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Transfer options from Mexico City Airport to Condesa

La Condesa is a popular and vibrant neighbourhood in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City. It is one of the city’s most cultural areas and is packed with tourist attractions such as the avant-garde art haven, Proyecto Paralelo, and Foro Shakespeare.

You have three transport options when travelling from Mexico City Airport to Condesa; taxi, private transfer, metro or bus. The easiest and fastest way is by taxi or private transfer, as the journey takes just 20 minutes and costs approximately €16 (MXN 298).

A cheaper alternative is Mexico City’s impressive metro system. You’ll pay just €0.85 (MXN 15) for a ticket, but the journey is not direct, taking around 1 hour on two different lines. Alternatively, you can catch a direct bus to Condesa for just €1.60 (MXN 30) per person, although the bus has the longest travel time.

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Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €30 20min 24/7 Book
Taxi €16 20min 24/7
Bus €3.20 80min 06:00–22:56
Metro €1.70 60min 05:00–00:00

How to get from Mexico City Airport to Condesa by taxi

As none of the public transportation services run directly between the airport and Condesa, the quickest and most convenient way to get from Mexico City Airport to Condesa is by taxi. The journey takes just 20 minutes and the service is door-to-door, allowing you to get your holiday off to a relaxing start.

Taxi fare from Mexico City Airport to Condesa

You can choose between two types of pricing systems at the airport, metered taxis or prepaid taxis. Metered taxis calculate your fare based on the distance travelled. However, the fee differs depending on the time of day and traffic levels.

Alternatively, you can head to one of the prepaid taxi counters inside each of the terminals. All you have to do is negotiate the fare based on your final destination, pay for the ride, and hand your receipt to your driver.

Nevertheless, you’ll pay approximately €16 (MXN 298) for a taxi from Mexico City Airport to Condesa.

The best way to get a fixed price is by booking your trip in advance with a trusted provider like Welcome Pickups.


€16 (MXN 298)

Trip Duration

20 Min

The final fare may vary unless the trip is booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Mexico City Airport.

Where can I get a taxi from?

You can find taxis lined up in ranks right outside both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The prepaid taxi counters are located inside the terminal before the arrivals exit.


Taxis are readily available 24/7 from right outside the terminals and drivers are ready to help with your luggage and get you to Condesa as fast as possible. If you want a quick and easy transfer to the door of your accommodation whilst avoiding unfamiliar public transport, this is the best option for you.

Editor’s Note

Although taxis are the most expensive option, they are quite reasonably priced compared to other cities. Plus, taxis are the only direct option available.

Useful Tips

Be sure to carry small bills and change, as taxi drivers will often try to say they don't have change for you in order to charge you more.
Look for the official taxis with the taxi number printed on the side doors and the bonnet. Avoid random individuals who may approach you offering taxi services as you exit arrivals.
Be sure to specify the address or exact location of your final destination in Condesa.

How to get from Mexico City Airport to Condesa by bus

If you are on a limited budget, taking a bus from Mexico City Airport to Condesa is a budget-friendly alternative. Several Metrobus routes pass through or near the Condesa neighbourhood. Just walk to the bus stop across from your terminal and look for buses with destinations or routes that mention “Condesa”. Just keep in mind that most routes require at least one bus change along the way.

The only direct option available is the 22A bus (Metro Tacubaya), departing from Blvd. Puerto Aéreo – I. Zaragoza every 8 minutes and ending at Metro Tacubaya.  However, the service doesn’t stop inside the airport complex, so you’ll need to walk for about 6 minutes to bus stop “Cto. Interior – Av. del Peñon”, which is located opposite Terminal 1 on the main road. The bus takes around 1 hour to reach Condesa and drops you off at stop “Av. Constituyentes”, 5 minutes from the centre of Condesa.

How much is the bus from Mexico City Airport to Condesa?

The bus is a cheap alternative for you transfer from Mexico City Airport to Condesa, with tickets costing just €1.60 (MXN 30) per person.

In order to use the bus services, you must first purchase a Metrobus Smart Card and top it up with the required amount. These cards are available for purchase at machines in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 arrival halls.


€1.60 (MXN 30)

Trip Duration

80 Min

The 22A bus departs every 8 minutes. In-direct public buses depart from the bus stops outside both Terminals every 15 minutes.

Value for Money

The 22A bus operates between 06:00 and 22:56. Public buses run from 04:30 to 00:00.

