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Taxis in Guatemala City

Guatemala taxi - General information and tips


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Stress-free and affordable commutes with taxis in Guatemala City

Guatemala City is a gem of Central America, nestled in a valley of mountains. With a wealth of indigenous spots, rich architecture from colonial times, a mouth-watering local cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife; there’s definitely no shortage of things to do and admire during your stay.

Compared to other destinations worldwide, taxis in Guatemala City are very affordable. You can use them to easily and quickly transfer between points of interest and attractions without breaking the bank or trying to find your way in the hassle of local public transportation. Cabs in Guatemala City roam all over the streets, and many also queue up in fort of shopping centres, monuments, intersections etc. Alternatively, you can call one of the local phone dispatch companies and request a pickup or even pre-book a personalised private transfer and get around at your own pace and schedule.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
31 €
31 €
90 MIN
8 €
8 €
10 MIN
16 €
16 €
20 MIN

Guatemala taxi fares

Metered taxis that provide curbside pickups in Guatemala City are not a rarity. Nevertheless, drivers often do not turn on the meter, even if they have one. Be prepared to negotiate your fare depending on your exact destination. Usually, for transfers within the same city zone, rates do not exceed €2.85 (GTQ 25). Inter-zone rides are a bit more expensive but in the area of €6 (GTQ 50) maximum.

Local taxi companies are more commonly forcing their drivers to offer metered rides. In that case, the rates applied are the following:

Initial fare: €2.85 (GTQ 25)
Price per km: €0.55 (GTQ 5)
Waiting (per hour): €12.30 (GTQ 107.50)

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How to get a taxi in Guatemala City

Taxis in Guatemala City are white or yellow. The free-roaming ones are usually white. They stop curbside to pick up passengers or are stationed outside hotels, museums, restaurants and other local attractions. The yellow ones typically belong to phone dispatch companies. To use their services and request a pickup, you can call one of the following numbers:

Amarillo Express: +502 2470 1515
Las Americas: +502 2362 0583
Yellow Car: +502 2437 4824

Last but not least, the most convenient option is pre-booking your local transfer with Welcome Pickups. You’ll get a guaranteed competitive rate, on-time pickup, and a trained English-speaking driver to transport you door-to-door without hassle.

Booking your Guatemala taxi in advance with Welcome

A transfer option dedicated to perfect door-to-door service like Welcome Pickups will make your trip’s convenience and safety a breeze. In less than 60 seconds on our user-friendly app or online, you can pre-book your Guatemala City transfer at a competitive rate with no hidden fees; you’ll have a friendly, hand-picked local driver pick you up on time, and you can cancel flexibly if your circumstances change. Moreover, our drivers and customer support staff are on duty 24/7, so whatever happens, someone will always be there by your side to sort things out.

Tips for cabs in Guatemala City

  1. Generally, taxi drivers in Guatemala City don’t expect gratuities, but it’s always a nice gesture to someone who offers you excellent service.
  2. Take a taxi home at night, even for a short distance. Crime in the city is usually non-violent, but prevention is always better.
  3. Be prepared to negotiate your fare, even if the taxi is metered as not all drivers utilise their taximeters.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Guatemala City

Guatemala City – and the entire country, is not the most accessible destination for wheelchair or other mobility aid users. Although legislation is in place championing full accessibility, it’s not implemented in practice. Most taxis can accommodate a foldable wheelchair in their trunk, but if you have additional requirements, such as the need for a ramp or a hydraulic lift, you must request the assistance of a tour operator or a specialised local company in advance.

Safety and complaints for Guatemala taxis

As with most capitals in Central America, common sense is necessary when getting around – especially in the after-hours. Avoid shady parts of town and always take a taxi to return to your hotel at night, even if it’s a short walking distance. Most restaurants and nightclubs will be happy to call a cab for you.

As for taxis, the most common inconvenience you may encounter is being overcharged. Nevertheless, if you felt unsafe at any point during your taxi ride or experienced unprofessional behaviour on behalf of your driver, you can call the local authorities and report the incident to the police.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a taxi in Guatemala City?

You can get a taxi in Guatemala City in three ways: hail one of the street, call a radio taxi company to request a pickup or pre-book a personalised ride with a company such as Welcome Pickups.

How do taxis in Guatemala City calculate their fares?

In Guatemala City, there are metered and non-metered taxis. Metered cabs usually work with local taxi companies. The non-metered ones ask for flat fares depending on the destination. In the same city zone, expect to pay around €2.85 (GTQ 25). Between zones, the price is more or less €6 (GTQ 50).

Do taxis in Guatemala accept card payments?

Usually no, payments by card are not possible and Guatemala taxi drivers will only accept cash. Yet, with a pre-booked private transfer service provider, like Welcome Pickups, you can pay in advance online and let go of the need to have some money with you.

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