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Mallorca Taxi

Mallorca Taxi General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Mallorca

Choosing to take a taxi when arriving in any new city is always the most convenient way to travel – and in Palma, it is sometimes the only way to travel. There are over 1,200 licensed taxis in the city, so finding a Mallorca taxi won’t be too difficult. Going further, taxi vehicles are easy to recognise as they are white with a red and yellow stripe across the middle and have a classic taxi rooftop sign. Moreover, all taxis are air-conditioned making it the most comfortable way to travel around the city.

However, if you prefer avoiding the hassle of finding a taxi on a hot summer’s day or struggling to speak to your Spanish driver, you can always pre-book with a private transfer company and secure an English-speaking driver at a fixed price.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
A white Mallorca taxi with a yellow stripe on the door and bonnet, parked in a parking space on the road.

Mallorca taxi prices

Taxi fares in Mallorca are controlled by the state and are very reasonably priced. All taxis are obliged to use a taximeter to calculate their fares and all prices are set by the local government. Taximeters need to be turned on and working before heading off to your destination.

Furthermore, Mallorca taxis calculate fares based on 4 tariffs, depending on your destination and the day or time you are travelling on.

Urban rates (Palma de Mallorca):

FARE 1 – Nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (21:00 and 07:00):

Minimum fare: €4
Price/km: €1.10
Waiting times per hour: €20.15

FARE 2 – Monday to Friday (07:00 to 21:00):

Minimum fare: €3
Price/km: €0.88
Waiting times per hour: €17.70

Interurban rates (rest of Mallorca):

FARE 3 – Weekday:

Minimum fare: €3.31
Price/km: €1.16
Waiting times per hour: €19.52

FARE 4 – Night:

Minimum fare: €4.25
Price/km: €1.32
Waiting times per hour:€18.98


Radio call: €1.10
Extra luggage: €0.60
To/from the airport: €4.40
To Na Burguesa: €4.40

If you prefer to travel around Palma de Mallorca at a fixed competitive price with an English-speaking driver, you can book your taxi or private transfer online in advance.

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How to get a taxi in Mallorca

As there are many taxis around Mallorca, they are very easy to find. You can either flag one down in the street, go to an official taxi rank placed around the city or call a taxi yourself. Also, if you are in a bar, restaurant, or hotel, you can always ask an employee to call a taxi for you. It is easy to see if a Mallorca taxi is free as the vehicle will show the word ‘libre’ (free in Spanish) and a green light.

If you decide you want to call a local taxi company, you can one of these popular choice:

Taxi Mallorca 365 – +34 650 322 269

Taxis Palma Radio – +34 971 400 004

*Please note that taxis will not carry more than 4 passengers, so if you are travelling with a bigger group, you will either need to get more than one taxi or a larger vehicle.

Benefits of booking a Mallorca transfer in advance

Taxis are generally considered the most convenient mode of transport in Mallorca as they are door-to-door and effortless to use. Although, private transfers definitely take it one step further. Knowing that you have a Mallorca taxi waiting for you at your location at a set time and at a fixed price is a great feeling, especially if you do not know the city. Plus, if you want to plan your budget in advance, knowing the exact price of your Mallorca transfer is ideal.

Please note that many private booking companies charge higher fees and have hidden charges, so it is highly recommended to book your Mallorca transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Mallorca taxi tips

  1. Whilst many taxis accept card, most drivers prefer payment in cash, so it is always recommended to carry cash (in euros) if you are planning on taking a taxi in Mallorca.
  2. It is best to travel with smaller bills as most taxi drivers don't carry enough change.
  3. Most taxi drivers will automatically reset their taximeter to the base fare and turn the meter on. However, it is always good to double-check before you begin your journey.
  4. If you call a taxi in Mallorca, a surcharge of €1.10 will be added to your fare for the 'Radio call'.
  5. Giving a tip to your taxi driver in Mallorca isn't expected, but is always appreciated. A good rule of thumb is to round up to the nearest euro or up to 10% of the final fare for good service.
  6. You can always ask for a receipt when your trip is completed, in case you leave anything behind in the taxi.

Wheelchair-accessible Mallorca taxis

Not all taxis in Mallorca are wheelchair accessible, however, they are wheelchair friendly, meaning that your driver can fold up the wheelchair and store it (at no extra charge) in the boot of the vehicle. If you wish to travel in a wheelchair-accessible taxi with special support for disabled passengers, you can order one in advance or online from one of these popular companies:

ADT Bus – +34 971 473 359

Wheelchair Accessible Holiday

Frequently asked questions

How much do Mallorca taxis cost?

Mallorca taxis calculate their prices using a taximeter, so based on the distance and time travelled. Nevertheless, the estimated fare for a taxi from Mallorca Airport to the city centre is around €25. Alternatively, private transfer companies offer set fares to the most popular destinations in Palma de Mallorca and allow you to avoid any hidden fees and surcharges. To secure unbeatable prices, fully personalised rides and 24/7 customer support, pre-book a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Palma de Mallorca?

Although giving a tip to your taxi driver in Mallorca is not a requirement, they are always appreciated. You can always round up the fare to the nearest Euro, or if you have had a great travel experience, you can leave up to 10% of the final price.

Where can you get a taxi in Mallorca?

You can easily find taxis in Mallorca; either go to an official taxi rank placed around the city or look for ranks outside of the big hotels, restaurants, or at the airport. Your other option is to hail a taxi directly from the streets of Mallorca.

If you want to be sure there is a taxi for your trip, you can always pre-book a private taxi in advance at a fixed price.

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