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Getting from LGA to Times Square: All Transport Options

There’s no doubt that Times Square is iconic. The bustling, vibrant square is situated in Midtown Manhattan and is always teeming with tourists and locals alike. Visitors love staying in this area because of its proximity to the world-famous Empire State Building and plenty of other attractions. Arriving in a busy city like New York can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve broken down all available transport options from LGA to Times Square to make things simple for you.

There are currently five main transportation options to travel from LGA to Times Square; by subway, by train, by rideshare, by taxi or by private shuttle. The cheapest option is the subway, costing just $2.75 (€2.40) per person. Alternatively, you can take an NYC taxi if you want a faster, more comfortable journey. The journey takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic levels and the price of a transfer to Times Square is around $40 (€37.45), not including extra charges. 

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Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €115.80 30min 24/7 Book
Taxi €37.45 30min 24/7
Rideshare €46.40 30min 24/7
Subway €4.80 50min 24/7
Train €12 20min 24/7

How to get from LGA to Times Square by taxi

Travelling by taxi is one of the best ways to get from LaGuardia to Times Square as it is one of the fastest and most comfortable choices. Getting your trip off to a good start can make a world of difference and opting for a door-to-door service allows you to arrive in style and comfort. The journey from LaGuardia to Times Square costs approximately $40 (€37.45) and takes around 30 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

NYC cabs are easy to spot with their iconic yellow colour, taxi medallion and “TAXI” roof sign. They can be found waiting at taxi ranks outside of each terminal, with attendants ready to help you if needed. Alternatively, you can opt for a private transfer and book with a trusted, reliable company like Welcome Pickups.

How much is a taxi from LGA to Times Square?

NYC taxis travelling from LaGuardia Airport to Times Square use a taximeter to calculate fares. A journey in standard traffic is likely to cost around $40 (€37.45), not including tolls and other surcharges.

Extra Charges:

Peak hours – $1 (€0.90) between 16:00 and 20:00

NY state tax – $0.50 (€0.47)

Airport access fee – $1.75 (€1.65)

*Be aware that traffic can significantly affect your final fare.



Trip Duration

30 Min.

*Prices may vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis and private shuttles are available 24/7 from LGA Airport.

Where do I get the taxi from?

New York yellow cab stands are located outside every terminal at LaGuardia Airport. You’ll find assistants at every rank to guide you to a taxi or help you find what you need, just remember that it’s customary to tip these attendants 10%-15%. Most taxis are standard sedans taking up to 4 people, but larger vehicles may also be available upon request.

If you book with a private shuttle company like Welcome Pickups, your driver will be waiting for you, with a name sign, at the arrivals exit.


Travelling by private shuttle or taxi from LGA to Times Square is the most comfortable option as you save time and avoid messing around on public transport. 

It is best to avoid metered taxis during rush hour as the journey will be slow and your final fare may be much more than you anticipated. As long as you travel outside of peak hours, Monday through Friday between 14:00 and 20:00, this won’t happen. The journey can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on traffic.

Best times to travel:

Weekdays – 10:00-15:00 and after 20:00.

Weekends and Holidays – before 12:00 and after 20:00.

Editor’s Note

If you want to get from LGA to Times Square as quickly as possible and avoid extra costs and tolls, we recommend pre-booking a private transfer.

Useful Tips

Taxis and shuttles in New York are regulated, so you can be sure that you are in good hands. However, if you aren’t happy with your experience, you can contact the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission on their official website or call 311.
A 15%-20% tip is expected for taxis in NYC.
Drivers who approach you inside the terminal and offer their services are usually unlicensed and uninsured. If you’re unsure about a taxi or car service, visit the Port Authority Welcome Centre in the arrivals area of each terminal and speak to one of the uniformed staff members.

How to get from LGA to Times Square by rideshare

Another solid choice to get from LaGuardia Airport to Times Square is to use a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber. Avoid queueing at a taxi rank in one of NYC’s busiest airports and book a convenient rideshare via an app. Journeys are usually slightly cheaper than a traditional New York taxi, depending on the demand at that moment in time. The ride to Times Square takes about 30 minutes in normal traffic conditions and can take up to 2 hours in heavy traffic.

How much is a rideshare from LaGuardia to Times Square?

Rideshare apps are a popular way to get around cities and often cheaper than local taxis. Your final fare depends on which app you select, the type of vehicle you order and the demand at the time of booking. 

Prices for an Uber or Lyft from LGA to Times Square range from as cheap as $40 (€37.10) to as expensive as $120 (€111.30). We’ve included the average prices for this route to give you an idea of what you’ll spend:

Lyft (personal ride): $50 (€46.40)

XL (supersized ride): $60 (€56)

Lux black (luxury ride): $74 (€69.10)

Lux Black XL (spacious luxury ride): $105 (€98.05)



Trip Duration

30 Min.

*Prices may vary depending on whether you use Lyft or Uber and traffic conditions.

Value for Money

Uber and Lyft services are available 24/7.

Where do I get my Lyft or Uber ride from?

Rideshare apps are notoriously easy to use, all you need to do is order a ride within your chosen app and head to the designated pickups areas. It’s a super convenient choice as you can book your ride whilst you’re waiting for your luggage and hop straight into your ride upon exiting the terminal.

Designated pickup areas:

Terminal B: 2nd level of the car park. 

Terminals A, C, and D: directly outside the terminals in designated lanes.


