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Mauritius Taxi

Mauritius Taxi General Information and Tips


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Taxis in Mauritius

Taxis are not hard to miss in Mauritius because they are in every corner of the island, making it easy for travellers to get them. There are two forms of taxis in Mauritius: tourist taxis and shared taxis.

Tourists taxis mostly operate in the cities and are regulated by the province or hotel. These taxis are yellow and are easily spotted. Shared taxis are cheaper and operated almost 24/7 on popular routes, departing only when the vehicle is full.

Suppose you want a quick, comfortable and convenient way to get from Mauritius airport to the city centre or any part of the island. In that case, taxis are your best option on Mauritius island.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
25 €
25 €
45 MIN

Mauritius Taxi Prices

Not all taxis in Mauritius are metered, and even though you’ll find meters in some taxis, it’s better to negotiate a fare before you get in. Journeys within Mauritius are generally inexpensive and depend on schedule, distance travelled and time spent.

Here are the basic prices of a taxi in Mauritius:

Initial Fare: $1.60 (€1.40)

Fare per km: $1.70 (€1.50)

Luggage supplement or Supplement from the 5th passenger: $0.20 (€0.18)

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How to Get a Taxi in Mauritius

If you need to get a taxi to a shop, hotel, restaurant or attraction, you can go to a taxi stand, call a taxi, or flag a cab in Mauritius. Taxis can be found in every corner of the island, including shopping centres, bus stations, and outside hotels. You can call the taxi service in Mauritius on (+230) 5955 03 05. Alternatively, you can also book your taxi online from any taxi company offering services within Mauritius.

Book your Mauritius Taxi Transfer in Advance

Before you arrive at Mauritius, you can book your Mauritius taxi in advance to ensure guaranteed on-time pickups and a set fare to your destination. You can avoid waiting in the hot, sunny Mauritius weather by booking your taxi in advance. You can book your taxi from different taxi companies, but we recommend booking your Mauritius transfer with Welcome Pickups to avoid steep rates and hidden charges.

Mauritius Taxi Tips

  1. Some taxi drivers have their destinations printed on their vehicles. You can look out for this when flagging a taxi.
  2. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the fare even if the taxi has a meter.
  3. If you want further information about where to get a shared taxi, you can ask a staff of your accommodation facility.
  4. You can follow your trip through a navigation application on your phone to ensure that the taxi driver stays on the right route.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Mauritius

Not all taxis in Mauritius can accommodate wheelchairs, but certain taxi companies on the island provide wheelchair accessible vehicles.Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Taxis is a reputable taxi company that provides wheelchair accessible taxis, and you can call them on +44 (0) 203 585 4040.

Mauritius Taxi Safety and Complaints

Transportation in Mauritius is generally safe, but some taxi drivers may try to overcharge your ride. Also, if it’s your first visit, you are at a higher risk of getting scammed, but you can avoid this by negotiating beforehand and ensuring you don’t pay for service you haven’t received. Before you get in, you can also get the driver’s name, number plate, and ID information, and if you have any issue to report, you can either report to the local authorities or the taxi company where the driver works.

Frequently asked questions

How much do taxis charge in Mauritius?

Not all taxis in Mauritius are metered, and even for taxis with meters, it mostly serves as a decoration as they are not always used. Taxi drivers charge with respect to the schedule, distance travel and time spent. However, you can always negotiate the fares before the trip begins. Booking online is a way to get taxis at affordable rates and with no hidden charges.

How do I get a taxi in Mauritius?

Getting a taxi in Mauritius is easy as they can be seen in almost every corner. You can find these taxis outside hotels, shopping malls, and even bus stations. To get a taxi in Mauritius, you can go to a taxi stand, call a taxi company or flag one on the street. You can also book a taxi online, and for this, we recommend booking a taxi with Welcome Pickups for a set fare and guaranteed on-time pickup.

Is Uber in Mauritius?

Uber is currently available in more than 700 cities across the world, and you can easily check its availability in your city from the Uber website. Despite requests to the government for Uber to be established on the island, Uber is currently not available in Mauritius.

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