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Transfer Options from Geneva Airport to Lausanne

Lausanne is a beautiful lakeside town in the Swiss countryside and a popular tourist destination. There are two methods of transportation from Geneva Airport to Lausanne. The first is by taxi, which is nice and quick, as well as scenic, but will be very expensive at around 190€ for a 38 minute journey. Alternatively, you can take a train directly from the airport. Train services are efficient, taking just under an hour for the journey to Lausanne. The ticket price for the one way journey is around 18€.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €190 38min 24/7
Train €40 60min 05:00–00:00

How to get from Geneva Airport to Lausanne by taxi

Taking a Geneva airport taxi to Lausanne is the quickest option to get you there, as well as the most comfortable, especially for those who have luggage. If you wish to take a taxi, be warned that it has not a cheap price as the taxis are metered, so unless you pre-book the service, there can be a multitude of factors determining your expected final cost. Taxis in Geneva can be hailed from the road or taken at the rank, are black, and feature a yellow TAXI sign on the roof.

Taxi fare from Geneva Airport to Lausanne

If you find a driver willing to make the trip to Lausanne from the airport, they will likely charge you via meter, as there are no set costs available for taxis in Geneva unless pre-booked. In which case, the journey will cost around 190€. However, bear in mind that the price can change at weekends and night time as well as public holidays.



Trip Duration

38 Min

*Rates may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Geneva Airport

Where do I get it from?

Taxi ranks are located outside of the main arrivals terminal at Geneva Airport, alongside the arrivals car park.


Taxis in Geneva are surely the best option for those who have luggage and wish to reach their destination quickly, but are also very expensive. If you are travelling on a budget or have a bit more time, it is best to use public transportation for this particular journey.

Editor’s Note

Note that the route that your driver will take to Lausanne is a toll road. Additional to your fare, you will need to pay these tolls along the way.

Useful Tips

Ensure that you write down your final address to avoid any miscommunication errors.
Taxis accept both cash and cards as payment methods.
If you have excessive or over-sized luggage, taxis may charge extra.

How to get from Geneva Airport to Lausanne by train

Trains to Lausanne are available from Geneva Airport. The train service is operated by multi-national trains SBB CFF FFS, and provides the cheapest option to get to Lausanne. The journey is dependent on which train service you take (there are multiple that take this route), but all services should take no longer than 60 minutes to reach Lausanne.

How much is the train from Geneva to Lausanne

The train tickets are varied depending on the day and time you decide to travel. Tickets average around 20€ per person. They are available to book online in advance on the SBB website or to buy at the station via one of the machines/counters.



Trip Duration

60 Min

There can be up to a 15 minute waiting for the bus.

Value for Money

Trains are available from 12:00am - 05:00am.

Where do I get it ?

The airport train station is located in the airport shopping complex, a short 5 minute walk from the arrivals area. Follow the signage for ‘Inter-City/Inter-Regional Trains”


The train is the best transportation option for those on a budget and is quite convenient as you don’t need to walk far or take an extra transfer option to get to the station. However, the train takes much longer than a car and involves a wait-time.

Editor’s Note

Although there are two options for purchasing tickets - they each come with an advantage. If you book online, your tickets are cheaper but they also tie you to the specific train at a specific time. Alternatively, if you buy tickets at the station, they are a little more expensive, but mean that you can take a train any time that same day.

Useful Tips

If you wish, you can also take the train to Lausanne from the central Gare Cornavin Station in Geneva Central.
There is an option to purchase multi-use tickets so that you can use your train ticket on public transport in Lausanne for the day. Ask about these at the ticket sales counters!
If you have lots of luggage, you can send it ahead of you so that you don't have to carry it - ask at the information desk at the train station for your options!

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