Transfer from Santorini Old Port to Fira - Cable Car


You have just arrived with your cruise ship at the old port, it might seems impossible to climb the hill all the way up but there are actually three ways of reaching Fira.

The easiest and most comfortable way is by the cable car. It runs every 20 minutes during summer time and costs € 5. It ride takes just 3 minutes to reach Fira village, Santorini’s capital at an altitude of 220m and has an astonishing view!

During the peak travel season, the cable car can only carry a maximum of 1200 passengers an hour, whereas some of the larger cruise ships have double or triple that amount of passengers disembarking!

As soon as you reach Fira (main village) you can take a taxi or the local bus to rest of the island, Oia for the famous sunset or Perissa for the extraordinary beach with the black sand.

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Transfer from Santorini Old Port to Fira - Donkey station


Another option of climbing up the steep cliff from the old port –  is on a back of a donkey. That is the most traditional but also controversial alternative to reach Fira from the cruise port.

It can consider as dangerous, animal unfriendly on one hand. On another hand donkeys played an essential role in the cultural and economical development of Greece especially in the inaccessible paths of Santorini, it’s part of the culture and the only transportation mean that people used before the 70′.

The mule drivers of Santorini try to continue their old traditions, giving an authentic beautiful sight of the island with respect for the animals, although some travelers might have different opinion.

The ride costs 5 € and it takes around 30 minutes for the donkeys to climb the stone path of the 586 steps.

The last option is to try the path on foot! It’s the same path the donkeys take so you might encounter some of the lovely animals on your way up. It recommended for those who are in good physical condition but you can anyway take it on your own pace. Avoid it on a very hot day!

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