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Transfer Options from Dublin Airport to Limerick

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Transfer Options from Dublin Airport to Limerick

Limerick city is located 208 kilometres away from Dublin airport, in the middle western part of Ireland. As a result, the transportation options from Dublin airport are limited to two; a private taxi or a Citylink bus. Both transfer options take around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Limerick. The most practical but most expensive way to travel to Limerick is in a Dublin airport taxi, which can cost to €350, depending on your final location in Limerick, however, a one-way bus ticket costs just €24.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €350 150min 24/7
Bus €48 150min 06:00–00:30

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How to get from Dublin airport to Limerick by taxi

Local taxis at Dublin airport are easy to recognise as they are classic black cabs with a black and yellow taxi roof sign. However, local taxis do not usually offer long-distance transportation. This being said, the airport service staff are happy to help travellers order private taxis from the airport to Limerick, free of charge. The overall travel time takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs €350.

Taxi fare from Dublin airport to Limerick

If a local Dublin airport taxi accepts the long distance trip to Limerick city, they will charge around €350, as the long distance, time, lack of customers on the return route as well as tolls, all add up to this final price.


Although taking a taxi is the most convenient and comfortable option to get from Dublin airport to Limerick city, the high metered price makes it unaccessible for many. Another option is to book a private taxi transfer in advance; these private transfers offer very reasonable fixed prices. Moreover, you do not have to worry about finding a taxi that is willing to take you from the airport to Limerick, as your private transfer driver will simply be waiting for you at the arrivals exit once you have landed.

Editor’s Note

If you feel like you have overpaid, you should request a printed receipt once your have arrived at your destination in Limerick, as you can then file an official complaint.

Useful Tips

To get to the official taxi rank at Dublin International Airport, you can walk through the covered glass walkway at the arrivals hall, then turn left and you will see a line of taxis.
Regardless of the destination you are travelling to, if you would like a price estimation, you can use the taxi fare calculator on the Dublin airport's website.

How to get from Dublin airport to Limerick by bus

CityLink is the only bus network from Dublin airport to Limerick city. The Eireagle 712X bus leaves the airport 10 times a day from 06:00 until 00:30. Bus trips to Limerick take around 2 hours and 30 minutes and regular one-way adult ticket costs €24. Although tickets can be purchased on board, it is highly recommended booking your ticket in advance, thus ensuring a seat on the bus.

How much is a bus ticket from Dublin airport to Limerick?

The CityLink bus connection offers various rates for all ages:

ADULT ONLINE - Single €24 - Return €35
ON-BOARD - Single €25 - Return €40
CHILD ONLINE - Single €10 - Return €20
ON-BOARD - Single €15 - Return €25
STUDENT ONLINE - Single €20 - Return €30
ON-BOARD - Single €25 - Return €40
FAMILY ONLINE - Single €50 - Return €70
ON-BOARD - Single €80 - Return €130



Trip Duration

2 H 30 Min.

The waiting time is 2 hours between each bus.

Value for Money

The Eireagle 712X bus is available from 06:00 to 00:30 at Dublin airport.

Where do I get it from?

The Eireagle 712X bus station is located at the same station as all CityLink buses. After leaving Terminal 1, you will need to walk straight across the road, and the station will be on your right.


Based on service quality, ticket prices and availability, the Eireagle 712X bus is the most convenient and efficient transfer option from Dublin airport to Limerick city, even when compared to private taxi transfers. Moreover, the price is much more economical, with the same transportation time to get to Limerick, making the Eireagle 712X the most preferred option over a private taxi.

Editor’s Note

Prices can vary for large groups, therefore it is recommended to contact CityLink customer service to find out more about group discounts.

Useful Tips

It is not necessary to print your pre-booked ticket, bus inspectors now verify tickets in a digital format too.
Although you can change the time and date of your ticket, the bus company does not offer money refunds.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a direct train from Dublin International airport to Limerick?

Unfortunately there are no direct trains from Dublin airport to Limerick. You would need to take a bus (line 784, 782 or 783) from the airport to Tara Station; the bus ride takes 15 minutes and a ticket costs €8. From the station you will then need to walk to Abbey Street (5 minute walk) and take a small tram ride to Heuston station, this will cost €3. From then you will need to take a train to Limerick Junction, which takes 1 hour 30 minutes, costing €21 and finally take a connecting train in order to reach Limerick. However, there is a 50 minute transfer at this station before taking your last train ride that costs €9 and take 27 minutes. If choosing this option, your overall trip will take 4 hours 40 minutes at a total cost of €41.

Can I bring my pet on the bus or in the undercarriage?

Unfortunately, no animals other than guide dogs with a registered handler, are allowed on the Eireagle 712X bus.

How far is Limerick from Dublin airport?

Limerick city is 208 kilometres away from Dublin Airport (DUB) and it can be reached via taxi, bus or train (with connection via central Dublin).

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