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How to get from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo is a metropolitan area of Southern Ontario, Canada. The city of Kitchener is the largest within the region where you can enjoy beautiful Victoria Park and nearby Huron which is especially colourful in Autumn. In town, the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum and the Schneider Haus National Historic Site are both worth dedicating an afternoon to, learning about the region’s local history. The two recommended transportation options when travelling between Waterloo Airport and Kitchener city centre are taxi or private transfer, or a public bus that requires one transfer at a local bus stop.

The quickest and most convenient transfer option is a taxi which takes just 20 minutes to reach the city centre; a local cab will cost you about €24 for up to 4 passengers. The cheapest option is to take the on-demand bus service from the airport and connect with another local bus line which will take you downtown. This option costs just €2.60 (CAD 3.75) per person but the service isn’t provided on weekends or at regular times throughout the week so it’s a little unreliable.

A more personalised and dependable option that we recommend, is booking a private door-to-door transfer in advance so that you can enjoy a seamless arrival to your destination.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €24 20min 24/7
Bus €5.20 30min 06:00–23:10

How to get from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener by taxi

The quickest and easiest way to get from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener city centre is by taking an airport taxi. Taxis are readily available from the airport terminal at any time of day and fares are calculated using a taximeter. You can expect to arrive in downtown Kitchener in around 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Taxi fare from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener

Local taxis in the Region of Waterloo calculate fares based on the distance travelled using a taximeter. The base rate for a taxi starts at €2.40 (CAD 3.50), and then the price per km is €1.50 (CAD 2.10) which brings the average cost from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener city centre to around €24 (CAD 35) for up to 4 passengers.

If a longer route needs to be taken to avoid traffic congestion, this could increase the final price of your journey. For a competitive and set-rate fare, we suggest booking a private airport transfer from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener with a trusted company like Welcome Pickups.



Trip Duration

20 Min.

Journey times may increase during heavy traffic.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Waterloo Airport.

Where do I take a taxi from?

You can easily take a taxi from the dedicated taxi rank located outside the main entrance of the airport terminal.


Taking a taxi directly from Waterloo Airport to your hotel or apartment in Kitchener city centre is by far the most direct and hassle-free transport option for this journey. You won’t need to schedule or wait around for buses or worry about carrying your luggage on public transport and you’ll arrive at your destination swiftly.

Editor’s Note

There is no nightly rate for taxis so you can expect to pay the same fare no matter what time you arrive.

Useful Tips

It is expected that you tip your driver 10–20% of the total fare price.
All taxi vehicles undergo an annual inspection to ensure they comply with safety regulations.
There are 4 different taxi companies servicing Waterloo Airport; Waterloo taxis, City Cabs, Golden Triangle and United Taxi.

How to take the bus from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener city centre

There is no direct bus route running between Waterloo Airport and Kitchener city centre so to take the public bus you will need to plan ahead and be prepared to make a transfer at a local bus stop.

Grand River Transit (GRT) provides an on-demand bus service from the airport called Route 79 Breslau. However, since it doesn’t go to Kitchener directly, you will need to ride the bus for 15 minutes and disembark at 7050 Victoria/Lackner. Then from the Victoria/Bingemans Centre Drive bus stop, take the GRT 204 iXpress Highland-Victoria bus towards Boardwalk Station for 15 minutes and disembark at Kitchener City Hall Station. The total journey time is 30 minutes, excluding any wait times.

Keep in mind that the bus only operates between certain hours throughout the day from Monday to Friday, and that you need to book your collection online using the GRT Flex App.

How much is the bus from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener?

A single transfer ticket on the 79 and 204 bus services costs €2.60 (CAD 3.75) per traveller for the entire journey and can be paid for in cash once you board by inserting coins into the coin slot. The fare box does not provide change so you need to ensure that you have the exact fare amount ready.



Trip Duration

30 Min.

The Route 79 Breslau bus doesn't run to a set schedule or route and therefore the journey time can vary depending on how many other passengers are on board and where they need to go.

Value for Money

The Route 79 bus service is available Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 10:00, 14:00 to 18:00 and 22:45 to 11:45. The 204 bus runs every 10 to 30 minutes between 05:53 and 23:28 during the week, and every 30 minutes between 06:28 and 23:28 on Saturdays, and 07:28 and 23:28 on Sundays and public holidays.

Where do I take the bus from?

When you book the GRT 79 bus through the GRT Flex App, your trip is combined with other requests that have been booked along the same route that collects passengers from a few select ‘virtual’ stops, including Waterloo Airport. Once scheduled, the app will show your pickup location and provide directions to your virtual stop.

The 204 bus service collects passengers from a standard bus stop that is indicated by signage.


The public bus service may be the cheapest transport option from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener city, but since the 79 bus service only runs on weekdays and at irregular hours, it may not be the best option if you’re in a hurry or require flexibility.

A more suitable option if you don’t want to have to wait around for transfers would be a private transfer. This way you can be taken directly to your destination and your driver will work to your schedule, including if your flight is delayed.

Editor’s Note

The 79 bus will not stop at the airport unless you have booked ahead through the app. Tickets can only be booked two days in advance and are provided on an as-needed basis.

Useful Tips

There isn't a physical bus stop when taking the 79 service, the app will indicate to you where you will be picked up from.
You can contact GRT for assistance with booking tickets through the GRT Flex App or at +1 519 585 7555.
If you try to make a booking close to the end-of-service time, your request will not be accepted.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener?

There are two main transport options for travelling from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener; a taxi or private transfer which takes around 20 minutes in light traffic, and a public bus which takes closer to 30 minutes, excluding wait times – although the service only runs on weekdays.

What is the distance from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener?

Kitchener city centre is located approximately 13 km from Waterloo Airport and can be reached in 20 minutes when travelling by car in light traffic.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener?

A taxi from Waterloo Airport to Kitchener will be calculated using a taximeter based on the distance travelled. For the 20-minute journey, you can expect to pay around €24 (CAD 35) for up to 4 passengers, although this is subject to change.

If you’d prefer a fixed fare with no uncertainty and no hidden costs, you can book a private transfer in advance with a trusted company such as Welcome Pickups.

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