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Transfer Options from Istanbul New Airport to Istanbul City Centre

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How to get from Istanbul New Airport to City Centre

Istanbul New Airport was officially inaugurated in October 2018, with later stages of the airport opening regularly until completion. The airport is expected to be a huge Eurasian passenger terminal and set to compete with some of the largest airports in the world, however it currently only holds limited flight operations. The airport is said to be receiving all flights from Ataturk Airport in March 2019. Currently, taxis and buses are the only way to and from the airport since it's initial opening in October 2018. The airport is located in the northern area of Arnavutköy and should take around 50 minutes to reach Taksim in the city centre. The approximate cost of a taxi, based on metered fare, is around 30€ (200₺). Bus services are up and running and will take between 60-90 minutes depending on traffic. The cost is around 5€ (30₺).

Comparison of the options

Metro min
Taxi €30 45min 24/7
Bus €6 70min 06:00–00:00

How to get from Istanbul New Airport to city by metro

Although the metro services from the new airport are not available until 2020, there are big plans for a great service from the airport to the city centre. The Line M11 from the airport is under construction currently and will provide a direct and quick access to Levent, the main commercial hub of the city. This means that there are likely to be fewer stops along the way, but this should reduce the journey to around 30 minutes. The M11 line will connect at Gayrettepe station to M2 Yenikapı–Hacıosman (Taksim) and at the airport to the high-speed train line that runs between Sabinha Gokcen Airport and IGA.

How much is the metro from Istanbul New Airport to city?

There is no pricing available yet for the new metro, however it is likely that it will be slightly more expensive than the other metro services as it is an innovative 'high-speed' transit service.



Trip Duration

30 Min

Value for Money


Where do I get it from?

According to airport plans, there will be a metro stop at every terminal in the new airport. This will likely be downstairs as you enter the arrivals area.


Without the information available, it is difficult to determine whether the airport metro line will be convenient for passengers. However, with its expected capacity and quick transit time, it will certainly be a valuable alternative to traffic-filled roads in peak hours.

Editor’s Note

There is also planned a high-speed train that runs directly between SAW Airport and IGA Airport with no stops along the way. The timeframe for it's completion is currently unknown.

How to get from Istanbul New Airport to city by taxi

Taxis are the best option currently to get from Istanbul New Airport (IGA). They are also by far the most comfortable and safe. The journey will likely, once the airport is fully operational, be affected by traffic, so the ride might be much longer in peak hours, however for now expect around 45 - 60 minutes to reach the city centre. Taxis will be available 24/7 from the airport upon opening and are yellow in colour.

Taxi Fare from Istanbul New Airport to city

A journey to Taksim (central city of Istanbul) from Istanbul New Airport (IGA) will likely cost around 30€ (200₺) based on current metered fare prices. It should be noted that this price may be subject to airport fees, traffic conditions and late night/weekend or holiday pricing.

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Taxis are generally the best way to get to the city centre as they are comfortable, safe and efficient. However, Istanbul is notorious for traffic during peak hours, so this could also be an issue while there are limited transportation options from the airport.

Editor’s Note

Please note that the airport information is subject to change as the airport has yet to open all stages.

Useful Tips

It is best to have cash for taxis in Istanbul, this way you can be sure you have paid the right amount for the journey.
Always request your taximeter to be on when you begin your journey.
Do not accept rides from any other offers if they are not within the designated taxi rank area.

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How to get from Istanbul New Airport to city by bus

The bus services are now operational from the airport. There are 19 different routes and over 150 buses running daily from the airport to multiple destinations. Buses provide baggage spaces for passengers. The current best option to reach the city centre (Taksim Square) is via the H2 Line to Şişli-Mecidiyeköyis Station. From this station you are able to catch the metro line M2 to Taksim Square.

How much is the bus from Istanbul New Airport to city?

Istanbulkarts are available to purchase from the yellow kiosks in the airport at the cost of 1€ (6₺).

The cost of the ticket for the bus does vary depending on which service you use related of course to where you are heading. The H2 line, currently the most popular, will cost around 2.60€ (16₺). You can expect to pay a further 0.40€ (2.60₺) for the metro from the station to Taksim Square Station.



Trip Duration

70 Min

** Note that you must purchase an Istanbulkart for payment for public transportation, cash is not accepted on buses**

Value for Money

The bus for the H-2 Line has services running every 11 minutes between 6:00am - 12:00am. Other services may differ slightly in waiting time.

Where do I get it from?

Bus stations are located currently outside of the arrivals side of the operational area of the airport. Plenty of signage is there to assist anyone wishing to take the bus.


The bus service does appear to be quite cheap and relatively comfortable, however it is likely that the bus will be a long journey with lots of stops, so this can add much more time to your transit, especially if the journey is subject to lots of traffic. Additionally you will need to take another method of transportation from the station in Şişli-Mecidiyeköyis to reach Taksim.

Editor’s Note

Buses are currently scheduled to depart according to arrival times at the airport. More frequent bus services are projected to be available once more flights arrive at the airport.

Useful Tips

Istanbulkarts are not only required for payment, but they also provide great discounts on your transportation. Ensure that you top up your card when you purchase it!
Buses have air-conditioning, luggage racks and free WiFi for passengers.
You can no longer use cash on public transportation from the airport. Ensure that you have purchased an Istanbulkart from the kiosks or machines before boarding the bus.

Frequently asked questions

How far is Istanbul New Airport from the city centre?

The airport is located around 38km from the city centre of Istanbul. The route in its early days will be subject to heavy traffic before the metro is operational, so expect the journey to take at least 45 minutes.

How many transportation options are available from IGA to the city?

Currently as it is in development, the airport will only have taxis and bus services available from the airport to city centre. Public transport such as the metro (said to be operational by summer 2019), the high speed train to Sabinha Gokcen Airport. Bus services are operational at 150 buses to and from the airport daily.

How much is taxi likely to cost from Istanbul New Airport to city?

There are no pricing guidelines available for Istanbul New Airport at this stage, however based on general cost of taximeters in Istanbul, you can expect to pay around 30€ (200₺) for the 45 minute transit. Note that this price may be subject to airport fees, or evening/holiday/weekend pricing.

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