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How to get from Sydney Airport to Manly

Manly is a delightful, relaxed destination for travellers and one of the finest spots for surf lovers to visit in their lifetime. It offers beautiful beaches and stunning sights of the Pacific Ocean, as well as pubs and restaurants to spend some quality family time. This not-so-far-away Australian beach suburb welcomes millions of tourists annually.

There are three main ways to get from Sydney airport to Manly; you can choose to travel by taxi or private transfer, a combined train and bus trip, or a two-leg journey by train and ferry. You can travel comfortably and quickly and save a lot of time by choosing a 30-minute Sydney airport taxi ride as your transportation method. If you’re travelling on a tight budget, the train-and-bus option is the most affordable one, however, it requires multiple transfers to get you to your destination, leading to an increased journey time of at least 1h 25mins. Lastly, taking the train, followed by a ferry, to the Manly suburb is a great value-for-money option too, taking you to your destination in around 50 minutes, excluding waiting times.

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Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €84 30min 24/7 Book
Taxi €45.50 30min 24/7
Bus €41.90 85min 04:22–23:42
Ferry €39.10 50min 05:00–20:30

How to get from Sydney Airport to Manly by taxi

An airport taxi or private transfer from the taxi rank just outside the airport is the only direct way to travel from Sydney airport to Manly. It takes just 30 minutes by taxi to complete this route making it the fastest and most comfortable option.

Taxi fare from Sydney Airport to Manly

Taxis from Sydney Airport to Manly work with a daytime flat price of €45.5 (AUD 66.20) and a €54.70 (AUD 79.50) fare at night. All taxi companies must abide by these set prices, and all Sydney taxis accept cash and credit cards as payment. Keep in mind that surcharges may apply, i.e. for waiting time or extreme traffic. If you want to guarantee a competitive set-rate fare you can pre-book your trip with Welcome Pickups.


€45.50 (AUD 66.20)

Trip Duration

30 min.

The taxi price from Sydney airport to Manly rises from the €45.50 (AUD 66.20) day fare to €54.70 (AUD 79.50) at nighttime.

Value for the money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Sydney International Airport.

Where do I get a taxi from?

Sydney International Airport has sheltered taxi ranks available for both local and international arrivals, right outside the Domestic and International terminals.


Taxis are the only direct means of transportation from Sydney Airport to Manly, unlike the Sydney airport to Manly shuttle buses after taking the train, or the combined train and ferry option, saving you both time and effort and getting you to your destination in just 30 minutes. It’s by far the best option, especially if you’re carrying hefty luggage items, and/or travelling with children.

Editor’s Note

Considering the benefits of speed and comfort, a taxi is a rather excellent value-for-money transportation solution from Sydney airport to Manly if you’re travelling in a group of 4 and splitting the cost.

Useful Tips

All taxis in Sydney accept both cash and credit/debit card payments.
Silver taxis in Sydney usually mean luxury rides, so expect to pay a higher fare than you would for a regular white and yellow cab.

How to get from Sydney Airport to Manly by bus

There is no direct line from Manly to Sydney airport or vice versa, and you would need to use one train and two buses to visit this suburb from the airport terminal. On the upside, waiting time is considerably short as buses leave every 15-30 minutes. You’ll start on the T8 train and head to Wynyard Station, you’ll take the B1 bus to Spit Junction B-Line, Spit Rd, Mosman from there, then change one last time to bus 144 which will take you to Manly Wharf. The total journey is expected to last 1h 25 min in good traffic conditions, excluding wait times.

How much is the bus from Sydney Airport to Manly?

You would need to use the T8 train, followed by two buses to cover the 28 km from Sydney airport to Manly. Each bus ticket costs €4 (AUD 5.80) for adults, whilst children between 4 and 16 years old pay half the fare. Train tickets are €12.95 (AUD 19) each. Children aged 3 or under travel for free, whilst you may be eligible for a concession rate.


€20.95 (AUD 30.80)

Trip Duration

1 h 25 min

The trip duration could exceed 2 hours during peak traffic hours, not including wait times.

Value for the money

Buses B1 and 144 depart every 10-20 minutes, whilst T8 train leaves every 15 minutes.

Where do I get the bus from?

If you arrive at the International Terminal, go to exit A and then follow the signs for the Train Station. If you’re coming from Domestic Terminals 2 or 3, you can access the Train Station by the escalators located after carousel 1 at Baggage Claim.

