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How to get from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach

Located on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria is the picturesque town of Sunny Beach, where every evening Mother Nature puts on quite the show with a fiery sunset. Pass the time with lazy beach days on the sand or strolling along the bustling shorefront promenade. You’ll find plenty of venues to let your hair down on the dance floor and children can be kept entertained on the go-kart track or at one of the nearby waterparks.

The main transport options when travelling from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach are taxi, private transfer, or a combined bus and train journey that requires two transfers. A taxi or private transfer is the fastest option and takes around 185 minutes during light traffic. The bus and train, on the other hand, take at least 335 minutes, excluding wait times, but the travel itinerary is very affordable. 

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €145 185min 24/7
Bus €21.80 335min 01:26–19:55

How to get from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach by taxi

Taking an airport taxi from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach is by far the quickest and easiest way to reach this destination. The journey takes around 185 minutes in light traffic and it is the only door-to-door option for this route.

How much does a taxi cost?

When taking a local taxi within the city you can expect to be charged using a taximeter, however, when covering longer distances to surrounding towns, you’ll be charged a flat rate fee, which will vary between companies. For the trip to Sunny Beach, you can expect to pay around €145 (BGN 284) for up to 4 travellers, with an additional surcharge between 22:00 and 06:00.

If you prefer to lock in a guaranteed competitive price, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance so that you can secure a set rate fee with no hidden extras.



Trip Duration

185 Min.

*Prices will vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis from Plovdiv Airport (PDV) are readily available 24/7.

Where can I take a taxi from?

Taxis depart from Plovdiv Airport directly in front of the Arrivals Hall. Official taxis are yellow and will have the company logo marked on the vehicle.


While a taxi is considerably more expensive than the bus, it is also the only direct option and takes half the time of the train and bus option. If you prefer to avoid long wait times and multiple transfers, especially if travelling with children or lots of luggage, a taxi is a much more convenient option.

Editor’s Note

Taxi drivers do sometimes try to overcharge foreigners. You can ask your hotel what the normal rate should be for a trip to Sunny Beach to confirm what price is considered fair.

Useful Tips

Tolls and surcharges will be added on top of the fare price.
Be sure to agree on a price and payment method with your driver before setting off.
Tipping is customary in Bulgaria; for a long journey such as this one, you should round up to the nearest lev and add 10 or 20 more.

How to get from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach by bus and train

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus or train service between Plovdiv Airport and Sunny Beach, but if you are willing to do some prior planning and make a couple of transfers, then it is a very affordable way to travel. All public transport journeys first require you to take the shared airport shuttle from the airport to Plovdiv city centre which takes around 25 minutes, excluding wait times. Once there, you have two main options:

Option 1

  • From Plovdiv South Station, walk across the road to Plovdiv Central Station.
  • Take a train for 60 minutes on BDZ  towards Silkengrad, disembarking at Dimitrovgrad Station.
  • From there, ride the bus with Arda Tur for 275 to 300 minutes until you reach Sunny Beach Station. 

Option 1 has a journey time of approximately 360 minutes, excluding wait and transfer times.

Option 2

  • From Plovdiv Central Station, board a train towards Burgas and disembark at the final stop which takes around 270 minutes on a direct train.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Burgas Bus Station South and take a 40-minute bus to Sunny Beach with Arda Tur, which stops just a few streets back from the beach.

Option 2 has an average journey time of 335 minutes, excluding wait and transfer times.

How much does the bus and train cost?

Firstly, each person will need to pay €5.10 (BGN 10) for the airport shuttle into the city. Then for Option 1, the train price starts at €2.20 (BGN 4.25) for a second-class ticket and the bus leg costs €14.30 (BGN 28) per person, bringing the cost to around €21.60 (BGN 42.5) per traveller.

For Option 2, the train also starts at €2.20 (BGN 4.25) but the bus costs less at around €3.60 (BGN 7) per ticket, bringing the cost to just €10.90 (BGN 21.25) per traveller.

Other than the airport shuttle service which must be purchased on board with cash, all other train and bus services can be purchased online or in person with cash (train/bus) or debit/credit card (train).



Trip Duration

335 Min.

Wait times between trains from Plovdiv to Dimitrovgrad Station range from 55 to 80 minutes. There is a 355-minute wait between Arda Tur bus services from Dimitrovgrad Station. Wait times in between trains to Burgas range from 35 to 125 minutes. Buses from Burgas run every 420 to 490 minutes.

Value for Money

Trains to Dimitrovgrad Station run daily between 05:40 and 23:44. The Arda Tur bus runs twice daily at 07:45 and 13:40. Trains from Central Station to Burgas run daily between 01:26 and 23:44. The bus from Burgas runs between 05:00 and 19:55.

Where do I take the bus and train from?

The shared airport shuttle bus departs from outside the Arrivals Hall. Both train options depart from the Plovdiv Central Station; check the departures board for the correct platform on the day of travel. In Dimitrovgrad, the train and bus depart from the same location whereas you’ll need to walk 5 minutes to the bus station in Burgas after disembarking from the train.


While the combined bus and train option is very affordable, due to services being infrequent and inconsistent, it isn’t the most convenient. Moreover, if you do decide to travel by this mode of transport, it’s important to be aware that buses and trains run on a restricted timetable early in the morning and late in the evening.

A much more flexible and reliable option is to pre-book a private transfer, that way you can have peace of mind that a driver will be there to greet you as soon as you land, even if your plane is delayed, and take you straight to the door of your desired destination.

Editor’s Note

Always confirm the most up-to-date bus and train timetables before travelling to ensure services are running to meet your scheduled arrival time.

Useful Tips

Trains can take considerably longer if passing through non-direct towns so be sure to check the train's itinerary before embarking.
Some train and bus services include bathroom facilities, WiFi, power sockets and refreshments.
Arda Tur allows a complimentary second bag of luggage.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach? 

The two main modes of transport from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach are a taxi or private transfer which takes 185 minutes in light traffic, or a combined bus and train journey which takes at least 335 minutes, not including wait times.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Plovdiv Airport to Sunny Beach? 

For a long-distance journey such as this one, Plovdiv taxis charge a flat rate fee of around €145 (BGN 284) for up to 4 people, excluding tolls and surcharges.

How far is Sunny Beach from Plovdiv Airport?

Sunny Beach is situated 290 km southeast of Plovdiv and can be reached in around 3 hours during light traffic.

For a quick and reliable transport option when covering this distance, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance so you can get your holiday underway as soon as you land.

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