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Transfer Options from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan and the world’s most populated city is a buzzing metropolis and the heart of culture, dining and entertainment. Moreover, Tokyo overflows with a history that can be seen through its districts and in its many fascinating museums, historical temples and beautiful Japanese gardens.

When landing at Haneda airport, you have 4 different transfer options to get to Tokyo; you can either take a taxi, a train or the monorail, or you can take the bus. Taking a Tokyo airport taxi or private transfer is a great travel option as they offer 24/7 door-to-door services straight to your Tokyo hotel in only 30 minutes. Moreover, the cheapest travel option would be to take the Keikyu Railway train that takes just 13 minutes to reach Shinagawa Station in downtown Tokyo. Another highly affordable option is to take the Tokyo Monorail, which also takes just 13 minutes to reach the city centre. Finally, the last and less convenient option is to take the Limousine bus, taking 45 minutes to reach Tokyo Station.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €45 30min 24/7
Train €8 13min 05:17–00:10
Bus €15 45min 07:00–22:00

How to get from Haneda airport to Tokyo by taxi

Taking a taxi from Haneda International Airport (HND) to Tokyo’s city centre is one of the most convenient travel options, as Tokyo taxis and private transfers are safe and efficient, especially if you are tired after a long flight. Moreover, the journey from the HND airport to downtown Tokyo only takes 30 minutes, in normal traffic conditions.

Taxi fare from Haneda airport to downtown Tokyo

Taxis at Haneda International Airport (HDN) offer flat-rate fares to the city centre, on condition that you book your taxi at the official airport taxi ranks. A one-way trip to Tokyo costs €45 (¥5,600) during the day, however, bear in mind that prices increase by around 20% at night (22:00 – 05:00), bringing the fare to €54.50 (¥6,800).
Please note that the price is set for two different types of taxis at Tokyo airport; the standard 4 passenger Sedans and the larger 5 passenger wagons.



Trip Duration

30 Min.

*Prices may vary unless booked in advance

Value for Money

Taxis are available 24/7 at Haneda airport.

Where do I get it from?

You can find the official Haneda airport taxi ranks outside each terminal arrival hall, in front of the exit doors. Make sure to buy your ticket from an official taxi rank before entering a taxi, thus ensuring the correct fixed price.


Although not the most cost-savvy option, taking a taxi or private transfer ensures a door-to-door service, straight to your Tokyo hotel. Furthermore, if you are travelling with children or heavy luggage, it is definitely the easiest and most convenient way to travel.

Editor’s Note

If you are travelling with large luggage items or in a group of more than 4 people, it is best to take an airport Wagon taxi. This taxi costs the same amount as a standard taxi but can seat 5 people.

Useful Tips

Be sure to purchase your taxi ticket from the official Tokyo airport taxi ranks in order to secure a set rate fare.
As some drivers may not speak English, it is recommended to have your Tokyo hotel's name and address clearly written down.
Please note that there is a price increase of 20% for night trips (22:00 - 05:00).

How to get from Haneda airport to Tokyo by train or monorail

Taking the Keikyu railway train or the Tokyo monorail is the quickest and cheapest way to get to downtown Toyko. The Keikyu Railway train runs from 05:26 to 00:00, getting you to the Shinagawa Station in just 13 minutes. Moreover, the Tokyo Monorail is slightly more expensive, however, it operates more frequently than the train, and also takes 13 minutes to reach Tokyo’s main Hamamatsucho Station.

How much is the train from Haneda airport to Tokyo?

A one-way ticket from Haneda International Airport (HDN) to Hamamatsucho Station in the centre of Tokyo costs €4 (¥490) on the Tokyo Monorail. You can purchase your tickets inside the Haneda airport at the arrivals hall from the automatic machines or ticket booths. A one-way ticket from Haneda airport to the Shinagawa Station in Tokyo costs €3.30 (¥410) on the Keikyu Railway train. You can purchase your tickets at the airport’s ticket counter and automatic machines found just outside of baggage claim in the F2 lobby.



Trip Duration

13 Min.

There's a waiting time of up to 12 minutes for the Keikyu Railway train and 5 minutes for the Tokyo Monorail.

Value for Money

The Keikyu Railway train is available from 05:26 to 00:00 and the Tokyo Monorail is available from 05:17 to 00:10.