Rideshare apps are great, however the price isn’t fixed and if there’s heavy traffic during your journey, the cost of your final fare could go up dramatically. Also, it can be difficult to find your driver when the airport is particularly crowded. The best way to approach this is to keep your app open and track your ride; you can also communicate with your driver to ensure you pick a clear meeting spot.

Editor’s Note

An Uber or Lyft ride is sometimes slightly cheaper, if not the same price, as a regular New York taxi.

Useful Tips

Remember that the initial in-app quote for your ride may not be your final fare.
Tolls and surcharges may also be added to your fare.

How to get from LGA to Times Square by subway

Taking the subway from LGA Airport to Times Square is the cheapest option, especially during rush hour. There is no direct subway service from LaGuardia to Times Square, so if you wish to use the subway system, you will need to take the Q70 SBS LaGuardia Link Airport Bus to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue. The service takes approximately 15 minutes and is free of charge. From Roosevelt Ave you can take either the E or F Subway Line into Midtown Manhattan, which will take around 35 minutes.

How much is the subway from LGA Airport to Times Square?

It’s completely free to ride the Q70 Bus and the subway will only cost you $2.75 (€2.40) each, making this the cheapest option by far. However, if you have a MetroCard and you board the subway within two hours of buying the ticket you can transfer to a subway or another bus service for free, making it a fantastic budget option. Metrocards can be purchased from the ticket machines at any station or from Metrocard agents at the airport.



Trip Duration

50 Min.

There can be up to a 20-minute wait for the subway.

Value for Money

Both the subway and the Q70 bus operate 24/7.

Where do I get the subway from?

To start your journey, you’ll have to take the Q70 bus from terminals B, C or D at LGA Airport and get off at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue. From there, you can purchase a MetroCard and travel on the E or F lines to get to Midtown Manhattan. 

The E line will stop at 42nd Street/Port Authority which is one block west of Times Square and the F line will take you to 42nd Street/Bryant Park, one block east of Times Square.


Taking the subway is a great budget-friendly option, but you’ll probably have to deal with changeovers and waiting times throughout your journey. Plus, not all NYC subway stations have escalators or elevators, so you’ll be carrying your luggage up flights of stairs.

Editor’s Note

The easiest way to purchase subway tickets in New York is with a rechargeable MetroCard. You can purchase them from self-service machines at the stations for $1 (€0.90).

Useful Tips

The subway runs much more frequently during peak hours (between 3-5 or 6-8 minutes).
You can buy MetroCards from the ticket machines in the station or from the Metrocard agents.
There are several connections from Roosevelt Ave-Jackson Heights Station, so you can choose which metro line gets you where you need to go.

How to get from LGA to Times Square by train

Just like the subway, there isn’t a direct train service at LaGuardia Airport. In order to travel by train from LGA to Times Square, you’ll have to board the LaGuardia Link Q70 first. The Q70 LaGuardia Link is free to ride and the buses are equipped with luggage racks. Ride the Q70 until you reach Woodside Station. From here, you can board the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) directly to Penn Station, close to Times Square.

How much is the train from LGA Airport to Times Square?

The cost of your LIRR ticket depends on whether you’re travelling during peak hours or not. A one-way ticket during rush hour (06:00-10:00) costs $6.50 (€6), and an off-peak ticket (weekends and holidays) will cost $9 (€8.40).



Trip Duration

20 Min

The train comes every 3-5 minutes during rush hour and waiting times can be anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

Value for Money

The LaGuardia Link Q70 and LIRR train run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where do I get the train from?

At LGA Airport, follow the signs for public transit from Terminals B and C. The LaGuardia Link Q70 stops in front of each terminal and runs every 8-10 minutes. If you arrive at Terminal A, take the airport shuttle to Terminal B. Once you’ve boarded, you’ll get off at Woodside Station, exit the bus and follow the signs to the LIRR.


Taking the train is a great budget option and fast as well, but you’ll have to do at least one changeover. Plus, some train stations don’t have elevators or escalators, so if you have a lot of luggage to carry this might not be the best option for you.

Bear in mind that the LIRR can get quite busy during weekday rush hours (06:00-10:00), waiting times and queues for ticket machines can be quite long during these busy periods.

Editor’s Note

You cannot use a MetroCard for the LIRR train. The ticket machines for LIRR are different to the subway tickets, so make sure to use the right one. You can also purchase your LIRR ticket onboard at a higher rate.

Useful Tips

Remember that the price of tickets varies depending on whether you're travelling during peak hours or not.
During off-peak hours, you can buy a CityTicket from Woodside to Penn Station for $5 (€4.60).
Tips are not expected for train or bus drivers.

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Frequently asked questions

How to get from LGA to Times Square?

There are five options to get from LGA to Times Square. If you’d prefer not to use public transport, you can take a taxi, private transfer or rideshare. These are the fastest and most convenient options. For a solid value-for-money option, we recommend taking the subway. Whilst the journey is a little longer, the fare will only cost you $2.75 (€2.40). Finally, you can get on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) which is more expensive but the fastest option, taking just 20 minutes.

How much is a taxi from LGA to Times Square?

A taxi ride from LaGuardia to Times Square will be calculated using a taximeter, you’ll pay approximately $40 (€37.45) for the trip in light traffic conditions. However, extra charges such as tolls and airport pickup fees will apply.

For a fully personalised transfer with no extra charges, pre-book your LGA Airport transfer with Welcome Pickups and take advantage of our door-to-door pickups, 24/7 customer support and app.

How far is LGA from Times Square?

LaGuardia Airport is located about 15 km away from Times Square. In normal traffic conditions, the journey should take around 30 minutes and up to 2 hours in heavy traffic.

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