T8 train leaves from Platform 1, Mascot and goes to Wynyard Station, Platform 5. There, you must walk a few meters to Wynyard Station, Carrington St, Stand B, where the B1 bus will take its passengers to Spit Junction B-Line, Spit Rd, Mosman. Once you arrive, you have to change buses and get on the 144 line bus, which will leave you at Manly Wharf, West Promenade, Stand J.


Taking a bus costs very little compared to taxis, however, it is not the most convenient option. Travellers must take a train first, followed by two bus transfers to get from Sydney airport to Manly; so the trip can last close to 2 hours if there is a lot of traffic, which can feel excruciating after a long flight.

Editor’s Note

I’d recommend the bus trip only for solo travellers or couples travelling light and/or are not in a rush due to the multiple transfers and considerably longer trip duration.

Useful Tips

For discounted rates and daily caps, you can get an Opal Transport card or use your contactless card or smartphone/smartwatch to pay for your fare.
When using Opal, ensure you tap in and out - if you forget to tap off, a default (maximum possible fee) will be charged.
Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed on buses; fines may apply for anyone not following the rules.

How to get from Sydney Airport to Manly by Ferry

No train line goes directly from Sydney Airport to the Manly suburb, however, if you’re not a bus fan but looking for something cost-effective, you can choose the train and ferry combined journey to reach Manly. The T8 Airport & South line train passes right underground from both the domestic and international airport terminal buildings, and it will take you directly to Circular Quay Wharf 3 station where you can catch the ferry. Waiting time for the train should be up to 10 minutes, while there are also regular ferry departures every 10-30 minutes.

Once you get to Circular Quay Wharf 3, you can walk to the Sydney Ferries stand and buy your tickets.

How much is the ferry from Sydney Airport to Manly?

The train from the airport to Circular Quay’s ferry terminal costs €12.95 (AUD 19), whilst the second leg of your trip to Manly Wharf on the ferry will be only €6.60 (AUD 9.70) per passenger. Ferries to Manly charge an additional €2-3 (AUD 2.90-4.30) per passenger during peak hours. You can benefit from lower rates if you choose to use the local Opal transportation card.


€19.55 (AUD 28.70)

Trip Duration

1 h

You could complete your trip from Sydney Airport to Manly in less than an hour if you're travelling off-peak.

Value for the money

T8 Train runs between 4:22-23:42 and the F1 ferry runs between 5:30-00:20 on weekdays and 6:10-00:20 on weekends and public holidays.

Where do I get the ferry from?

If your flight arrives at the International Terminal, go to exit A, turn right, and walk to the end following the signs for the Train Station. Arrivals at Domestic Terminals 2 or 3 have access to the Train Station by the escalators located right after Baggage Carousel 1. The T8 train will take you to the Ferry terminal at Circular Quay in around 25 minutes. After the train trip, a 2-minute walk separates travellers from Sydney’s main ferry terminal — Circular Quay, Wharf 2.


The fare for the combined train and ferry trip is reasonable for such an iconic experience. Although it doesn’t offer the comfort, speed and ease a taxi does, if you’re travelling on a tight budget, this route is recommended over the lengthy train-and-bus trip.

Editor’s Note

The ferry offers the opportunity to take some fantastic pictures of some of Sydney's more popular places like Bennelong Point and the Opera House, as well as Clark, Shark and Garden Islands.

Useful Tips

The Manly Ferry departs from Wharf 3, Circular Quay.
Bad weather can cause delays or even the suspension of the ferry service if the sea is rough and there are strong winds.
Opal card payments are accepted on the ferry too and offer much better rates and daily caps.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get to Manly from Sydney Airport?

If you wish to travel from Sydney Airport directly to Manly Beach, a cab is your best option. Public transport options involve transfers from the T8 train to buses B1 and 144, or the F1 ferry to complete the journey, adding effort and time to your trip. On the other hand, taxi ranks are available at the airport 24/7 and are the quickest and most convenient way to get from the terminal to the door of your hotel. Although a taxi is a more expensive option, if you’re travelling in a group of 4 and splitting the fare, the cost per person reduces dramatically.

How much is a taxi from Sydney airport to Manly?

Taxis from Sydney airport to Manly have a flat price of €45.50 (AUD 66.20) during the day, whilst at night, the cab fee for the same trip rises to €54.70 (AUD 79.50). Drivers can’t charge more than these fares as authorities in Australia regulate the taxi rates in each city.

What’s the distance from Sydney airport to Manly?

Sydney Airport and Manly are 28 km away. The estimated time by taxi from Manly to Sydney airport and vice versa is just under 30 minutes. Nevertheless, it is difficult to predict the exact time of the journey as it massively depends on the traffic conditions.

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