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How to get from Liberia Airport to Nosara

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There are two main modes of transport we recommend from Liberia Airport to Nosara: taxi or private transfer, or a combination of public buses. A taxi or private transfer will deliver you directly to your destination in 150 to 180 minutes, depending on traffic. While the combined public bus journey is the less expensive option, it’ll take you twice as long to reach Nosara, with long wait times in between connecting buses.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €194 150min 24/7
Bus €13.8 220min 04:00–17:30

Getting from Liberia Airport to Nosara by taxi

Taking a taxi from Liberia Airport to Nosara is the easiest and most direct way to reach your destination, and you’ll be dropped off right at your hotel or apartment. The journey takes around 150 minutes in light traffic but this can increase when travelling during heavy rain or traffic. Depending on how many people you’re travelling with, you can request a taxi sedan for up to 4 people, or a minivan taxi for up to 8 people.

Many companies offer a Liberia Airport to Nosara shuttle, however, these are shared shuttles that start at around €46 (CRC 26,070) per person. If you are travelling in a group, booking a private transfer in advance will likely be cheaper, with the added benefit of a more personalised journey with a local English-speaking driver who can give their full attention to your group.

Taxi fare from Liberia Airport to Nosara

Taxi cabs in Liberia calculate their fares using a taximeter that factors in the time and distance travelled, and the vehicle type. For an airport taxi for up to 4 people, you’ll pay around €194 (CRC 110,000) for the trip from Liberia Airport to Nosara. There’ll be additional fees on top if your driver has to wait and you’ll need to cover any tolls or surcharges. 

For longer trips such as this one, it is best to book your Liberia private transfer in advance so that you can secure a set rate fee with no extra costs.



Trip Duration

150 Min.

*Fares vary unless booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 from Liberia International Airport (LIR).

Where do I take a taxi from at the airport?

Airport taxis are available from designated taxi ranks located directly outside the main terminal at Liberia International Airport.


An airport taxi is the quickest and most convenient transport option from Liberia Airport to Nosara. Unlike public transport, you won’t need to walk between stations or find a way to your accommodation in Nosara from the bus stop, which will save you from carrying any heavy luggage. 

Editor’s Note

Familiarise yourself with the directions to your destination so you can ensure the driver is taking the most direct route.

Useful Tips

If you plan on paying with US dollars, confirm the currency with the driver before heading off as some may only accept colones.
Only take official airport taxis which are orange with a triangle logo on the side.
Make sure the meter has been reset before starting your trip.

Getting from Liberia Airport to Nosara by bus

The best way to get from Liberia Airport to Nosara by bus is to take a combination of public buses via the town of Nicoya, with a total journey time of 220 minutes, excluding wait and transfer times.

Buses that stop at Liberia Airport on the way to Nicoya are run by Transportes la Pampa. The journey to the Terminal Pulmitan Liberia – San José bus station in Nicoya takes between 120 and 150 minutes, depending on whether or not it is a direct service. Once you arrive in Nicoya, you’ll need to walk 400 metres to Estacion de Buses Alfaro (run by Traroc bus company) where you’ll connect with your bus to Nosara which takes a further 100 minutes.

Keep in mind that the last bus towards Nosara from Nicoya departs at 17:30 Monday to Saturday and at 15:30 on Sundays, so you’ll need to leave Liberia early enough to make the connection. It is also possible to book a private shuttle from Liberia Airport to Nosara with a company such as Welcome, which will get you to Nosara in a quarter of the time as the bus, and you won’t have to worry about bus timetables and missing your connection.

How much is the bus from Liberia Airport to Nosara?

A one-way ticket on the bus from Liberia Airport to Nicoya costs about €3.20 (CRC 1,800) per person. For the second leg, from Nicoya to Nosara, tickets cost around €3.70 (CRC 2,100) per person, with a total journey cost of €6.90 (CRC 3,900). Tickets need to be purchased with cash and you can pay the driver directly when you board.



Trip Duration

220 Min.

Between 05:00 and 18:00, buses to Nicoya depart every hour. From 18:00 onwards they depart every 70 to 100 minutes. From Monday to Saturday, there is a 300-minute wait time for buses to Nosara up until 10:00, when they then come every 120 minutes. On Sundays, there is a 330-minute wait between services.

Value for Money

Buses from Liberia Airport to Nicoya operate between 04:00 and 22:15 Monday to Saturday and from 05:00 on Sundays. Buses from Nicoya to Nosara operate between 05:00 and 17:30 from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the bus has two services at 10:00 and 15:30.

Where does the bus stop at Liberia Airport?

The bus to Nicoya from the airport collects passengers from the departures lobby area. Buses from Nicoya to Nosara depart from Estacion de Buses Alfaro and the bus drops passengers off along the main road in Nosara, not in the town centre.


Travelling from Liberia Airport to Nosara by bus is easily the most affordable transport option and is suitable for anyone not under any time constraints to reach their destination. However, not including wait times in between bus services, travelling by bus takes at least 220 minutes, provided you don’t miss any of your connections. Furthermore, there is some walking in between the arrival and departure bus station in Nicoya which can be tedious when transporting luggage. 

For a more straightforward journey where you can skip the hassle of bus schedules and lugging your baggage around, we recommend booking a private transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups so you can relax knowing all your transport needs have been taken care of. 

Editor’s Note

You can also take a bus from the airport to the Terminal de Buses Municipal in downtown Liberia where direct buses to Nicoya depart every 2 to 3 hours. The bus from the airport takes 30 minutes.

Useful Tips

Buses don’t generally stop along the way, so allow enough time in between connections for food and bathroom breaks.
It’s not possible to book bus tickets in advance online, so be prepared to wait for the following service if the bus is full.
Make sure you have smaller notes or coins to pay the driver with as they may not have change for larger notes.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Nosara from Liberia Airport, Costa Rica?

The distance from Liberia Airport to Nosara in Costa Rica is 114 km which can be reached in 150 minutes during light traffic when travelling by taxi or private transfer.

How do I get from Liberia Airport to Nosara?

The two transport options we recommend for travel between Liberia Airport and Nosara are taxi or private transfer, or a combination of public buses. The taxi and private transfer will take between 150 and 180 minutes, depending on the traffic. The bus will take around 220 minutes, excluding wait times. 

What’s the cost of a taxi from Liberia Airport to Nosara?

The average cost of a taxi from Liberia Airport to Nosara for up to 4 people is €194 (CRC 110,000), not including extra charges, and you should be prepared to pay the driver in cash unless the ride is booked online. 

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