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Getting from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a vibrant city that manages to seamlessly blend modernist architecture and urban design with lush greenery, making it a unique destination in India. Surrounding the city are the picturesque Shivalik Hills, offering a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks or adventurous hikes. In town, you’ll find Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, one of the largest of its kind in Asia, and the Rock Garden, a fascinating up-cycled art space.

When travelling to Chandigarh, you have four main transportation options: taxi, private transfer, train, and bus. A Delhi Airport to Chandigarh taxi or private transfer are the easiest and most reliable options since they are available 24/7 and take a little over 5 hours when travelling during light traffic. They are also the most convenient if you’re travelling with luggage. 

One of the quickest and most comfortable options is a combined metro and train service which takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes, although there can be long wait times in between services. Lastly, direct bus services from the airport provide an affordable alternative, especially for solo travellers, although they take over 6 hours to reach Chandigarh.

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Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €70 320min 24/7
Taxi €55 320min 24/7
Train €50.40 210min 04:55–22:20
Bus €22.20 375min 00:30–23:30

How to get from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by taxi

Taking a radio taxi from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh is the easiest and most convenient transport option when travelling from the airport. Taxis are available from all three terminals at Delhi Airport and can be taken at any time. The journey to Chandigarh is quite long, taking 5 hours and 20 minutes during light traffic, but with a taxi, you will be able to stop and stretch your legs whenever you choose. 

How much is a taxi ride from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh?

The price of a one-way taxi from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh will be calculated using a taximeter and will depend on the distance travelled, the journey time, and traffic conditions.

As of January 2023, the official tariffs for Delhi taxis are:
Base rate (incl. the first km): €0.35 (INR 30)
Rate per km: €0.20 (INR 17)
Waiting time per hour: €0.70 (INR 60)

This means you can expect to pay around €55 (INR 4,940) for the long journey to Chandigarh for up to 4 people. Keep in mind that extra charges for luggage and air-conditioned vehicles will apply and given the distance, your driver may request that you cover the return fare. 

*Taxi drivers may be reluctant to take on such a long-distance fare without any notice; for reliable service and peace of mind that an English-speaking driver will be waiting for you when you land, we suggest pre-booking your private transfer with Welcome Pickups.



Trip Duration

320 Min.

*Unless booked in advance, increased traffic conditions can lead to an increase in taxi prices.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL).

Where do I take a taxi from?

Authorised taxis at Delhi Airport meet passengers outside every terminal, however, most passengers arrive at Terminal 3 where taxis can be found outside the Arrivals area in Lane 1, at both the Domestic and International Terminals.


Travelling from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh in a one-way taxi is definitely the simplest travel option as you won’t need to make any connections or track public transport timetables, and you’ll be picked up from right out front of the terminal. 

Keep in mind, however, that a taxi isn’t necessarily the quickest option since your journey time can increase in heavy traffic, so if you’re in a hurry, a train may be a good option.

Editor’s Note

A taxi is the most convenient travel option and is also very cost-effective, especially if you are travelling in a group. However, during busy traffic periods, the train may be a quicker option.

Useful Tips

Only use authorised taxi services. Avoid unauthorised drivers who may overcharge or take you to the wrong destination.
If offered, a pre-paid taxi service is advisable so that you can lock in a fixed fare before departing.
An all-female Delhi Airport to Chandigarh taxi service is available from T3; you'll find the dedicated service desk outside Arrivals.

How to get from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by train

The quickest way to get from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh is to take the train. There isn’t a direct train, so you’ll first need to ride the Delhi Metro on the Airport Express Line to New Delhi Railway which takes 16 minutes. From New Delhi Station, regional trains towards Chandigarh leave regularly and take between 3 hours 15 minutes and 4 hours 30 minutes.

How much does the train cost?

A one-way metro fare between Delhi Airport and New Delhi Station costs €0.70 (INR 60) per person and can be purchased from ticket machines at the T2 and T3 Arrivals Hall for both domestic and international arrivals.

Ticket prices for regional trains to Chandigarh with Indian Railways vary depending on seat type and class. There is a seat quota put aside for tourists and you can purchase tickets online or from the station when you arrive. The price per person should be around €24.50 (INR 2,200), bringing the total cost to €25.20 (INR 2,260).



