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Transfer Options from Geneva Airport to Chamonix

Unfortunately getting to Chamonix is a long and rather difficult journey from Geneva. It is preferable to take a Geneva airport taxi, as you will need to pre-book one for the journey, as local cabs probably will not do the journey crossing the border; the cost is also quite a hefty, around 300€. Otherwise, you can look at taking a bus. There are numerous private bus companies and services that operate the route, however the public bus service SAT Montblanc runs from the airport to Chamonix and with a cost from 19€, the journey takes around an hour and a half.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €300 75min 24/7
Bus €38 90min 06:00–23:00

How to get from Geneva Airport to Chamonix by taxi

If you hail a cab or take one from the airport rank and they agree to take you to Chamonix then this will be the quickest option to get you there. The journey is still quite long, but at only around 75 minutes, you will be at your destination. Bear in mind that you will be taking a toll route to cross over the border.

Taxi fare from Geneva Airport to Chamonix

Taxis are expensive in Geneva and this journey is no exception. Based on the standard metered fare, which will be charged unless you pre-book your taxi, you will likely pay around 300€ for the journey. Additionally, the route is subject to tolls.

As well as this, bear in mind that you may have to pay extra if you decide to travel on a weekend, public holiday or during the night-time rate period.



Trip Duration

75 Min

*Rates will vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Geneva Airport.

Where do I get it ?

Taxis are available at a designated rank outside of the airport arrivals terminal.


Although taxis are quick and comfortable, hiring a cab on a metered fare is extremely expensive. It is best advised, if you wish to take a taxi, to pre-book an arranged driver so that you can be aware of the price from the start.

Editor’s Note

It is not advised to take a taxi from the airport rank. Not many cabs will accept the journey as it involves crossing the border. It is best to pre-book your transfer.

Useful Tips

Taxis in Geneva do not always have the best English drivers; to avoid confusion, write down the address of your final destination.
Always take official taxis/transfer companies and not casual offers.
Taxi services should all be able to accept payment cards.

How to get from Geneva to Chamonix by bus

There are a number of private bus and transfer companies that offer transfer services to and from Geneva. It is always recommended that you do your own personal research, to find the best option that suits you. However, SAT Montblanc is the public bus route that operates the line between the Geneva airport and Chamonix at a reasonable rate. The journey takes around 90 minutes and the line stops both at the central station in Geneva (Gare Routiere) and the airport for your convenience.

How much is the bus from Geneva Airport to Chamonix?

The price for the trip from Geneva to Chamonix on the SAT Bus is only 19€. There’s also reduced pricing for children and young people under 25. It is best to book online your ticket for the SAT Bus service, as there are extra charges for purchasing the tickets at retailers and on the bus.



Trip Duration

90 Min

The bus only operates 6 times per day.

Value for Money

The bus service runs 6 times a day between 06:00am - 11:00pm.

Where do I get it from?

Bus services are available in the public transport circuit outside the arrivals terminal at the airport.


In terms of public transportation services, this is quite convenient. The journey is relatively quick and the service quite frequent. However, the times that the bus operates are limited and therefore you will have to fit your plans around the set times available.

Editor’s Note

Ensure that you have all the relevant visas/passports/ID required for your journey to cross the border into France.

Useful Tips

There is a luggage limitation on the bus - two large items for store and one small item on board.
It is always best to book online to avoid missing out or being charged more.
If you wish to get elsewhere in Chamonix (such as the ski area) you will need to take additional transportation after the bus service terminates.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Geneva Airport to Chamonix?

Hiring a taxi that is metered for the journey will likely cost you around 300€. This price is based on the usual metered fare, but is subject to public holiday, weekend and night time pricing changes. Remember also that the route contains tolls that are additional to this price.

How do I get from Geneva Airport to Charmonix?

There are currently only taxis and buses that make the journey from the airport to Chamonix. There are a range of bus services, taxi services and shuttles run by private companies that are available to help you get to Chamonix from Geneva Airport.

How far is Geneva Airport from Chamonix/Mont Blanc?

Chamonix is located across the French border. The Geneva Airport is 101km away from Chamonix and the journey by car or taxi should take around 75 minutes.

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