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Brno Taxi General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Brno

Brno is a lively university town located in the historical region of Moravia in the Czech Republic. The city is known for its lively cultural scene with an abundance of music festivals, museums, art galleries, and exhibitions. With so much to see and do, taking a Brno taxi is the easiest and most comfortable way to hop from one place to another. You can hail a taxi from the street, find one at a designated taxi rank, use a local ride-hailing app, or book a private transfer. With so many options available, taking a taxi during your visit to Brno is a reliable and convenient way of seeing the city.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
A yellow taxi on the streets of Brno in Czech Republic.

Cost of a taxi in Brno

Taxis in Brno don’t provide fixed fares throughout the city, instead, they use a taximeter which calculates the price based on the distance travelled. Taximeters use two tariff systems which are set by the Brno Taxi Guild: one for within the city, and one for journeys more than 30km outside of Brno. The fares are as follows:

Within Brno – 
Base rate: €2.45 (CZK 60)
Rate per km: €1.50 (CZK 36)

More than 30km outside of Brno – 
Base rate: €2.50 (CZK 60)
Rate per km: €1.25 (CZK 30)

Extra waiting fees of €0.30 (CZK 7) per minute also apply.

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How to get a taxi in Brno

There are only a few hundred taxis available in the small town of Brno, however, there are many ways you can find and book one, ensuring that cab service is never too far away. The easiest way to grab a taxi is to simply hail one from the street whenever you spot a yellow ‘TAXI’ sign on the roof of a vehicle. Alternatively, you can walk directly to one of the designated taxi ranks located throughout the city, near transport hubs, shopping malls, tourist hot spots, and hotels.

If you prefer to plan ahead, you can use a ride-hailing service; Bolt Taxi in Brno and Uber Taxi in Brno are the most common, but keep in mind that prices for these services often fluctuate significantly. If you’re looking to travel at night, during unfavourable weather, or over longer distances, you may want to book a private transfer ahead of time, phone or SMS a company directly. Note that not all taxi companies are allowed to pick up passengers from certain hotels so it is best to check with the concierge first. Some of the most well-known companies you can reach by phone are:

City Taxi Brno: +420 (542) 321 321 or via SMS to +420 (777) 014 004

Lido Taxi: +420 (542) 214 221

Impuls Taxi: +420 (724) 006 666

Benefits of booking a private Brno taxi transfer in advance

If you’re someone who prefers to plan and budget in advance, it’s best to pre-book your Brno taxi. This way you can relax knowing that your Brno taxi will be waiting for you at a set time and place, for a guaranteed price with no hidden charges. Welcome Pickups provides 24/7 customer support, competitive prices, and highly trained local English-speaking drivers who pride themselves on offering a truly personalised service.

When booking your private Brno transfer, you know you’re getting a seamless and stress-free journey with all your needs taken care of.

Brno taxi tips

  1. Check that the taximeter has been turned on and reset before beginning your trip.
  2. Have your route handy on Google Maps or Waze to cross-check that your driver is taking the most direct route.
  3. Make sure you request a receipt at the end of your journey in case you leave anything behind or have any issues.
  4. Tipping isn't customary in Czech Republic but if you'd like to show your appreciation for good service, 5-10% of the total fare price is a good amount.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Brno

Buildings in Brno are required to be as wheelchair-accessible as possible, although given that it is a medieval city, there are some limitations. To get around the city, you can arrange a modified taxi through City Taxi Brno which allows fastening of the wheelchair using anchors so that the passenger isn’t required to move from their chair. This service needs to be arranged in advance and you can contact them by phone at +420 (542) 321 321.

Safety and complaints for Brno taxis

Although taxis in Brno are generally regarded as reliable and safe, the most common taxi issue that tourists encounter is the taximeter not being reset or a longer than necessary route being taken in an attempt to drive up the price. 

If you feel that your driver has tried to overcharge you or if they’ve behaved inappropriately, it is best to contact the taxi company directly, or you can reach out to the Czech Republic Taxi Guild to make a formal complaint. 

To make a complaint, be sure to request and keep your receipt and write down the driver’s registration and licence number.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Brno?

Taxis in Brno can be phoned directly to arrange a pick-up, or you can ask your hotel to phone one on your behalf. Two of the most popular companies are Lido Taxi +420 (542) 214 221 and Impuls Taxi +420 (724) 006 666.

Can I pay for my taxi in Brno by card?

Most taxi companies use mobile card readers to process credit/debit card payments, however, be sure to check whether the machine is working before accepting a ride.

How do taxis in Brno calculate their fares?

Brno taxis calculate their fares using a taximeter which charges based on the distance travelled. Tolls and surcharges are added on top, as is an additional fee per minute for making the driver wait, where applicable. Though not required, a 5-10% tip is appreciated for exceptional service.

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