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How to get from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to The Hague

The Hague is a city of exceptional beauty, located on the west coast of the North Sea, 20km northwest of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It is the Netherlands’s administrative and royal capital, as you will find the Dutch government’s seat here. It is also home to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, Europol and 200 other international organisations. Together with the neighbouring Rotterdam, it forms the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area, one of the biggest in Europe.

As soon as you land at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, there are two ways to reach the city centre of The Hague; taxi and metro. The metro is a budget-friendly and convenient option. It departs from Meijerplein station (which is 5 minutes by bus from the airport) and takes you to downtown The Hague in about 25 minutes. Taking a Rotterdam airport taxi is the quickest and easiest transport choice. Your taxi ride from Rotterdam airport to the Hague will cost around €65, and you will be at the doorstep of your destination in the city centre of The Hague within 25 minutes.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €65 25min 24/7
Metro €8 25min 05:38–23:52

How to get from Rotterdam airport to The Hague by taxi

An airport taxi is the most easily accessible means of transport for a direct transfer to your accommodation from Rotterdam airport to The Hague city centre. After you take your belongings from baggage claim, you just exit the terminal building and board your vehicle. Taxis are available 24/7 outside the arrivals hall.

Taxi fare from Rotterdam airport to The Hague

In general, Rotterdam taxis do not offer set-rate fares. Drivers charge their customers based on the indication of their taximeter, which calculates the fee by taking into account the time and distance travelled. Depending on traffic traditions at the time of your transfer, transport to The Hague will cost approximately €65.

Nevertheless, you can avoid extra charges and long queues by pre-booking a private transfer with Welcome. That way, you will benefit from a set rate and a professional English-speaking driver who will take you to your destination with zero waiting time.



Trip Duration

25 min

*Rates may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for money

Taxis at Rotterdam The Hague Airport are available 24/7.

Where do I get a taxi from?

Taxis are lined up outside the arrivals hall at the airport terminal. As soon as you collect your luggage from the carousel, walk the small distance to the exit of arrivals and you will see the rank. If there aren’t too many passengers waiting to get a taxi, you’ll be sitting in the back of your vehicle in minimum time.


Convenience is the middle name of a taxi as a transfer option, especially if someone visits the city for the first time. Heavy luggage and bad weather conditions can be a severe burden if you try to figure out how the public transport system works. A door-to-door service is a relief after a tiring flight.

Editor’s Note

A taxi or private transfer is the way to go for a hassle-free transfer to your destination in The Hague. However, if your budget is limited and does not allow the stressless option, Rotterdam's public transport is reliable and relatively fast.

Useful Tips

Not all cabs accept cards at Rotterdam airport. Ask your driver before you board the vehicle, and keep some cash on you.
Tips are not mandatory for Rotterdam taxis. Yet, if you received excellent service, a small roundup of your sum will be a token of appreciation to your driver.
Taxi fares in Rotterdam do not depend on the time of the day. They are the same during the day and at night.

How to get from Rotterdam airport to The Hague by metro

The frequent and reliable Rotterdam metro (line E) takes you to Den Haag Centraal, the central station of The Hague, in 25 minutes. It runs from the early morning (the first train in The Hague direction passes by the Meijersplein station at 05:38 on weekdays) until around midnight.

Metro fare from Rotterdam airport to The Hague

The RET 2 hour ticket, which covers the bus ride to Meijersplein station and the metro journey to The Hague Central Station, costs €4.



Trip Duration

25 min

*The cost includes both the bus and metro trips.

Value for money

*The line E of the Rotterdam metro runs every 10-15 minutes on weekdays and weekends.

Where do I get the metro from?

The metro line isn’t immediately accessible from the airport. To get to the metro station, you must take bus 33 from the bus stop outside the airport and head to the Meijersplein metro station. The bus ride is very short (5 minutes) and itineraries are frequent.


Getting from Rotterdam airport to The Hague by metro is fast and without excessive hassle. Tickets cost €4 and trains run every 10-15 minutes. You will reach the central railway station in the Hague in about 25 minutes, plus the 5 minutes of the bus ride. If you travel with light luggage or solo, it is a good transport option.

Editor’s Note

You have to keep in mind that the metro system is available until about midnight. If your flight's arrival time is late at night, a taxi or private transfer might be your only option.

Useful Tips

Connections between bus 33 and metro line E are scheduled in such a way as to allow the smooth transfer of passengers.
You can buy your tickets from the ticket vending machines at the airport or online using the RET Barcode-app.
When you get down to the platforms at Meijersplein station, stand in the Den Haag Centraal direction.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the cost of a taxi from Rotterdam airport to The Hague?

The cost of a taxi from Rotterdam airport to the Hague is about €65 in normal traffic conditions. However, excess luggage or making the taxi wait could raise the final price.

What's the distance from Rotterdam airport to The Hague?

The city centre of The Hague is located 20km northwest of Rotterdam-The Hague airport – a distance that can be covered in approximately 25 minutes by taxi or public transportation.

Is there a direct train from Rotterdam airport to The Hague?

No, Rotterdam airport does not have a train station. If you want to take an Intercity train to the Hague, you must ride the metro from Meijersplein station to Rotterdam Central Station and board the railway from there.

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