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The best way to explore - a Tivat taxi

Located in the stunning bay of Kotor, Tivat is a coastal town in Montenegro. The glamorous city centre is filled with ritzy apartment blocks, high-end yachts, beautiful promenades and boutique restaurants. However, there’s also plenty of history to be found in Tivat. Be sure to check out the Renaissance Summer House Buca, the sacred monuments of Ostrvo Cvijeca, and the historic island of Sv. Nikol. When it comes to exploring Tivat with ease, the best way to get around is by taking a Tivat taxi. You can easily hail a taxi in Tivat in the street, walk to a taxi rank, book a private transfer in advance, or call a phone dispatch company to arrange a pickup.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
10 €
10 €
10 MIN
15 €
15 €
20 MIN
3 €
3 €
2.5 €
2.5 €

Cost of a taxi in Tivat

Most taxis in Tivat will use a taximeter to calculate your fare for journeys around the city or to close towns. The actual tariff used on the taximeter will largely depend on the time of year, but the average prices will be as follows:

Base fare: €1
Price per km: €1
Waiting for one hour: €10

It’s worth noting that during the month of May and up until October, these prices may increase, with the average price per km sitting at around €1.30, depending on the operator.

What our customers say about Welcome

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How to get a taxi in Tivat

Whether you’re hailing a taxi in the street or booking your rides in advance, it couldn’t be easier to get a taxi in Tivat. In the city centre, there are plenty of taxis driving around the streets or waiting at taxi ranks. If you’re travelling from outside the central ring, during bad weather or late at night, you may wish to either pre-book your transfers or call a local phone dispatch Tivat taxi company to organise a pickup. Below are the top three phone dispatch companies in Tivat; 

Red Taxi: +382 67 254 800
Djir Taxi: +382 67 019 777
MB Taxi: +382 32 540 126

Benefits of booking your Tivat taxi with Welcome Pickups

During the summer months, getting a local Tivat taxi can be a long and expensive endeavour. All of the local drivers put up their prices during these months and due to popular demand, wait times for a taxi increase tenfold. That’s why we recommend pre-booking your Tivat taxi transfers with Welcome Pickups. We offer guaranteed on-time pickups, fixed-rate fares with no hidden fees and friendly English-speaking drivers to ensure an enjoyable service every time.

Tivat taxi tips

  1. Ensure your Tivat taxi driver resets the taximeter when you get in the taxi.
  2. Not all Tivat taxi drivers speak English, be sure to write down important addresses, such as your accommodation, to avoid miscommunication.
  3. Tipping your driver around 10% is customary in Tivat.
  4. Be sure to bring cash when taking a taxi in Tivat as the drivers can’t accept card payments.

Wheelchair-accessible taxi in Tivat

Unfortunately, wheelchair-accessible vehicles are very rare in Tivat. There are a few companies that have one wheelchair-accessible vehicle in their fleet, but this service usually requires weeks of notice, as pre-booking will guarantee the appropriate vehicle availability. If you’re in need of a taxi in Tivat fitted with a ramp or hydraulic lift, be sure to book this well in advance with a specialist company. 

Tivat taxi safety and complaints

Taking a local taxi in Tivat is an easy and quick way to get around at your pace. The level of service you receive from a local Tivat taxi driver is usually pleasant, however, if you do experience any issues such as dangerous driving, being overcharged or you feel threatened at any point, be sure to report the driver or company you travelled with to the local police within 24 hours of the incident. You can contact the local police by calling +382 32 671 422.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a Tivat Taxi?

There are three main Tivat taxi companies that can be called or messaged via Viber or WhatsApp for a pickup service. Those are; Red Taxi (+382 67 254 800), Djir Taxi (+382 67 019 777) and MB Taxi (+382 32 540 126).

Do taxis in Tivat accept card payments?

No, the local Tivat taxi drivers don’t accept card payments as they don’t have a POS system. You will need to bring cash in the local currency of Euros if you wish to take a taxi in Tivat. 

Is the Tivat taxi service reliable?

Taking a taxi in Tivat is usually an easy and enjoyable experience. However, during the peak summer months, waiting times and prices can increase dramatically. During these times, we suggest booking with a trusted and private company such as Welcome Pickups, to enjoy guaranteed on-time pickups, door-to-door transfers and and fixed-rate fares.

Welcome Pickups has a Net Safety Score of 99 of 100

We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review.

  • 20 minute gap between transfers

  • Regular Car Sanitisation

  • Contactless ride

  • Sanitiser in every car

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