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Getting from Brno Airport to Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria and one of the most romantic cities in Europe, is a great destination for those seeking a balance between history, culture and a little indulgence. The Gothic masterpiece of Stephansdom Cathedral is an icon of Vienna and one of the best places for a panoramic view of the city. For more stunning architecture, head to Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces, and then stroll through Naschmarkt marketplace to sample local produce and dishes, stopping off in one of Vienna’s historic coffeehouses, Café Demel.

The three main transport options from Brno Airport to Vienna are taxi or private transfer, bus, or train. The quickest and only door-to-door transfer option is a taxi or private transfer which takes around 90 minutes in light traffic. The combined train and airport bus is the cheapest option and takes around 110 minutes, however, there can be lengthy wait times in between services. Another affordable public transport option, with a slightly longer journey time of 120 minutes–excluding wait times–is the combination of a public and private bus which runs a little more frequently than the train.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €177.50 90min 24/7
Train €19.8 110min 02:15–21:02
Bus + Shared Shuttle €34 120min 01:15–21:50

How to get from Brno Airport to Vienna by taxi

Taking a taxi is the only direct transport from Brno Airport to your hotel or apartment in Vienna and takes just 90 minutes under good traffic conditions. Official taxis are readily available from outside the main airport terminal and can accommodate up to 8 passengers, depending on the vehicle type.

Taxi fare from Brno Airport to Vienna

Taxi fares in Brno are calculated using a taximeter based on the distance travelled, with a separate tariff for trips that go beyond 30 km of Brno city centre, like this one.

For the 141 km trip from Brno Airport to Vienna you can expect to pay around €177.50 (CZK 4,373) for up to 4 passengers. This price won’t include extra fees such as tolls or waiting time fees, where applicable.



Trip Duration

90 Min.

*Fares will vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are readily available from Brno International Airport (BRQ) 24/7.

Where can I take a taxi from?

Local taxis depart from the designated taxi rank outside the Arrivals Hall at Brno Airport.


Brno taxis are easily the quickest and most comfortable way to travel from Brno Airport to Vienna and the only option that provides a door-to-door service, other than a private transfer.

When you book a Welcome Pickups private transfer in advance you’ll be provided with a more personalised service with no hidden costs and a local English-speaking driver who’ll be your friend on the ground from the moment you arrive.

Editor’s Note

Tipping isn't expected in Brno, but if you'd like to thank your driver for good service, 10% of the total fare price is a good guide.

Useful Tips

Your driver should be able to assist with loading and unloading your luggage.
Have the address of your destination in Czech to assist your driver with directions.
Ask for a receipt at the end of your journey in case you leave anything behind.

How to get from Brno Airport to Vienna by train

There isn’t a direct train service from Brno Airport so you’ll first need to travel from the airport to Brno’s central station which takes 20 minutes. From Brno Main Station, take the train towards Vienna for 90 to 145 minutes, terminating at either Vienna Central Station or Vienna Meidling Train Station. This transport option has a total journey time between 110 and 165 minutes, depending on the train service you choose.

How much is the train from Brno Airport to Vienna

The public bus from the airport to Brno Main Station costs €1 (CZK 25) per person for a 60-minute ticket. Low-cost train tickets start at around €8.88 (CZK 219) per person, and increase up to €40 (CZK 986) for a second-class ticket or when tickets are in high demand. You can purchase train tickets online or from the station using a credit/debit card or cash. The total fare price for the bus and train journey comes to around €9.90 (CZK 244) per traveller depending on how expensive your train ticket is.



Trip Duration

110 Min.

Buses from the airport depart every 30 to 60 minutes. Wait times in between train services from Brno Main Train Station range from 60 to 330 minutes. Trains run more frequently from other stations throughout Brno.

Value for Money

Airport bus services E76 and N89 operate 24/7. The first train towards Vienna departs daily at 02:15 and the last at 21:02.

Where can I take the train from?

Buses from the airport pass by the departures terminal to collect passengers. Once at Brno Main Station, check the departures board for the most up-to-date train platforms to Vienna.


