Taxi from Madrid airport to the city of Madrid

Madrid Taxi

Taking a taxi from Madrid airport is by far the most convenient way to get from airport to your hotel or city center. There are taxi ranks outside of the 4 terminals in Madrid airport.

Taxis in Madrid are white with a red diagonal stripe and it is easy to hail a taxi, but you have to wait in the taxi rank. There is a flat fee for transfers from the airport to the city, however there are many complaints about local taxi drivers behaviour. Most of the time drivers overcharge travellers. You will probably also face communication issues with local drivers. Instead, you can pre-book your private transfer from the airport to the city here.

The flat fee from the airport to the city center of Madrid is 30€ (day & night time) . You can see here the city ring of Madrid. If your destination is outside the city ring, you will pay what is written on the taximeter. Make sure that the taximeter is on.

There are many companies providing private transfers from the airport. You have to be sure that your booking is private and not shared shuttle.

Where do I find taxi ranks:
-Terminal T4 floor 0, Arrivals area
-Terminal T4 floor 2, Departures area
-Terminal T1 floor 0, Arrivals area
-Terminal T1 floor 1, Departures area
-Terminal T2 floor 0, Arrivals area
-Terminal T2 floor 2, Departures area
-Terminal T3 floor 0, Arrivals area

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Taking a bus from Madrid airport to the city of Madrid

madrid airport bus

There is a 24/7 express bus from Madrid-Barajas airport to Madrid city center. The bus is yellow and it has 3 stops in Barajas airport, terminals T4, T2, T1. Under normal traffic circumstances you need approximately 40 minutes to reach Madrid center by bus.

The good news is that the bus goes every 15 minutes (from 23:30 to 06:00) and every 35 at midnight. If your hotel or apartment is nearby O’Donnell corner, Doctor Esquerdo or Plaza de Cibeles, then bus might be your transportation option. Express airport bus has only 3 stops at daytime (from 06:00 to 23:30) and 2 bus stops at midnight in the center of Madrid.

During daytime the bus stops at O’Donnell, Plaza de Cibeles and Atocha railways station, at nighttime the bus stops at O’Donnell and Plaza de Cibeles.

One-way ticket costs 5€ and you can buy your tickets from the bus. They accept cash only.

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Train & Subway Transfer from Madrid Airport to the City

Subway Transfer from Madrid Airport to Madrid City Center

Madrid Airport Subway

If you are staying for few a days and you don’t have more than one luggage, then metro might be your transportation option from airport to city. Madrid-Barajas airport is directly connected with the subway to central subway station of Madrid. You can change metro line and reach your final destination. Trip takes approximately 20 minutes from Madrid airport to the city. Unfortunately, subway operates only during daytime from 06:00 to 01:30. The metro departs from airport every 5 minutes from 06:00-22:00 and from 22:00 til 01:30 departs every 15 minutes.

The main line that reaches Barajas airport is line 8. Metro line 8 is also connected with metro lines 6,10, 9, 4, so you can actually reach the majority of metro stations in Madrid.

The metro station is located inside the Madrid-Barajas airport with two different stations at Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. So, if you arriving in Terminal 1 or 3 you can catch the free bus and head either to Terminal 2 or Terminal 4.

Metro tickets cost from 3€ to 7€ depending on your destination. You can see below the price table.


Ticket Prices

Combined 10 trips All of the stations in the Metro Network and Metro Ligero: ML1, ML2 and ML3 18,30€
AIRPORT MetroMadrid single ticket + Airport supplement Metro Zona A, Metro Ligero 1 (ML1) for entry and exit at Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T4 Stations 4,50€ – 5€ (**)
MetroMadrid single ticket + Airport supplement The entire Metro Network and for entering and leaving the Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T4 stations 6,00€
Airport supplement For entering and leaving the Airport T1-T2-T3 and Airport T4 stations together with the MetroMadrid Single Journey Ticket. Single Journey Combined or METROBUS 3,00€
(**) A supplement of €3 will be added to the price of the Metro Zone A ticket in accordance with the journey made


You can download the official metro application (IOS & Android) here.


Train Transfer from Madrid Airport to Madrid City Center

Madrid Airport Train

The national railway company of Spain operates routes from and to Madrid airport with line C-1. It reaches only terminal 4, so if you are arriving at terminal 1,2 or 3 you have to take the internal bus and head to terminal 4 on the -1 floor.

The train has 5 stops, the Chamartín station, Nuevos Ministerios station, Atocha central railway station, Méndez Álvaro station and Príncipe Pío station. It is not advised to choose the train as your transportation option, especially if you arriving from terminals 1, 2 or 3.

The first train departs from Madrid airport at 06:00 and the last one at 23:33. From Madrid city center (Príncipe Pío station) it departs at 5:58 and the last one departs at 22:27.

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