items are advised to choose a different mode of transport.

Useful Tips

Keep in mind the bus vehicles are old so there is no air conditioning.
If your flight lands in the evening, consider in advance whether you have time to reach the bus stop before the service ends at 20:00. If not, your only option will be a taxi or private transfer.
Be careful when you step off the bus, as many local buses don’t fully stop and only slow down for passengers to get off.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Asuncion Airport to the city?

Travelling from Asuncion Airport to the city is easy and quick with a taxi or private transfer bringing you to the door of your accommodation downtown in just 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the airport terminal which takes around 50 minutes to cover the 17 km (10.5 mi) distance to the centre.

How long does it take to get to the city centre from Asuncion Airport?

When travelling by bus, the journey from Paraguay Asuncion Airport to downtown takes 50 minutes; it is the same duration for either of the routes on the bus Line 30. A taxi ride, on the other hand, takes only 20 minutes as it has a more direct route and no intermediate stops. 

What’s the cost of a taxi from Paraguay’s Asuncion Airport to the city?

A taxi fare from the airport to Asuncion city centre is €13 (PYG 103,280), which you will need to pay to your driver in cash, in the local currency. A higher fare of €17 (PYG 135,060) is applicable when travelling after 22:00 on a weekday or anytime on Sunday.

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