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How to Get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island

Marco Island is located in southwest Florida in the Gulf of Mexico and it’s a popular destination for travellers exploring the state. It’s famous for its sandy beaches, luxury resorts, and golf courses and it’s an ideal spot for relaxing summer vacations.

Transportation from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island is possible either by taxi or bus. Taking an airport taxi or pre-booking your private airport transfer will get you directly to your accommodation in about 1 hour; it’s the fastest option and it’s definitely worth it if you value comfort and prefer a hassle-free experience. Choosing the bus to get to Marco Island is a much cheaper alternative but the trip takes much longer and you’ll need to switch multiple different bus lines as there is no direct connection from Fort Myers Airport. Depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, you can choose whichever option is best for you and your travel party.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €83 60min 24/7
Bus €16.60 300min 07:24–20:50

How to get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island by taxi

Getting from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island with an airport taxi or a pre-booked private transfer will ensure quick and comfortable transportation to your accommodation. In light traffic, it takes approximately 1 hour to reach Marco Island and even if you’re travelling on a budget it’s a good value-for-money choice if you value convenience.

How much is the fare for a shuttle from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island?

Fort Myers taxis are a reliable and popular choice for easy transportation from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island. The main taxi service provider that operates at Fort Myers Airport defines its rates using pre-determined zones; the average fare for a standard taxi for up to 3 passengers from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island is $90 (€83). An additional fee of $10 (€‎9.30) is charged for every additional passenger.



Trip Duration

60 min

The total fare depends on the provider you'll choose and might differ unless the taxi is booked in advance.

Value for Money

Taxis are available at Fort Myers Airport 24/7 for on-demand service.

Where do I get a taxi from?

You will find available taxis at Fort Myers Airport ready for on-demand service 24/7. The taxi rank is located in front of the main terminal building as you exit the Arrivals area.


Choosing a shuttle from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island or pre-booking your personalised airport transfer is the most convenient option to reach your accommodation. It’s fast, and comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about checking bus timetables or waiting for the next departure. If you value peace of mind above all, then taking a taxi is definitely the right choice for you. for a stress-free experience.

Editor’s Note

The fare for a taxi from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island might seem high if you're travelling on a budget, especially if you're a solo traveller. Given the total driving time though, it's still a good value-for-money option so if you prefer a hassle-free travel experience you should consider choosing a taxi to reach your accommodation.

Useful Tips

Not all taxis in Fort Myers accept card payments, so make sure to carry a few dollars on you; the smaller the note the better.
If the operator you choose uses a taximeter to calculate your ride's final fare, make sure that it's turned on and reset to the base fare.
Tip your driver around 10% - 15% of the total fare; it is expected in Fort Myers, especially for longer routes.
Make sure to ask for a receipt at the end of the ride; it will help in case you leave any personal items behind.

How to get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island by bus

If you want to get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island using only public transport, taking the bus is the only available option. It’s quite a complicated route for which you’ll need to switch five different bus lines operated by Lee County Transit and Collier Area Transit. The route is as follows:

Line 50 to Big Pine Way @ B TWR Shops Ave
Line 240 to Immokalee Rd and US 41
Line 11 to GOVT Centre
Line 17 to Super Walmart
Line 21 to Marco Island

How much does it cost to get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island by bus?

To get from Fort Myers Airport by bus you can either get a pass for multiple uses or purchase a single ticket each time you board a bus. A single adult fare for lines 50 and 240 costs $1.50 (€1.40) and for lines 11, 17, and 21 it costs $2 (€1.85); the whole trip will cost $9 (€8.30) per traveller.



Trip Duration

5 h

The travel duration can vary depending on traffic, wait times and weather conditions.

Value for Money

Bus line 50 departs approximately every 60 minutes from Fort Myers Airport from 07:24 until 20:50 Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the bus runs five times per day from 08:26 until 17:30.

Where do I take the bus from?

You’ll find the public bus stop at Fort Myers Airport for line 50 on the arrivals level; you’ll need to head left as you exit the main terminal building, cross Terminal Access Rd and get to Transportation Service Rd. For the rest of the trip, it’s recommended to use the map on your mobile to locate each stop where you’ll need to switch lines.


If you’re travelling on a tight budget you might find taking the bus a convenient option to get from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island. In terms of comfort, speed, and complexity it’s not a great option, especially if you’re travelling with heavy luggage or young children. Tracking five different bus lines is time-consuming and stressful; if you prefer an easier way to reach your accommodation, consider taking a taxi or pre-booking a personalised airport transfer.

Editor’s Note

The low fare might seem appealing but if you're not an experienced traveller, choosing the bus to reach Marco Island isn't recommended. You'll need to track and switch many different bus lines, which can be quite complicated and stressful.

Useful Tips

You can purchase your ticket on the bus; make sure to have the exact fare in cash as the driver can't provide any change.
Online tickets are available through the LeeFare app and the rideCAT app.
You can buy a Pass to save on multiple bus journeys.
Children under 106cm in height can use the bus for free.

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Frequently asked questions

How far is Fort Myers Airport from Marco Island?

Marco Island is located approximately 77 kilometres south of Fort Myers Airport; getting there by taxi or car takes about 60 minutes in light traffic.

Can I get an Uber from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island?

Uber does operate transfers from Fort Myers Airport and you can arrange a ride to Marco Island through the app. However, keep in mind that during rush hour, driver availability may be limited resulting to cancelled rides and long waits. If you wish to travel with a reputable company, you can choose to pre-book your trip with a top-rated provider like Welcome Pickups.

What’s the cost of a taxi shuttle from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island?

The airport operator doesn’t use a taximeter to calculate the fares but uses pre-defined zones instead. The average fare for a standard taxi for up to 3 passengers from Fort Myers Airport to Marco Island is $90 (€83). An additional fee of $10 (€‎9.30) is charged for every additional passenger.

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