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Варианты трансфера от Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS) до City Centre

The Toulouse Blagnac Airport (TLS) is located quite close to the city centre. There are three options to get to the city: tram, shuttle bus and taxi. Tramway line T2 offers fast and direct connection with the city centre at a low price. The trip takes about 30 minutes and a single journey costs 1.7€. The shuttle bus service is more expensive at 8€ per person for a single journey and 15€ for a return journey. The shuttle bus is faster than the tram option and takes approximately 25 minutes to the city centre under normal traffic conditions. Taking a Toulouse Airport Taxi is the most convenient and stress free way of transport. Taxis are also available and are located on the airport ground level. A single journey for max. 4 people costs between 25-35€ depending on your exact destination. Additional fees for additional passengers, pick-up location and pieces of luggage may also apply. Welcome Pickups предлагает встречу и дружественное знакомство с городом Toulouse по цене обычного такси. Нажмите сюда, чтобы узнать цену.

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Сравнение вариантов

Taxi €28 20min 24/7
Welcome Pickups €35 20min 24/7 Book
Tram €3.4 21-32min 05:57–00:20
Shuttle Bus €16 25min 05:40–00:10

How to get from Toulouse Airport to city centre by taxi

With a Toulouse Airport Taxi the journey to the city centre costs around 25€ and is by far the best option for families and small groups. Taxis are located on the ground level of the arrivals hall between gates B3 and C1. For fixed journeys, taxi fares are relative to your final destination. When taking a regular taxi from the airport, there is an additional charge per luggage item at the price of 2€ and a charge of 2.5€ per person from the 5th person on board. For non-fixed journeys, there is a pick-up fee of 2.4€ and the final price is relevant to the distance and time of the journey.

Taxi fare from Toulouse Airport to the city centre

When travelling to the city centre a typical journey costs between 25€ - 35€, plus additional fees per luggage item, number of passengers, and pick-up location.

Стоимость такси
Дневное время
Ночное время
20 min
20 min
20 min


Toulouse Airport Taxis are the most convenient mean of transport to the city centre of Toulouse. They offer a safe and well-organised trip experience and they are available around the clock. Your luggage is properly stored for the duration of the trip, and you also avoid the hussle of public transport and the possible long waits.

Примечание редактора

Find out in which area of the city your destination belongs, to better estimate the cost of the taxi service. Locate your destination in the map and write down the address to show it to your driver.

Полезные советы

Booking in advance is recommended to avoid long queues and additional charges.
For fixed journeys, make sure you have agreed with the driver on the fare before you begin your journey.

How to get from Toulouse Airport to the city centre by tram

Line T2 of the tramway network opened in 2015 and is a very cheap and popular travelling option, especially when travelling on a budget. It runs every 7-9 minutes during weekdays, every 10-15 minutes on Saturdays and every 20 minutes on Sundays. The journey from Toulouse airport takes 21 minutes to Arènes and 32 minutes to Palais de Justice.

How much is the tram from Toulouse Airport to the city centre?

A single tram ticket costs 1.7€. You can purchase your ticket at the Automatic Ticket Dispensers (ATDs) located at the tram station or you can prebook your tickets online in advance.



Продолжительность поездки

30 Min

You are advised to check the tram schedule for exact departure times, as they differ during holidays and national days.

Value for Money

The tram service is available between 05:57am - 00:20am from Monday to Saturday and 05:59am - 11:58pm on Sundays.

Where do I get it from?

The tram station is located right outside Hall C next to the buses. Follow the relevant signs to Tisseo Line 2 Airport Tram Station. The ticket office is also located next to the trains.


The tram service is great if you are looking for an affordable travel option. Line T2 is equipped with modern trains, which run quite often during the weekdays. However, the service is not 24/7, so you might need to consider other options if you arriving in the early morning hours. Additionally, the station is located outside the main airport building, so weather conditions need to be considered.

Примечание редактора

Depending on the length of your stay and the number of people travelling, you might want to purchase a group or multiple-trips tickets.

Полезные советы

Make sure you check the timetable before you arrive in Toulouse, so that you know exactly when the tram service runs.
Remember that tram stations are open-air, so you need to account for the weather conditions.
If you are comfortable with French, it would help a lot to download the Tisseo Toulouse app on your mobile device for timetables and live service updates.

How to get from Toulouse Airport to the city centre by shuttle bus

The Airport Shuttle Bus is a fast travel option to the city centre of Toulouse. Normal journey duration is approximately 25 minutes and the service runs every day, except the 1st of May. The first bus departs from the airport at 05:40 am and the last bus leaves at 00:10 am. The bus leaves every 20 minutes from the Shuttle Bus Station which is located on the ground floor level near gate C2. The service stops at the following locations: Pierre Baudis Conference Centre (Compans Caffarelli station), the centre of Toulouse, Jeanne d’Arc station (line B), Jean Jaurès station (lines A and B), Matabiau Station (train, metro, bus, coach).

How much is the shuttle bus service from Toulouse Airport to the city centre?

A single journey ticket costs 8€ and a return ticket costs 15€. You can purchase the ticket upon entering the shuttle bus, at the Automatic Ticket Dispensers located next to the Bus Station or online in advance from the official website.



Продолжительность поездки

25 Min

Departure and journey duration times are subject to traffic conditions, so delays may occur.

Value for Money

The Shuttle Bus service is available between 05:40 am - 00:10 am on a daily basis.

Where do I get it from?

The Airport Shuttle Bus stop is located on the ground floor level outside gate C2.


The shuttle bus is a convenient travel option to reach the city centre of Toulouse. All buses are wheelchair-accessible and are designed to cater to the needs of individuals with reduced mobility. You can get your tickets from the driver when boarding. All buses are air-conditioned and they offer a direct connection between the airport and the city centre, stopping at different locations in the city. This means you can easily change at a train, metro or bus station to continue your trip. The only drawback is that all the shuttle bus stops are outdoor, so you need to account for the weather conditions.

Примечание редактора

For proper use of the service, remember to validate your ticket upon entering the bus. Also, bear in mind that free passes are not accepted for this particular service.

Полезные советы

It is advised to check the shuttle bus timetable before your flight, so that you know exactly when the tram service runs.
Visit the Tisseo website to get the latest service updates.

Трансферы Welcome Pickups

Welcome Pickups

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to go from Toulouse Airport to Toulouse-Matabiau Train Station?

The Airport Shuttle offers a direct connection from the airport to the Toulouse-Matabiau railway station.

Which is the cheapest transport option from Toulouse Airport to the city centre?

Tramway Line T2 directly connects the airport to the city centre and the ticket costs 1.7€.

How long does it take to reach the city centre from Toulouse Airport?

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS) is located quite close to the city centre, only 9km away. The duration of the trip depends on which mean of transport you will chose and the traffic conditions. The tram takes 30 minutes, the shuttle bus 25 minutes and taxis 20 minutes on average.

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