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How to get from Moncton Airport to Moncton City Centre

Located in New Brunswick on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, Moncton is the perfect destination if you’re seeking a balance of the city and the outdoors. Enjoy the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of Monctonians as you wander downtown amongst art galleries, restaurants and colourful murals. Catch a show at the Capitol Theatre and learn about the Acadian culture and history of the region at the Acadian Museum. Take a drive up to the mind-boggling Magnetic Hill to watch cars ‘roll’ up the hill and witness the Moncton Tidal Bore, a natural phenomenon where the incoming tide reverses the flow of the Petitcodiac River.

You can get from Moncton Airport to the city centre by taxi, private transfer, or the bus. The most convenient option is to take an airport taxi which will drop you at your door in 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic. The bus is slightly cheaper if you’re travelling alone, although there are limited services and you’ll need to book in advance.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €16.50 15min 24/7
Bus €21.40 15min 12:40–15:45

How to get from Moncton Airport to Moncton City Centre by taxi

Moncton Airport provides a taximetered service with two approved companies; Air Cab and White Cab. Taxis are conveniently available 24/7 and are the quickest way to get downtown with a travel time of just 15 minutes under good traffic conditions.

How much does a taxi cost?

Oddly enough, booking a private transfer or taking a taxi from the airport to the city centre in Moncton is less expensive than taking a bus for those travelling in a group of 2 or more. The lower taxi cost is calculated using a taximeter, factoring in the distance travelled and the number of passengers. For the 10 km into town, you’ll pay between €15.90-€17.90 (CAD 23-26) for 1 to 4 passengers, not including tolls or additional charges.

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Trip Duration

15 Min.

*Prices will vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Moncton International Airport (YQM).

Where can I find a taxi?

Taxis are available from the Arrivals Terminal as soon as you exit the building.


Travelling by taxi from Moncton Airport to downtown is not only the most convenient way to travel but it is also very affordable. As the only door-to-door transport option, we recommend taking a taxi if you’re travelling with luggage or children so that you won’t need to make your way to your accommodation from the bus station.

Editor’s Note

Moncton taxis generally accept any form of payment but it is best to check with your driver before departing.

Useful Tips

It is customary in Canada to tip 10-15% of the final fare to your driver.
Make sure the taximeter is running before starting your trip.
Many folks in Moncton are bilingual, so your driver will likely speak English and French.

How to get from Moncton Airport to Moncton City Centre by bus

Taking the bus from Moncton Airport to the city airport is a great budget option and you’ll reach downtown in about the same time as a taxi or private transfer. Maritime Bus provides just two services a day, so be sure to check that the schedule works with your flight arrival time. These buses drop passengers on the outskirts of town so if you do choose to take the bus, keep in mind the need to navigate to your final destination. 

How much does the airport shuttle bus cost?

A one-way ticket costs €10.70 (CAD 15.46) per person, including taxes and booking fees. If you’re travelling from overseas you’ll need to book your ticket online.



Trip Duration

15 Min.

There is a 185-minute wait in between services.

Value for Money

The bus makes two trips during the day at 12:40 and 15:45.

Where does the bus collect passengers from at Moncton Airport?

The Maritime Bus service stops in front of the main airport terminal to collect passengers and drops them off at the terminal on Main Street.


If you’re a solo traveller, then the bus is the cheapest transport option from Moncton Airport to downtown and it is just as quick as a taxi. Services don’t run very frequently, however, so if the bus schedule doesn’t suit your arrival time, a taxi is a much more reliable option and is even cheaper than the bus if you’re travelling in a group.

Editor’s Note

If you're travelling as two or more people it is slightly cheaper and much more convenient to take an airport taxi.

Useful Tips

Tickets must be booked 3 hours in advance; if there are no passengers booked the bus will not arrive.
If you're travelling with more than 2 bags you'll need to pay an excess luggage fee.
The Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza also provide a shuttle service. If you are a guest you can contact them directly for details.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get from Moncton Airport to downtown Moncton?

You can take a taxi or bus from Moncton Airport to the city centre. A taxi takes 15 minutes during light traffic, as does the bus, but the bus only provides two services a day. Alternatively, for a more reliable and personalised service, you can book a private Moncton taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups. This way, you avoid unexpected baggage fees, are guaranteed an on-time pickup, and can make any last-minute changes to your plans as needed. 

How far is Moncton from Moncton Airport?

Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport is located 10 km outside the nearby city of Moncton. The easiest way to reach the city centre is to take a 15-minute airport taxi or a low-priced private transfer.

What is the cost of a taxi from Moncton Airport to downtown?

Since taxis in Moncton use a taximeter to calculate their fares, the price will vary depending on how far you are travelling, and with how many people. However, from Moncton Airport to downtown you’ll pay between €15.90-€17.90 (CAD 23-26) for 1 to 4 passengers, excluding extra charges. For a fixed, competitive price, you can book in advance online.

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