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Transfer Options from Dublin Airport to Belfast

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How to get from Dublin Airport to Belfast

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is located 158 kilometres away from Dublin International Airport. Trips from Dublin airport to the centre of Belfast usually take around 1 hour and 45 minutes, both by public transportation and taxi transfers. Dublin airport taxi trips can be expensive when travelling to Belfast, with transfers around €250. However, there are less expensive alternatives to get to Belfast city. Two bus companies, the Aircoach and the Translink Goldline, offer multiple daily trips to Belfast with tickets only costing €15 to €17, depending on the bus operator.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €250 90min 24/7
Bus €30 120min 24/7

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How to get from Dublin airport to Belfast by taxi

Despite the prominent taxi market in Ireland, most taxi drivers try to avoid long distance rides, such as the Dublin airport to Belfast trip, due to the fact that it is time consuming, and the lack of travellers for their journey back to Dublin city. For this reason, it is highly recommended to always book a taxi to Belfast online and in advance. The journey to Belfast from Dublin International Airport takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.

Taxi fare from Dublin airport to Belfast

The applied rate for long distances is €1.80/km or €0.64/min, in slow traffic conditions. The overall taxi fare should be around €250 to €280. However, you can find great fixed prices when booking a private transfer online, in advance.


Although taking a taxi is the fastest and most convenient option from Dublin airport to Belfast city, taxi rates can fluctuate at the same rate as plane tickets. However, nothing beats the comfort of having a private vehicle pick you up once you land, having you luggage taken care of and having a door-to-door service, especially during long-distance journeys.

Editor’s Note

It is highly recommended to book your taxi in advance with a private taxi company, as when you book online, transfer companies usually offer great flat rate prices to distant destinations.

Useful Tips

If you are taking a regular taxi at Dublin airport, try and negotiate a fixed price for long distance journeys, in order to avoid getting overcharged by your driver.
It is important to note that due to the long distance between Dublin airport and Belfast city, taxi drivers have the right to refuse the trip. If so, you can always ask help from an airport taxi staff member in order to book an airport transfer.

How to get from Dublin airport to Belfast by bus

There are two bus companies that operate from Dublin International airport to the city of Belfast; there is the Aircoach connection or the Translink Goldline bus. The Aircoach 705X departs from the airport every hour 24/7. The bus trip takes around 2 hours and an adult one-way ticket costs €17 and €9 for children. Your other bus option is to take the Translink bus line (X1, X2A, X5, X5A); this bus company also operates 24/7 and takes just under 2 hours to get to Belfast city with an adult one-way costing €15 and €9 for children.

How much is the bus from Dublin airport to Belfast ?

An adult one-way ticket on the Aircoach costs €17 or €25 for a round trip ticket, as for children, a one-way ticket costs €9 and €14 for a round trip. Similarly, an adult one-way ticket on the Translink costs €15 and a round trip costs €22; for children a one-way costs €9 and a round trip costs €13.20.



Trip Duration

2 H

There is a waiting time of 30 minutes during the day and 1 hour at night, for both buses.

Value for Money

Both bus companies operate 24/7 from Dublin airport.

Where do I get it from?

Both bus stations are located just outside the exit doors, on the right side of Terminal 1. Clear signage at the bus station indicate upcoming buses and overall bus schedules.


All in all, taking one of the buses at Dublin International airport to Belfast city is neither the most comfortable, nor the most convenient transport option. However, compared to taxi or private transfer prices, this option is definitively the most cost-efficient and the most popular amongst travellers.

Editor’s Note

Both bus companies operate frequently at Dublin airport; there should be a bus departure to Belfast every 30 minutes.

Useful Tips

Tickets can be purchased from one of the available licensed vendors at the airport or directly from the driver.
It is important to note that passengers do not have to pay for additional luggage space. Bicycles, baby strollers and wheelchairs are also allowed.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a direct train from Dublin International airport to Belfast city?

Unfortunately there are no direct trains from Dublin airport to Belfast. You would need to take a bus (line 784, 782 or 783) from the airport to Tara Station; the bus ride takes 15 minutes and a ticket costs €8. From the station you will need to take a small train ride to Connolly Station, this will cost €7 and finally take a connecting train in order to reach Belfast station. This last train ride costs €23 and take 2 hours 12 minutes. If choosing this option, your overall trip will take 3 hours 25 minutes with a total cost of €37.

How long does the Aircoach bus take to get from Dublin to Belfast city?

You can either get the Aircoach from O'connell Street in Dublin city centre or from the arrivals terminal at Dublin airport. The total trip takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Do you need a passport to get from Dublin airport to Belfast city?

EU citizens are required to have a passport or national identity card on them; however, citizens of other countries must have a valid passport whilst travelling.

How much does a yLink card cost?

The yLink card costs £8 (€9). It does not have to be renewed and the card gives you a great discount off Translink bus and train fares and up to 50% discounts off cross border fares.

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