Where do I get it from?

You can find the Tokyo Monorail ticket barriers on the second floor of Haneda airport’s International terminal. After scanning your ticket, you will then need to make your way to the third floor in order to reach the monorail.
The Keikyu railway line is located on the right-hand side of the airport’s arrival hall, just past the information desk. You will need to scan your ticket at the barriers and then proceed to the underground railway station.


Taking the Tokyo monorail or the Keikyu railway train from Haneda International Airport (HND) is a cheap, quick and highly convenient transfer option. Furthermore, you can easily hop on to another train and get to your Tokyo hotel from both Shinagawa and Hamamatsucho stations. However, neither the train nor the monorail runs late at night and they can be slightly difficult to manage with heavy or large luggage.

Editor’s Note

Both the Tokyo monorail and Keikyu railway train will get you to the centre of Tokyo in 13 minutes. However, the option you choose to take will depend on the closest station to your Tokyo hotel.

Useful Tips

Tokyo monorail tickets are only valid on the day of purchase.
You must purchase your tickets before you enter the stations as there are ticket barriers beforehand.
When travelling on the Keikyu railway be sure to take the Shinagawa bound train as there is also a southwest train to Yokohama.

How to get from Haneda airport to Tokyo by bus

Taking the Limousine bus is one of the slowest transfer options; however, the bus operates through the night. A bus trip to Tokyo Station takes around 45 minutes, traffic dependant. Moreover, the Limousine bus stops at all major hotels and stations in Tokyo, meaning that if you are staying in a small hotel or hostel, you will need to find out which stop is the closest to your accommodation.

How much is a bus ticket from Haneda airport to downtown Tokyo?

The price of a one-way ticket on the Limousine bus from Haneda Airport (HDN) will depend on your final destination in Tokyo; however, if you are travelling to Tokyo Station, a bus ticket costs €7.50 (¥930) during the day and €15 (¥1,860) for the night bus. You can purchase your tickets directly from the bus tickets sales counter at Terminal 2F.



Trip Duration

45 Min.

There is a waiting time of up to 1 hour for the Limousine bus.

Value for Money

The Limousine bus is available from 07:00 to 22:00 during the day and 00:00 to 04:59 at night.

Where do I get it from?

You can find the white and orange Limousine bus located outside Haneda airport’s International Terminal at stop No.1, Terminal 1, stop No.1 on the first floor or at Terminal 2, stop No.4 on the first floor.


The Limousine bus is the most expensive form of public transportation from Haneda Airport (HND) to Tokyo’s city centre, and it is also the slowest. Nonetheless, it is the only public transportation option that operates at night, and that has great luggage storage, making it an excellent travel option for late night travellers.

Editor’s Note

It is good to know that the Limousine bus has ample luggage storage and no weight limit per passenger.

Useful Tips

You will need to get to Terminal 2F in order to purchase your tickets from the official bus ticket sales counter.
It is important to keep your bus ticket until the end of your journey as there are random ticket controls.
If you wish to travel to other parts of Tokyo, you can switch to the train or the monorail from Tokyo station.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is closer to Tokyo city centre, Haneda or Narita airport?

Haneda International Airport (HND) is the closest airport to downtown Tokyo, located only 30 km south of the city. On the other hand, Narita airport is located 60 km east of Tokyo. Haneda airport to Tokyo takes 30 minutes by taxi, 13 minutes by train or by monorail and 45 minutes by bus.

How do I get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo city centre?

There are 4 travel options from Haneda airport (HND) to downtown Tokyo. You can either take a taxi, a bus, the monorail or the train. A taxi ride takes 30 minutes and costs €45 (¥5,600). The Keikyu train takes 13 minutes to reach Tokyo and costs €3.30 (¥410). The Tokyo monorail also takes 13 minutes and costs €4 (¥490). Finally, you can take the Limousine bus, which costs €7.50 (¥930) and operates at night.

How much is a taxi from Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo?

Taxis at Haneda Airport (HND) charge a flat-rate fee to Tokyo city centre of €45 (¥5,600) during the day and €54.50 (¥6,800) during the night (22:00 to 05:00). You will need to purchase your ticket from an official taxi rank before entering the taxi in order to secure the flat rate fee.

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