Where can I get the bus from?

“Cto. Interior – Av. del Peñon” bus stop is located a 5-minute walk from Terminal 1. Once you’ve exited the terminal, you need to walk passed the Metro station and cross the road in front of the terminal. From there, take the first right onto Irapuato Rd and follow this road all the way up to Cto. Interior (the main road). With the park on your right, turn right and walk to the other end of the park, where you’ll find the bus stop.


Taking the bus is a great cheap alternative, however, there is only one direct service, and taking the Metrobuses from inside the airport will mean at least one changeover. To avoid dealing with multiple changeovers or having to walk outside of the airport to get to your bus stop, we recommend pre-booking a private transfer.

Editor’s Note

Buses are cost-effective and are accessible to everyone. However, they can be tedious and uncomfortable due to the crowd and delays with transfers. If you do not have time to spare, it is best to choose a transfer option that takes you straight to Condesa.

Useful Tips

Don't forget to validate your card by tapping it on the machines once you've boarded the bus.
There are luggage storage spaces on the bus to help make the journey comfortable.

How to get from Mexico City Airport to Condesa by metro

You can also get from Mexico City Airport to Condesa via the subway. Mexico City’s subway system consists of 12 lines and has 195 stations in total. However, there is no direct metro route between the airport and Condesa, so you’ll have to take a combination of lines.

You’ll first need to board Line 5 for two stops and get off at Pantitlan. From there, you can hop on Line 9 for approximately 20 minutes and get off at Patriotismo or Chilpancingo; both are a short walk from the neighbourhood of Condesa.

All in all, travelling by metro from Mexico City Airport to Condesa takes around 1 hour in total and costs just €0.85 (MXN 15).

Cost of the metro from Mexico City Airport to Condesa

You’ll need to buy a reusable Metrocard for most public transportation in Mexico City. The Metrocard costs just €0.55 (MXN 10) and a one-way ticket costs €0.30 (MXN 5).

In total, the journey by metro from Mexico City Airport to Condesa will cost you €0.85 (MXN 15).

*You can purchase Metrocards and top them up at the machines or ticket booths at Terminal Aérea Metro Station (the airport metro station).


€0.85 (MXN 15)

Trip Duration

60 Min

The metro runs every 3-5 minutes, but there can be delays during peak hours.

Value for Money

The metro operates from 05:00-00:00 on weekdays, 06:00-00:00 on Saturdays and 07:00-00:00 on Sundays and public holidays.

Where can I get the metro from?

The subway station closest to the airport is Terminal Aérea Station, Line 5. It is a short walk from Terminal 1, on Boulevard Puerto Aéreo, corner of Av.  Capitán Carlos León González. There are signs you can follow and the walk shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.


Getting the metro from Mexico City Airport to Condesa is the cheapest option. However, you’ll need to walk 15 minutes to get to the closest metro station and there is no direct line between the two destinations. To avoid multiple changeovers and long journey times, we recommend taking a taxi or pre-booking a private transfer.

Editor’s Note

During rush hour (hora pico), between 06:00-09:00 and 18:00-21:00 Monday to Friday, the Metro network can get extremely busy. I’d try to avoid using it during these times, unless you don’t have much luggage and don’t mind the crowds.

Useful Tips

Seniors over 60 years and people with disabilities can ride for free.
Large luggage is not recommended on board because there is no secure place for it. There is only room for a small personal bag.
You can top up the card with the Mercado Pago app online. The Mercado app is an online payment platform that helps you buy tickets for the subway.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Condesa from Mexico City Airport?

Condesa is about 14 km from Mexico City Airport. The travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions, but it typically takes about 20 minutes by car or taxi to reach Condesa from the airport. Mexico City roads can be congested at times, so it’s a good idea to account for a little extra time.

What is the cost of a taxi from Mexico City Airport to Condesa?

A taxi ride from Mexico City Airport to Condesa costs around €16 (MXN 298) per vehicle. However, the price varies depending on if you use metered or prepaid taxis, as well as the location of your final destination. For a competitive fixed fare with no hidden fees, you can book a private transfer in advance with Welcome.

Can I get an Uber from Mexico City Airport to Condesa?

Yes, you can get an Uber on demand from Mexico City Airport to Condesa. However, while Uber is generally readily available in Mexico City, there can be long wait times during rush hour and delays when there is a combination of high demand and limited drivers available, which in turn may also result in high price fluctuations.

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