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How to get from Indianapolis Airport to Bloomington

Bloomington, named by its first settlers after the ‘haven of blooms’ that they first discovered in 1818, is also home to Indiana University Bloomington, one of the oldest and largest universities in the whole of the United States. Bloomington has established itself as a city that combines the dynamic energy that radiates from the large student population, the stunning natural environment that sits on the cusp of the city and the thriving local business and art scene, making it a great destination to visit when in the state of Indiana. 

Bloomington is 80 km (50 miles) south of Indianapolis airport and the city of Indianapolis, and there are two direct options of travel to this destination. The first option involves taking the Hoosier Bus service run by Miller Transportation and the second, more convenient option is taking an airport taxi or private shuttle service.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €106 60min 24/7
Bus €35.50 65min 09:00–20:05

How to get from Indianapolis Airport to Bloomington by shuttle or taxi

A taxi or shuttle is one of the direct options you can use to conveniently travel from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington. The fare for a taxi is calculated using a calibrated taximeter which charges an initial base fee at the start of the journey and then provides the total fare at the end of the journey, based on the kilometres travelled to the desired destination. You also have the option of booking this taxi or shuttle transfer in advance which can guarantee you a fixed rate fee for your transfer.

How much does a taxi cost from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington?

With the use of a taximeter a direct transfer from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington will cost approximately $114 (€106). Many taxi and shuttle companies that cover this destination also offer fixed rate fares. By booking an Indianapolis airport taxi or shuttle in advance you can guarantee a fixed rate fare with no hidden costs.


$115 (€106)

Trip Duration

60 mins

There is an extra charge of $3.50 (€3.25) for all transfers to and from the airport.

Value for money

The taxi and shuttle service from Indianapolis airport is available 24/7.

Where do I get a shuttle or taxi from?

Finding a taxi or an Indy airport shuttle to Bloomington from the airport is quite straightforward. Taxis are located outside the baggage claim area on the lower level of the terminal. If a taxi is not available when you arrive press the green call button which will hail a taxi for you.


Even though the taxi and shuttle option is not the only direct transportation method from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington, it is still the most convenient and efficient way to travel. With taxis available 24/7 it allows passengers the freedom to get to their final destination with no scheduling constraints, even if the transfer has not been pre-booked.

Editor’s Note

If your flight arrival is at an inconvenient time (i.e late night, early morning) we recommend pre-booking your taxi transfer in advance, to avoid any limitations that may arise in acquiring a taxi.

Useful Tips

Tipping the driver at the end of your transfer is standard practice. Tipping ranges from 10-15% of the final fare depending on the services provided.
There is no extra charge or a different rate for late-night transfers.

How to get from Indianapolis Airport to Bloomington by bus

There is a direct bus service that runs from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington. This is an affordable bus service that is run by Hoosier Ride and is a collaborative effort between the Indiana Department of Transportation, Greyhound Lines, Inc., and Miller Transportation. This bus service runs two trips a day (morning and evening – bus route 367 and route 357 respectively) with an average travel time of 1h 5minutes.

How much is the bus service from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington?

Tickets for both bus routes 357 and 367, run by Hoosier Ride, to Bloomington from Indianapolis airport cost $19 (€17.75). Tickets are available online from Hoosier’s website or from the Ground Transportation Centre (Zone 1) at the airport.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time

$19 (€17.75)

Trip Duration

1h 5 mins

The cost of both direct bus routes 367 and 357 to Bloomington from Indianapolis airport is $19 (€17.75).

Value for money

The Hoosier Ride bus service runs two trips a day, route 367 a morning (09:00) service and route 357 an evening (20:05) service to Bloomington.

Where do I get the bus from?

The bus stop for both of these routes is located on the airport grounds. Indianapolis airport has a dedicated building (Zone 1 of the Ground Transportation Center), where all the ground transport is located for passenger use. The Hoosier (Miller Transportation) bus service is located in this building.


The Hoosier bus service to Bloomington from Indianapolis airport is an affordable transport option and is also a direct service to this destination. It does however only run two times a day (morning and evening) making it an option only for passengers who arrive at times that suit this limited schedule. Passengers wishing to use this service but who arrive outside of the two scheduled trips will experience long waiting times or will have to make last-minute alternative travel arrangements.

Editor’s Note

Due to the limited scheduling of this bus service, it is recommended that passengers check the suitability of this service relative to their travel plans in order to avoid long wait times between the scheduled bus routes.

Useful Tips

Boarding the bus service begins 15 to 30 minutes before departure, with the seating being on a first-come, first-served basis.
A 25% ticket discount is available for children between the ages of 2 and 12 and a 5% discount is available for senior citizens aged 62 and over.
Free baggage allowance on this bus service is one piece of luggage and one small bag that can be taken on board per passenger.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Indianapolis airport from Bloomington?

The distance from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington is 80 km (50 miles). Travel time via a taxi or private shuttle is 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

How do I get from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington?

There are two direct ways of travelling from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington. The most convenient method involves taking a taxi or private shuttle service from the airport and the alternative is the Hoosier Ride bus service, which offers two trips daily, at 09:00 and 20:05.

How much is the cost of a taxi from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington?

The cost of a taxi calculated by a taximeter from Indianapolis airport to Bloomington will be approximately $114 (€106). Alternatively, you may pre-book your transfer in advance with a taxi or private shuttle to guarantee a fixed rate fare with no hidden costs.

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