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Getting from Delhi Airport to Gurgaon

Gurgaon is located about 18 km southwest of the Delhi airport (DEL) and is easily reachable via taxi or metro. A Welcome Pickups transfer service, is the most comfortable and fastest option, taking around 20 minutes to reach Gurgaon. The metro is an inexpensive way to reach Gurgaon, costing less than 1€. By metro, it takes around 40 minutes to a little over 1 hour depending on your route to get to Gurgaon.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €5 20min 24/7
Metro €1.28 42min 05:50–23:10

How to get from Delhi airport to Gurgaon by taxi

Taking a taxi is the fastest, most comfortable way to get from Delhi airport to Gurgaon, as they are available 24/7. The trip takes around 20 minutes depending on traffic. It is best to hire a taxi from inside the airport rather than outside to avoid potential scams. You can choose between several taxi companies offering prepaid regular taxis, metered radio taxis, or luxury taxis. The fare depends on the taxi company and the distance of the trip. Fare to reach Gurgaon costs around 5-7€ (400-500 INR) or around 0.26 – 0.32€ per km (20-25 INR per km).

Taxi fare from Delhi airport to Gurgaon

Inside the airport, you can arrange a taxi ride and prepay for your fare; metered radio taxis are also available. Fare depends on the taxi company and car type. It typically costs 5-7€ (400-500 INR), or 0.26-0.32€ per km (20-25 INR per km), from the Delhi airport to Gurgaon. Fare is subject to a 25% surcharge between 11 pm and 5 am. An additional charge for luggage may also be included.


5€ (400 INR)

Trip Duration

20 min

*Rates may vary unless you book your taxi in advance

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Delhi airport

Where do I get it from?

It is best to arrange for a taxi at one of the taxi counters inside the airport. Unfortunately, taxis outside the airport have a bit of a higher potential of being scams. Taxis can be booked inside any of the airport’s three terminals.


A taxi is the most convenient, fastest way of traveling from the Delhi airport to Gurgaon. In around 20 minutes, a taxi can take you and your luggage directly from the airport to your destination.

Editor’s Note

Be wary of taxi scams – it is best to book a taxi inside the airport for a set fare rather than to take a taxi from outside the airport. When taking a taxi in Delhi, be sure to have a prearranged fare, or make sure the meter is on.

Useful Tips

Basic taxis do not have air-conditioning – if it is a hot day, you may instead want to opt for a taxi with air-conditioning.

How to get from Delhi airport to Gurgaon by bus

To reach Gurgaon from the Delhi airport, the metro is the best option for saving money. By metro, there are several ways to get to Gurgaon, costing at most 0.77€ (60 INR) to reach either the IFFCO Chowk station or the next station, Huda City Centre. From the Terminal 1 metro station, you can take the Magenta line to the Hauz Khas station where you will then have to change to the Yellow line metro which goes to IFFCO Chowk station and then continues to the Huda City Centre station. This route takes 42-44 minutes and costs 0.64€ (50 INR). From Terminal 3, you can either transfer to Terminal 1 via airport shuttle and take the above route, or you can take the Airport Express Metro (Orange line) to the New Delhi Station, where you can then transfer to the Yellow line that goes to Gurgaon; this route costs 0.77€ (60 INR) and takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

How much is the metro from Delhi airport to Gurgaon?

It costs 0.64€ (50 INR) to take the metro from Terminal 1 to Gurgaon (Magenta line followed by the Yellow line). To take the Airport Express metro to the New Delhi metro station followed by the Yellow line costs 0.77€ (60 INR). Tokens may be purchased either from a ticket counter or an automatic ticket issuing machine.


0.64€ (50 INR)

Trip Duration

42 min

There is a waiting time of 10 min.

Value for Money

The Magenta line is available from 06:00 am to 22:50 pm. The Yellow line is available from 05:50 am to 23:10 pm; the Airport Express line (Orange line) is available from 04:45 am to 23:30 pm.

Where do I get it from?

Terminal 1 is connected to the metro station servicing the Magenta line, which will take you to Hauz Khas, where you will transfer to the Yellow line. If you are coming from Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, you can get to Terminal 1 by taking an airport shuttle bus. Or, from Terminal 3, you can take a lift down from the arrivals hall to the metro station that services the Airport Express line to New Delhi Metro Station, from where you can transfer to the Yellow line.


The metro is an inexpensive transfer option for reaching Gurgaon, however the journey takes at least twice as long a taxi ride and requires that you transfer lines.

Editor’s Note

Take a look at where your destination is along with the metro network map to find the best possible route – there are many ways to get around with the metro.

Useful Tips

If you plan to take the metro often, consider purchasing a 1 or 3 day tourist pass, or a metro card.
For added safety and comfort of female passengers, a women-only coach is available.
You can download the Delhi Metro Rail app to your mobile device to help you plan your trip.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to get to Gurgaon from the Delhi airport?

Welcome Pickups transfer service or by taxi is the fastest, and most comfortable, way to reach Gurgaon, taking only around 20 minutes.

Does Uber service Gurgaon?

Yes, you can order an Uber at the Delhi airport that will take you to Gurgaon.

How do I get from Delhi airport to Gurgaon?

You can reach Gurgaon by taxi or metro. Taxi is the fastest option.

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