Trip Duration

210 Min.

The Airport Express metro line runs every 15 minutes. Wait times in between regional trains range between 1 to 5 hours, with trains running less frequently after 17:00.

Value for Money

The Airport Express metro (orange line) stops at T3 daily between 04:55 and 23:25. Trains from New Delhi Station on this route run between 05:50 and 22:20.

Where do I take the train from?

Once you’ve collected your baggage, follow the signs to the metro station which is located below T3. You will need to pass through security and purchase your tickets before entering the station.

Once you reach Delhi Metro Station, the New Delhi Railway Station is located just across the road; this is where you will change trains to the Indian Railway network for your onward train to Chandigarh.


The train is a very comfortable way to travel, provided you manage to reserve an appropriate class of seat. Moreover, it is more cost-effective and often quicker than travelling from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by taxi. The downside is that trains can often have lengthy wait times in between services and can even be sold out or full, causing you to wait for the next available service. Also, keep in mind the need to navigate to your final destination when you arrive in Chandigarh.

For a reliable service that takes less than a minute to book, why not secure a private transfer with Welcome Pickups and lock in a competitive rate with a local English-speaking driver who will be there to meet you when you land?

Editor’s Note

The train is often quicker than taking a taxi due to traffic congestion but some trains are much faster than others. The train also requires some prior planning if you want to guarantee you'll have a seat.

Useful Tips

A free airport shuttle is provided 24/7 to transport passengers between terminals. The service runs approximately every 20 minutes.
Food and basic amenities are available on board long-distance trains.
If you plan on purchasing your regional train ticket at the station, be prepared to pay with cash or card and you may need to wait for the next service if the train is sold out.

Getting from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by bus

Another affordable way to get from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh is the bus. Although this option isn’t as fast as the train, buses tend to run more regularly, making it more convenient. Several companies, such as Haryana Roadways and Indo Canadian Transport, provide services directly from the airport while other companies depart from bus stations located throughout the city.

Depending on traffic, and whether the bus departs on time or makes any stops along the way, you can expect the journey to take between 6 hours and 15 minutes and 6 hours and 30 minutes.

How much is the bus from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh?

Bus prices vary depending on the company, the level of service they provide and the departure point. In general, a direct bus departing from the airport with air-conditioning and fully reclinable seats will cost between €11.10-€22.20 (INR 1,000-2,000) per passenger. It’s best to purchase tickets online in advance directly from the company.



Trip Duration

375 Min.

Buses depart approximately every hour.

Value for Money

Buses run pretty much all day, between 00:30 and 23:30.

Where do I take the bus from?

Direct buses to Chandigarh depart from Terminal 3, through Gate 6. Alternatively, you can travel from Delhi Airport to Kashmiri Gate ISBT where other bus services to Chandigarh leave from.


Getting from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by bus is the slowest option, although it is also the cheapest one. However, the bus runs consistently throughout the day, which makes it easier and less stressful to catch compared to the train. A more reliable and direct option is to pre-book a private transfer as this is the only door-to-door option and is available at any time of day.

Editor’s Note

Getting from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh by bus is the slowest option, although it is also the cheapest one. However, the bus runs consistently throughout the day, which makes it easier and less stressful to catch compared to the train.

Useful Tips

Always confirm the departure point with the bus company directly as it is subject to change.
Power outlets, a bathroom and sleeper beds (seats that fully recline) are available on some bus services.
Bus tickets from the city centre are generally cheaper than travelling directly from the airport.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh?

The four main transfer options from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh are a taxi service, private transfer, train, or bus.

The quickest public transport option is the train which takes around 3 hours, excluding wait times, whereas the bus takes around 6 hours but is half the price. A taxi or private transfer is relatively affordable, especially when the cost is split amongst a group and takes between 5 and 6 hours, depending on traffic.

What’s the Delhi Airport to Chandigarh taxi fare?

From Delhi Airport to Chandigarh the taxi fare should cost an average of €55 (INR 4,940) for up to 4 passengers, not including tolls and luggage fees. You may also need to cover your driver’s return journey to Delhi. 

For a guaranteed set rate fare without any extra costs, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance.

How far is Chandigarh from Delhi Airport?

From Delhi Airport to Chandigarh the distance is 273 km which takes between 5 hours 20 minutes and 6 hours to cover when travelling by taxi or private transfer, depending on how busy the traffic is.

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