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Getting from Liberia Airport to Monteverde

If you’re keen to immerse yourself deep within nature, then look no further than Monteverde in Costa Rica. Home to one of the most important cloud forests in the world, the town and surrounding natural reserves showcase a diverse range of birds, flowers, and of course, trees. It’s also a great place to try out some of the country’s best produce when you visit a local coffee and cocoa plantation or the Monteverde Cheese Factory.

When travelling from Liberia Airport to Monteverde in Costa Rica, there are two main transport options that we recommend: taxi or private transfer, and the bus. A taxi or private transfer is the quickest transfer option which takes between 135 and 160 minutes, depending on traffic. Though less expensive, taking the bus requires 3 connections and takes around 250 minutes, not including wait and transfer times.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €217 130min 24/7
Bus €23.60 250min 04:30–16:00

How to get from Liberia Airport to Monteverde by taxi

The best way to get from Liberia Airport to Monteverde is to take an airport taxi. You’ll be driven directly to your accommodation in privacy and comfort in around 130 minutes, provided traffic conditions are good.

It’s also possible to take a shared shuttle from Liberia Airport to Monteverde which costs around €50.30 (CRC 28,580) per person, depending on the company. Keep in mind that the shared shuttle only leaves a couple of times of day and you can expect it to take around 210 minutes, although this can increase considerably if there are other passengers to pick up or drop off. 

Taxi fare from Liberia Airport to Monteverde

Taxi cabs in Liberia calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled, as well as the type of vehicle you require.

For the journey to Monteverde in a sedan (up to 4 people), you can expect to pay around €217 (CRC 123,640). For a minivan (up to 8 people), you’ll pay around €247 (CRC 140,654), not including tolls and surcharges. If a driver is kept waiting, an additional fee of €6.80 (CRC 3,775) per hour will be added. 

For a guaranteed, competitive rate with no hidden costs, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance; that way you can plan and budget for your trip as you’ll know exactly what to expect.



Trip Duration

130 Min.

*Fares vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Liberia International Airport (LIR).

Where can I take a taxi from?

Taxis will be waiting for you in the designated taxi ranks located outside the arrivals terminal; simply walk to the first one in the queue.


A Liberia taxi is definitely the easiest and most convenient way to get from Liberia Airport to Monteverde. Furthermore, taxis provide a more personalised service with the shortest journey time and door-to-door service. 

Editor’s Note

If you're travelling in a group, an airport taxi is more affordable than a shared shuttle.

Useful Tips

Be sure to confirm the method of payment with your driver before departing.
Only take government-regulated taxis from the airport. These can be recognised from the official logos displayed on the vehicle and their distinctive orange colour.
Have the directions to your hotel readily available so that you can refer to them if needed.

How to get from Liberia Airport to Monteverde by bus

There is no direct bus between Liberia Airport and Monteverde, but you can take 4 buses to reach your destination with a total journey time of 250 minutes, excluding wait and transfer times. 

The bus schedule follows the same route as Liberia Airport travelling to La Fortuna up until Tilaran, where you’ll instead connect with a bus towards Monteverde for a further 120 minutes, under good traffic conditions.

How much does the bus cost?

The total price for all 4 bus journeys between Liberia Airport and Monteverde is around 11.80 (CRC 6,715) per person 

Tickets for each of the buses can be purchased directly from the driver or a service counter at the relevant station. Payments will need to be made in cash and it is best to pay in colones to receive the best rate.



Trip Duration

250 Min.

Buses pass by Liberia Airport en route to the city centre every 30 minutes. Buses from Liberia Bus Terminal to Cañas depart every 20 to 90 minutes. Buses from Cañas to Tilaran depart every 40 to 80 minutes. Buses from Tilaran to Monteverde have wait times ranging from 180 to 340 minutes.

Value for Money

Bus services from the airport operate between 04:30 and 22:00 each day. Buses from Liberia Bus Terminal operate daily between 04:30 and 20:30. Buses from Cañas operate between 05:20 and 21:10 Monday to Friday, and 07:30 and 19:10 on weekends. Bus services from Tilaran operate between 03:50 and 16:00.

Where do I take the bus from?

Buses from the airport collect passengers from the departures lobby and drop them at the Terminal de Buses Municipal. From there, you can take the bus towards Cañas. Once in Cañas, take the bus from the Parada de Buses Cañas towards Tilaran. Lastly, from the Parada de buses Tilarán, board your bus to Monteverde.


Travelling by bus from Liberia Airport to Monteverde is by far the cheapest and without a doubt, the most adventurous way to make this journey. However, you’ll need to navigate multiple schedules to make sure you meet each connection and is therefore only a suitable transport option for travellers who can depart Liberia Airport early in the morning.

A much more convenient and reliable option is to book a private transfer in advance so you don’t have to worry about public transport timetables and making your bus on time.

Editor’s Note

The last bus towards Monteverde departs Tilaran at 16:00, so you will need to depart from Liberia Airport no later than 12:00 to allow enough time for transfers and connections.

Useful Tips

Buses for each route are owned by different private companies which is why there are different bus stations for each company.
Always keep an eye on your belongings when taking public buses.
Make sure you have small notes or change to pay the driver as they are unlikely to have change for larger notes.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the drive time from Liberia Airport to Monteverde, Costa Rica?

To cover the 122 km distance by car between Liberia Airport and Monteverde takes around 130 to 170 minutes, depending on the traffic and weather conditions.

For this journey, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance to ensure that you’re in the safe hands of one of our local English-speaking drivers who knows the roads best through Welcome Pickups. This service also has 24/7 customer service and flexible cancellation options, so you can have peace of mind and start your holiday off right.

How do I get from Liberia Airport to Monteverde?

The two modes of transportation from Liberia airport to Monteverde that we recommend are a taxi or private transfer, or a combination of public buses. The taxi or private transfer takes around 130 minutes in light traffic, whereas the bus journey takes around 250 minutes, excluding wait times.

What’s the cost of a taxi from Liberia Airport to Monteverde?

The cost of a taxi from Liberia Airport to Monteverde is approximately €217 (CRC 123,640) for up to 4 passengers when using the taximeter. It is also possible to negotiate a flat rate fee with your driver when travelling longer distances.

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