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How to get from Indianapolis airport to Downtown Indianapolis

Combining culture, art, great food, nature (including the stunning White River State Park) and numerous professional sports teams (Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers), Indianapolis is a great place for sports enthusiasts and a wonderful family destination. Home to the world’s largest children’s museum and the 13km Cultural Trail that runs straight through the downtown area, where you can explore the city’s top attractions and sights, Indianapolis can truly cover all your holiday needs.

Indianapolis does not have a modern public transportation system, so the options for travelling from Indianapolis airport to downtown are quite limited. The affordable public transportation option involves taking a bus service run by IndyGo – Route 8 (Washington) which is a non-express, fixed-route and therefore, a pretty slow option. Considering the proximity of the airport to downtown Indianapolis, the alternative and certainly most convenient method of transport would be to take an Indianapolis airport taxi or a private shuttle.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €37 20min 24/7
Bus €3.20 50min 05:04–23:03

How to get from Indianapolis airport to Downtown Indianapolis by taxi

The relatively close proximity of Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis makes taking a taxi or private shuttle the ideal method of transport. It is located 21 km (13.5 miles) away and a taxi or an Indianapolis shuttle to downtown Indianapolis will take approximately 20 minutes to cover this distance.

​​Taxi fare from Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis

If you choose a standard metered taxi for your transportation from Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis, it will cost about $40 (€37). This fare is based on an initial base fare of $3 (€2.80) and a per km cost of $1.25 (€1.15). There is an extra charge of $3.50 (€3.25) on top of this fare for transfers to and from the airport. Alternatively, there is, of course, a competitive flat rate fee option with no hidden costs available when you pre-book your airport transfer with Welcome Pickups.



Trip Duration

20 minutes

All fares to and from the airport are subject to an extra charge of $3.50 (€3.25)

Value for money

The availability of taxis from Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis is 24/7

Where do I get a taxi from?

Taxis at Indianapolis airport are located just outside the baggage claim area on the lower level of the terminal.


An Indianapolis taxi or shuttle service is the most ideal and convenient way of travelling to downtown Indianapolis due to the ease and speed of the transfer. The public transportation option using the IndyGo bus service is a non-express, fixed route, which involves numerous stops and therefore, takes at least double the travel time.

Editor’s Note

Please note that all taxi transfers from Indianapolis airport are subject to a minimum charge of $15 (€14) irrespective of the distance to your location.

Useful Tips

It is standard practice in Indianapolis to tip the driver at the end of your transfer. Between 10-15% of the total fare is the norm, depending on the service provided.
There is no night rate tariff in Indianapolis for late-night taxi transfers; the day rate tariff doesn’t change.
Most taxi companies and private shuttle services offer fixed rate transfers from the airport to downtown but they do need to be booked in advance.

How to get from Indianapolis airport to Downtown Indianapolis by bus

The use of a bus is the only public transportation option for travelling from the Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis. Bus route 8 – Washington (Eastbound) is run by IndyGo and runs every 30 mins from 05:04 to 23:03 Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday service starts one and two hours later respectively. This bus service is a non-express, fixed-route with multiple stops greatly affecting the travel time to downtown Indianapolis, which is approximately 45-50 minutes. 

How much is the bus from Indianapolis airport to downtown Indianapolis?

The adult fare for the IndyGo bus service from the airport to downtown Indianapolis is $1.75 (€1.60), and the ticket is valid for 2 hours. Children aged 5 and under travel for free when travelling with a paying passenger. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines or directly on the bus but you must have the exact amount in cash. Day tickets and other types of passes are also available when riding the IndyGo bus service.


$1.75 (€1.60)

Trip Duration

50 minutes

This service runs every 30 mins but begins up to two hours later on the weekend, while the final departure on a Sunday from the airport is 20:52.

Value for money

IndyGo bus route 8 - Washington runs from 05:04 to 23:03 Monday to Friday. Please refer to the timetable provided for the detailed weekend availability.

Where do I get the bus from?

The IndyGo bus stop for this route is located on the Ground Level of the airport, in Zone 6 of the Ground Transportation Center. The stop is at the north corner of the Terminal Garage building. 


The IndyGo bus service to downtown Indianapolis from the airport is an affordable public transportation option. It is however a long transfer (50 minutes), considering the proximity of the downtown area, as this is a non-express, fixed-route with multiple stops.

Editor’s Note

Please refer to the provided timetable if travelling on the weekend or on a holiday as the operating hours of this service will be different to the regular weekday schedule.

Useful Tips

All tickets on the IndyGo bus service are valid for 2 hrs, there is however a day pass available at a cost of $4 (€3.70) for multiple journeys in a day.
The 2-hour validity of an IndyGo ticket allows passengers to transfer unlimited times within the 2-hour limit.
All IndyGo buses are equipped with wheelchair accessibility ramps or lifts and securing devices.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Indianapolis airport to downtown?

There are two ways of getting from Indianapolis Airport to downtown Indianapolis. You can either take an Indianapolis taxi or private shuttle service, or use the public transport option which involves taking IndyGo bus route 8 (Washington).

How much does a taxi cost from Indianapolis airport to downtown?

A typical metered cost of using a taxi from the airport to downtown Indianapolis is around $40 (€37). Alternatively, you can pre-book your transfer with a reputable Indianapolis taxi or private shuttle and guarantee a fixed rate fare with no hidden costs.

How far is downtown Indianapolis from the airport?

Downtown Indianapolis is relatively close to the airport, more specifically it is located 21 km (13.5 miles) from the city, making it approximately a 20-minute cab ride or a 50-minute bus ride. 

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