Taking the train is the cheapest and most comfortable public transport option where you can stretch your legs and take in the views as you travel. However, if time is a priority for you, this may not be the best option since you may have to wait several hours between services.

For a door-to-door transfer service at any time of day, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance so that you can avoid delays and the hassle of navigating bus and train timetables.

Editor’s Note

Numerous services towards Vienna also run from Brno Královo Pole Train Station and Brno Zidenice Train Station. You can reach these by bus or tram from Brno Main Train Station in 8 to 20 minutes. 

Useful Tips

To guarantee a seat, be sure to book tickets in advance - especially during peak season.
Check that you meet the luggage requirements, in order for your bags to fit in the designated baggage storage areas.
Refreshments, WiFi and power outlets are available on select trains.

How to get from Brno Airport to Vienna by bus

Although there isn’t a direct bus service between Brno Airport and Vienna, taking a combination of buses is still a straightforward and affordable transport option with a journey time of about 120 minutes, excluding wait times.

From the airport, take the local public bus, run by DPMB, to Brno Main Station (Hlavní nádraží) which takes 20 minutes. From there, walk across the road to Brno Benesova Bus Station (also known as Hotel Grand) where you can connect with the FlixBus service. The FlixBus service terminates at either Erdburg station, which is the International Bus Terminal in Vienna, or Vienna Central Station and takes around 100 minutes, depending on traffic.

*RegioJet also provides a bus service from Brno Benesova Bus Station, however, it generally only departs once a day to Vienna Airport and just a couple of times a week to Vienna Central Station.

How much does the bus cost?

The total cost for a one-way journey from Brno Airport to Vienna by bus is €17 (CRZ 420) per person. The public bus from the airport costs €1 (CRZ 25) for a single 60-minute ticket which will allow you enough time to get to the Main Station; tickets can be purchased from ticket machines or vendors at the airport, from the driver with cash or card, or by tapping with your credit card when you board. FlixBus tickets can be purchased online in advance.



Trip Duration

120 Min.

Buses from the airport depart every 30 minutes between 05:00 and 00:30 and then hourly until 04:30. Wait times in between FlixBus services range between 30 and 110 minutes.

Value for Money

The E76 and N89 local bus services from the airport operate 24/7. The FlixBus service operates daily between 01:35 and 21:50.

Where do I catch the bus from?

The E76 and N89 buses stop in front of the Departures terminal at the airport. The FlixBus service departs from Benesova Bus Station.


The combined public bus and shared shuttle journey provides another cheap alternative to a taxi and it is relatively easy to make the necessary connections. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to carry your luggage and make your way to your accommodation upon arrival.

For peace of mind that you’ll be taken directly to the door of your desired destination without the stress of carrying your luggage on public transport or through the city, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups.

Editor’s Note

The E76 bus operates during the day from the airport and the N89 operates at night.

Useful Tips

The FlixBus journey ranges from 100 to 135 minutes, depending on which station it terminates at and whether it makes a stop at Vienna Airport along the way. Heavy traffic can also result in an increased journey time.
There are power outlets and WiFi available on board.
FlixBus tickets range from €15.99 (CZK 395) to €27.99 (CZK 691). For cheaper tickets, it is always best to book in advance.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Vienna from Brno Airport?

Downtown Vienna is located 141 km from Brno Airport which can most easily be reached by taxi or private transfer in approximately 90 minutes, under good traffic conditions.

How do I get from Brno Airport to Vienna?

There are three main modes of transport from Brno Airport to Vienna: a taxi or private transfer which takes 90 minutes in light traffic, a combined public and shared shuttle bus journey with a journey time of 120 minutes, excluding potential waiting, and a bus and train journey which takes between 110 and 165 minutes, not including wait times.

What’s the taxi fare from Brno Airport to Vienna?

The average taxi fare from Brno Airport to Vienna for up to 4 people is €177.50 (CZK 4,373) excluding tolls and surcharges.

If you prefer to lock in a guaranteed set-rate fee with no hidden costs, we recommend pre-booking a private transfer with a reliable company.

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