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Transfer Options from Geneva Airport to Annecy

Annecy is located within the French territory south of Geneva. The best method to reach Annecy is by a Geneva airport taxi, as there are limited public transportation options available. Additionally, the ones that are available are time consuming and can at times be expensive. If you do decide to take a taxi and do not pre-book, be warned that the metered fare will likely cost around 160€ for the journey, but will take only about 37 minutes to reach Annecy. Alternatively, there are bus services available. The bus will take around 60-90 minutes and cost around 13€ per person. There are also trains available, however this will take over 2 hours as you will need to switch trains at a couple of stations. Train ticket cost around 10 – 20€.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €160 37min 24/7
Bus €26 60min 07:00–21:00
Train €44 120min 08:00–21:00

How to get from Geneva Airport to Annecy by taxi

If you wish to take a taxi to Annecy, you can expect quite an expensive trip unless you pre-book the ride. The journey is quick, taking only 37 minutes. Geneva airport taxis are of course the most comfortable and convenient option, especially for those with luggage. Taxis in Geneva are black in colour, with a yellow TAXI sign on the roof. There is a range of different style of taxis available to suit your requirements.

Taxi fare from Geneva Airport to Annecy

Taxis in Geneva operate on a meter system, therefore the price can be affected by a number of conditions. The journey, if you find a taxi willing to make the trip without booking, will likely cost around 160€ based on the metered fare. There can be changes to the price if you take a ride on a public holiday, weekends or during the night.



Trip Duration

37 Min

*Rates may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available anytime from Geneva Airport.

Where do I get it from?

Taxis are available outside of the Geneva Airport arrivals area, by the arrivals car-parking zone.


Taxis are by far the most convenient option, especially for those with luggage and who have had a long flight. Taxis are the only method of transport that is a door to door service. However, despite this, taxis are expensive in Geneva and the journey does not come without a price. For those on a budget, with time to spare, it is preferable to take another option.

Editor’s Note

Due to the nature of the journey, the need to cross the border, many taxis will not make the trip unless you pre-book their service. This also ensures that the price will remain fixed for the trip.

Useful Tips

Always ensure that you write down the address of your final destination, as many drivers do not speak very good English.
Make sure that you take your passport with you and have all the necessary visa information as you will need them to cross the country border from Geneva to France.
You will be expected to pay any tolls along this route also!

How to get from Geneva Airport to Annecy by bus

Unfortunately, you will need to make a transfer from Geneva Airport to the central station in the city, Gare Cornavin, or the other station close by, Gare Routiere, to make the transfer to Annecy. You will need to take a bus or a train from the airport to one of these stations (most buses and trains from the airport stop at Gare Cornavin and it is only a short 5 minute walk to Gare Routiere). From there, a number of bus services are available to take you to Annecy. The journey, if on a direct service, should take around an hour.

How much is the bus from Geneva Airport to Annecy?

The bus cost varies depending on which train, time and how far in advance you book your tickets. You can expect a cost of around 13€ for most buses.

Unless you take a taxi from the airport, the public transfer services are free of use to get you to the station.



Trip Duration

60 Min

There can be an hour waiting for the bus.

Value for Money

Bus services vary depending on the company operating the bus, however there is usually a service from around 07:00am - 09:00pm.

Where do I get it from?

Buses are available from Gare Cornavin and Gare Routiere Stations in the city centre of Geneva. There are more frequent buses departing from Gare Routiere. Reaching the station from the airport, you will be able to take the free bus and train services, as most of them go to Gare Cornavin. You then can walk for 5 minutes to Gare Routiere.


Although buses are well priced, they are not direct from the airport which means an extra step to your journey. Additionally buses are not frequent, therefore you can be waiting a long time for the next service. It is best advised to take a taxi if you are not on a budget.

Editor’s Note

There are many private shuttle companies that run services to Annecy from the airport. Many of these services are more expensive than the service from the central station and may require booking online.

Useful Tips

It is always best to book your bus tickets in advance, both to make sure that there is a service running on that day, as well as to ensure the best price for the bus.
There can be a long wait between services - booking in advance can help avoid this!
You can use the free ticket available at the airport to take the bus or train into the Central Stations.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Annecy by train

Train services from Geneva Airport to Annecy are few and involve many transfers. However, if you do wish to take a train and you are not pushed for time, it is an option. Your journey will involve transferring from the airport to Gare Cornavin Station in central Geneva, then you will need to take a train to Annecy, which will likely make a stop in either Annemasse or Aix-les-Baines before reaching it’s destination. Stop times may vary, however the journey will take around 2 hours to complete.

How much is the train from Geneva Airport to Annecy?

The train costs vary depending on how far and which service you decide to take to Annecy. However, you can expect a roundabout price of 22€ for the trip. Tickets are available for purchase in the station or online.
Your transfer is free via public transport from the airport to the train station.



Trip Duration

120 Min

There can be up to an hour waiting for a train

Value for Money

Different services operate at different hours, however you should be able to take a train from around 08:00am - 09:00pm.

Where do I get it from?

Trains are available from Gare Cornavin Station in Geneva City. You will need to make the transfer from the airport via bus or train to reach the station. Most services will make this stop on their route.


The train from Geneva to Annecy is far from straight forward and the price doesn’t help – you will need to make a lot of transfers and the journey time is long as a result. It is best advised to take the bus if you wish to take public transport to Annecy.

Editor’s Note

You will find direct train routes from Geneva Eaux-Vives Station to Annecy, however it is harder to reach this station and it is much further across town than Gare Cornavin.

Useful Tips

Claim your free transfer to the station via the ticket machines in the baggage reclaim area. Ensure that you keep your boarding pass handy.
It is always best to check the times and book your train in advance to save money and waiting time.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Geneva Airport to Annecy?

Taxis will operate on a metered fare unless booked in advance. Based on this rate, you can expect to pay around 160€ for the journey. This route is also subject to tolls.

How far is Annecy from Geneva Airport?

Annecy is located around 45km from Geneva Airport. A journey by taxi or car should take around 37 minutes in normal conditions.

How many transfer options are available from Geneva Airport to Annecy?

There are three transfer options from the airport: taxi, bus or train. The most expensive is the taxi, but the longest journey is by train. For those on a budget, the best option is by bus. However, only taxis offer a direct service.

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